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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lest we forget! Ongoing Zionist Israeli Atrocities upon Palestinians.

The whole nation's attention seems focused on Elizabeth Wong's exposed self where a culprit has betrayed her trust and besmeared her honor by spreading online images of herself asleep at her home.

Yes, she screwed up literally by allowing herself to be caught in such an embarrassing situation but we must not forget that over there in Palestine, the Zionist Israelis are waging war upon a poor defenseless people whose lands they have robbed!

The Zionist regime has the blood of so many innocent Palestinians on their hands yet almost the whole populace here in Bolehland seems fixated upon things such as how Elizabeth Wong looks like in the raw?

Has Malaysia been turned into a nation of sick, sex crazed perverts?

It's true that people nowadays are so bloody obsessed with matters concerning sin and debauchery that they miss the forest for the trees especially when it involves the calculated murder and ethnic cleansing of a people who were once living in relative peace in their own homeland.

Today, the whole world seems too busy to notice or do the right thing by getting the Zionist regime out of the occupied lands of the Palestinians and instead choose to waste so much time and money on matters that border on the ludicrous!