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Thursday, February 26, 2009

King Karpal Singh? Talk about Bollywood's Influence...hehehehehe...

Ladies and gentlemen, citizens of Malaysia,

Please make way for King Karpal Singh.....hehehehehehe.....

I mean, dear people, the man has been on the receiving end of some deep shit in recent days , so let King Karpal have his way for a while....

Life lately has been quite stressful for King Karpal to the extent that his ardent admirers have sent him two live bullets and reminded King Karpal as to the challenges he faces as he rules the courts...

So, I'm not surprised if King Karpal takes some respite from the world of Bollywood!

Anything's possible in Bollywood, isn't it?

So let King Karpal fantasize as he pleases....

Malaysia now has a Bollywood King in its midst!

King Karpal Singh!

New attraction in Penang, eh?

Lim Guan Eng must be very that Penang has an extra attraction to draw in the tourists....

Good times are back again for the Pearl of the Orient...we have King Karpal Maharaj Jai Ho in our midst!

Long live King Karpal Singh!



Jeffry said...



Anonymous said...

''Singh is King'' is NOT from any bollywood influence. Please do some research.

Singh, in Sanskrit, means lion. Lion is the the ''King of the jungle'', hence the phrase ''Singh is King''.

The phrase ''Singh is King'' has been in north India for centuries, just recently it was picked up by bollywood to cash in on the overseas market(UK, Can, and States), where most of the Hindi movie goers are Sikhs.

MAHAGURU58 said...

You managed to catch the joke here but unfortunately the Mamak Bendahara here fails to see the forest for the trees!

That's why some Malaysians get into deep shit!

They can't even figure out my 'David Letterman' jibes!

Hello Mamak Bendahara...surely you jest that I don't research enough!

You surely have yet to know Mahaguru58 my man!

Go study!!!

MAHAGURU58 said...

Tuan tuan dan puan puan,

Kekadang saya agak terkilan kerna ada lagi manusia manusia didalam negara kita yang tak reti bahasa!

Adakalanya kita dituntut berbahasa kiasan supaya maksud didalam hati tidak payah tersurat biar hanya tersirat.

Namun apakan daya, almaklum sahajalah mutu sistem pendidikan negara kini hanya 'Indah khabar dari rupa' makanya bila guru kencing berdiri tak usah hairanlah jikalau anak muridnya kencing berlari?

Didalam menghadapi puak puak macam Maharaja Karpal, kekadang bumi ditepuk, halilintar yang menyambar!

Dapat ke tidak menangkap maksudnya?

Tuan puan mengagak bagaimana?

Hehehehehehe...hai lah dunia dunia...

Kot loghat utara..kami dok chamdet ni..depa dapat faham ke tidak?

Sahabatku Nobisha mesti faham bahasa kiasan cheq no!...

cakapsiang said...

Yes Mahaguru, you really deserves that name. Your comment on HMB's comment was really a bulls eye shot.

I like that phrase "...fails to see the forest for the trees!..." Infact that was the problems with many Malaysians nowadays.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Jazakallah Tuan Guru Cakap Siang.

It gladdens my heart to know that there are intellectuals like your dear self around to 'catch my drift'.

It makes my efforts so worthwhile!

May Almighty Allah bless you sir!