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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Elizabeth Wong's case - It's not nice to be so nasty!

Dear fellow Malaysians.

I am referring to the case where the PKR Assemblywoman for Bukit Lanjan, Selangor has been ostracized by so many for something which is surely not of her own doing?

I mean the widespread forwarding of intimate photos of herself via the internet when she was photographed without her knowledge during sleep by obviously an irresponsible rascal with whom she has had the misfortune to have been involved in!

This man who is at large has so heartlessly betrayed her and has had her good name tarnished as a result of his deplorable act of criminal breach of trust!

If it is true that Elizabeth @ a spinster has been involved with a Malay Muslim member of the PKR, then our society should be more outraged that there is this Muslim male who had taken advantage of the poor lady and after having had his way with her in a clearly adulterous relationship should be the one whom both the authorities and the Malaysian society hunt down and made to pay for his vicious crimes?

The sad, sordid reality however is that this spinster is being hounded by our oh so righteous claiming to be sweet angel's delusional Malaysian general public despite the evidence showing that she was photographed in such compromising situations in the privacy of her own home!

I mean, how bloody hypocritical can we be when we assume the position of being so holy moly when each and everyone of us aren't exactly shining beacons of immaculate moral icons?

Is there anyone amongst us today who has not sinned?

C'mon! Let's be true to ourselves

As Muslims we pray 5 times a day and at times miss some of such prayers due to being caught in our earthly affairs or whatever but here we are having the gall to scrutinize and find fault with a woman who has been betrayed by a man who if dealt with under the Syariah Laws stands guilty and ought to be whipped with a 100 lashes if the idiot is a single unmarried male or be stoned to death under Almighty Allah's laws if he is married and if such Hudud Laws of Allah ever come to be imposed here in Bolehland?

I've been following the case in the online news websites and the myriads of blogs which are just so quick to condemn this unfortunate soul!


What is our nation coming to be?

Are we not safe in our own homes anymore?

When did we start descending into this hypocritical state that deludes itself into being a true blue Islamic nation when in the actual reality we can give the morally bankrupt nations of the West a run for their money, so to speak?

We have in our major towns and cities, equal number of sin spots that would make any true individual hang his or her head in shame due to the festering maksiat and debauchery that takes place all over the nation?

Let's not be nasty dear people.

Elizabeth Wong is the victim here unlike our former Health Minister who would make Pfizer damn happy and proud for demonstrating the effectiveness of their EDS treatment blue pills and who when caught on tape subsequently tendered in his resignation from all his governmental positions due to being caught in the act literally with his pants down or in his case totally zilch.

Elizabeth Wong is a Christian woman who maybe has had an affair with a Muslim male?

The culprit has betrayed her and shamed her further by taking those exposing shots and maybe even sold such nasty shots for profit, adding further injury to her already devastated heart.

I do not know Elizabeth in person except maybe have come across her once during the Walk for Justice Malaysian Bar Council demo at Putrajaya but in my heart I feel so much sympathy for her sad situation.

I think she should just carry on with the trust that the voters of Bukit Lanjan have put in her and that the real culprit must be traced by the law enforcement authorities and hauled to court for breaching her trust in him and of having committed the vicious crime of personal defamation.

It's time for this nation to get rid of all these holier than thou pretext and uphold true justice for each and everyone of its citizens if we really are a true blue fair and democratic country?

Be nice and not nasty for a change.


Some of our bloggers have ulterior motives when they publish the cropped pictures of Eli standing up close to the Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim as if the lass is one itchy bitchy amoi when in reality Sivarasa is also pressed up against her for a Chinese New Year PKR photo shoot?

See what I mean by some folks getting just a tad too nasty?

They emphasized on Eli having her chest touch the S'gor MB's shoulder but they deviously didn't show you the full picture!

Here it is! It was surely taken at the spur of the moment before each of them even realized the consequences of having the situation turned into a major character assassination media spree!

Let your conscience speak and let Malaysia stop being so pretencious for once!

Please go after the bloody idiot who went AWOL and stop the witch hunt till we really get to learn of the whole scenario before we get so hasty to be and act as the judge, jury and executioner of poor ol' Liz!

I'm not saying that Elizabeth Wong is an angel or what but compared to the other demons masquerading out there in our nation's political circus, I'd say don't be too nasty about this.

If we truly are to judge anyone, we should very often try standing before our own mirror?

Frankly, we will surely be more embarrassed when and if Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala decides to screen and broadcast our own deeds or misdeeds in the Yaum al Mahsyar later!

Yaum al Mahsyar meaning the Day of Reckoning!

Read up about it.