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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Free Hanyu Trial Classes at Asia e University

Attention to all KLites and Selangor folks.

To those who would like to equip themselves with the best Hanyu @ Mandarin language skills right here in Kuala Lumpur, you are now being offered your chance to secure very limited seats in our first trial classes for the exclusive top of its class language study programs at the just launched 30 Asian countries collaborative premier E-Learning centred Asia e University!

Asia e University is headed by the illustrious Professor Datuk Dr. Ansary Ahmed, a brilliant academic and trendsetter in the field of E-Learning this part of the world.

Professor Dato' Dr. Ansary Ahmed is the CEO and President of the Asia e University, the prime mover of E-Education around Asia.

The Asia e University spearheads a brilliant move on the part of the Asia Co-operation Dialogue which consists of 30 member Asian countries which are opening up new fields in the world of academics by utilizing the vast opportunities to offer everyone their chance to further their education irrespective of their social backgrounds.

Where there's a will, there will definitely be a way so goes the saying.

Professor Dato' Dr.Ansary is leading a dedicated team of academics over at Asia e University to help all those who have it in them to improve their lives by establishing this wonderful platform for people who want to further their studies to be able to do so at a very affordable cost.

The Asia e University beckons all to enrol in its academic programmes and start their journey towards achieveing their lifelong dreams and ambitions to be on par with all the high achievers.

Come equip yourselves with the best standards of Mandarin through this exclusive first ever program jointly run by the AEU - SJTU - GHCC.

Learning and mastering the Beijing Standard of Putonghua Hanyu will give you an edge over the rest in whatever field of business, study or pleasure that you are involved in?

Book your seats today!

Register for our free Trial classes before enrolling into our programme at these following dates:

The first class is scheduled to be held on the following days :

Saturday 21 February 2009; 11am to 12pm.
Saturday 14 March 2009; 11am to 12pm.
Saturday 21 March 2009; 11am to 12pm.

Seats are limited @ 25 seats per class and reservations are based on the usual first come first served basis !

Please call the following numbers and book your seats for the exclusive free trial class.


Tel: +603 2785 0000 (GL)
Tel: +603 2711 0436 (Fax)
Tel: 1300 300 238 (Hotline)
E-mail: /

The Global Hanyu & Culture College representing the world famous Shanghai Jiao Tong University is running the Hanyu @ Mandarin Study Programs and it also includes Classical Chinese Culture Studies in the curriculum.

Background of the AEU - SJTU - GHCC Hanyu Program:

The Asia e University's School of Professional and Executive Education is collaborating with Shanghai Jiao Tong University - Global Hanyu & Culture Centre (SJTU-GHCC) to provide an impressive array of Standard Putonghua courses.

SJTU-GHCC hosts the official Confucius Institute in Malaysia, a global network of Mandarin Language Centres set up by the Office of Chinese Language Council International, the People's Republic of China.

This is the official organization in Malaysia for promotion of Chinese culture and the teaching of Hanyu.

SJTU-GHCC, a joint venture between Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Global Hanyu & Culture Centre provides Hanyu and Culture programmes in both qualification and non-qualification categories.

More information can be obtained from

Thank you.

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