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Thursday, February 26, 2009

King Karpal Singh? Talk about Bollywood's Influence...hehehehehe...

Ladies and gentlemen, citizens of Malaysia,

Please make way for King Karpal Singh.....hehehehehehe.....

I mean, dear people, the man has been on the receiving end of some deep shit in recent days , so let King Karpal have his way for a while....

Life lately has been quite stressful for King Karpal to the extent that his ardent admirers have sent him two live bullets and reminded King Karpal as to the challenges he faces as he rules the courts...

So, I'm not surprised if King Karpal takes some respite from the world of Bollywood!

Anything's possible in Bollywood, isn't it?

So let King Karpal fantasize as he pleases....

Malaysia now has a Bollywood King in its midst!

King Karpal Singh!

New attraction in Penang, eh?

Lim Guan Eng must be very that Penang has an extra attraction to draw in the tourists....

Good times are back again for the Pearl of the Orient...we have King Karpal Maharaj Jai Ho in our midst!

Long live King Karpal Singh!