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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Najib's Political Coup in Perak might just cause BN's fall in GE 2013

Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister, the controversial Datuk Seri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak may think that he has succeeded in pulling off a major political coup there in now controversy ridden State of Perak by inducing 2 PKR State Assemblymen and a DAP State Assemblywoman to turn traitors to their respective parties plus getting an UMNO 'Trojan Horse' in the form of the Bota State Assemblyman to infiltrate and then make an about turn in the ranks of the fragile Pakatan Rakyat Government which has now been declared sacked from office by the Sultan of Perak, Tuanku Azlan Shah.

The reality is that Najib Tun Razak may have just ensured that in the 13th Malaysian General Elections, the frustrated voters of Perak and throughout Malaysia will go all out to bring down the ruling BN Federal Government.

Najib Tun Razak does not enjoy total support from the masses. He is the current Deputy Prime Minister due to the machinations of none other but the former Malaysian PM Tun Dato Seri Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad, the wily octogenarian who still in a way continues to pull strings and exerts tremendous influence upon the Malaysian Political Diaspora.

Najib Tun Razak is said to be involved in the murdered and blown up to bits Mongolian model turned interpreter Altantuyaa Shaariibuu's case but so far he has managed to stay above the legal fray which is now turning into the longest running trial in Malaysian legal history!

Backdoor BN Government

It's a sad day for this nation when a legitimately elected Pakatan Rakyat Government gets itself pulled out from power by a series of defections from its ranks by those who stand accused of corruption and who have betrayed the trusts of their electorates by jumping ship and remain as independent Assemblymen and woman.

This is political betrayal of the highest degree.

They were not elected on independent tickets. They were voted in by the registered voters because they represented the Pakatan Rakyat Coalition made up of the DAP, PKR and PAS political parties.

In actuality, they ought to be removed from their positions and a fresh by election called for in those 3 constituencies. The UMNO Assemblyman from Bota was just a 'Trojan Horse'. Plain and simple.

Sultan's Decision causes political turmoil

For a Sultan who was known for his legal standing and experience having been once Malaysia's Lord President of the Justice System, HRH Sultan Azlan Shah seems to have erred in this decision of his to not dissolve the current Perak State Assembly following a stalemate between the number of seats there in the State Assembly when both the ruling Pakatan Rakyat State Government and the UMNO led Opposition came to hold 28 seats respectively with the betrayal of the 2 PKR and 1 DAP Assemblymen and woman declaring themselves to be independent!

HRH Sultan Azlan Shah seems to have not taken into consideration of the Perak citizens feelings and has now incurred the wrath of the general population of his state by removing the duly elected Pakatan Rakyat Menteri Besar whom His Majesty himself had installed and appointed with full knowledge of the whole political situation.

For a Constitutional Monarch, HRH Sultan Azlan Shah now seems to have involved himself in the treacherous world of Malaysian national politics.

This could lead to the erosion of the people's support for the Sultanate and it has been expressed so vociferously in the Sultanate's website with words that were never known to have been used a gainst a reigning Malay Sultan before this ever?

Malay Supremacy and Survival of the Malay Sultanates

I believe that HRH Sultan Azlan Shah might have been coerced by those whose very existence depends on prolonging the concept of Malay Supremacy to ensure the continuance of the Perak Malay Sultanate by returning UMNO to power there in the Silver State.

Not forgetting that it was UMNO itself under the administration of the former longest ruling Malaysian Prime Minister of 22 long years that in a way removed much of the Malay Sultan's immunity from legal actions, etcetera reducing Their Majesties to just being mere rubberstamps to whatever The Executive in the form of the Prime Minister decides?

Although the Malay Sultans do not directly rule the states as what they used to before the 1511 Portuguese invasion of the Sultanate of Melaka, they still do enjoy lots of privileges although being declared to be just Constitutional Monarchs, stripped of their ultimate powers and authority over the country.

In an excerpt from the Malaysian Bar Council of Lawyers, this is what the Malaysian legal eagles had to say about the Malay Sultan's reassertiveness of their roles as the Sultans of their respective states?

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 28, 2008- Malaysia's royals have begun asserting themselves in ways that would have been unthinkable just eight months ago.

Over successive days this week, the ceremonial rulers of Perak, Selangor and Negri Sembilan have criticised a fatwa - or Islamic ruling - by the National Fatwa Council that banned the practice of yoga by Muslims. The council had ruled that yoga contained elements of Hinduism that could lead Muslims astray.

Only a month previously, there had been another fatwa outlawing "tomboys" among Muslims - how that would be defined is still anyone's guess.

The royals asserted that guidelines involving Islam should have been brought before the Rulers' Conference and endorsed before being announced.

Malaysia's sultans are the heads of religion in their respective states but fatwas have rarely, if ever, been brought to their attention. Now, it appears that they might be although the council has yet to say so.

The resurgent assertiveness among the country's royals marks an increasing trend first witnessed after the March 8 general election, at which the ruling National Front and its dominant party the United Malays National Organisation, or Umno, fared dismally.

Shortly after the election, Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi failed to push his choice of chief minister in both the states of Perlis and Terengganu after their monarchs rejected his candidates and suggested others instead.

In both instances, which happened in quick succession, Abdullah backed off and obeyed their wishes. Such a response was also unprecedented and would have been unthinkable during the tenure of former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Since then, the royals have had considerable influence in shaping the opposition state governments of Selangor and Perak, and have commented on a wide range of issues, from Malay unity to race relations - something that they would not have done previously.

Malaysia has a unique system of constitutional monarchy whereby nine out of 13 states have royal houses, whose heads take turns every five years to become the Yang di-pertuan Agong. By and large, however, the royals are much respected by Malaysians who see them as the final check against executive abuse of power.

It was Dr Mahathir who went the furthest in stripping the royals of their already constitutionally circumscribed power.

In 1983, he attempted to push through constitutional amendments that curbed the power of royalty to veto parliamentary bills.

But that was a hard fought battle because the royals did not take it lightly and, in the end, Dr Mahathir worked out a compromise that gave the monarchs some room to manoeuvre.

In 1992, Dr Mahathir went for the jugular after a royal from Johor state was reported to have assaulted a hockey coach.

The press were given information about royal indiscretions - both personal and financial - and assailed the royal houses mercilessly until they agreed to new constitutional amendments that stripped their immunity in both civil and criminal matters.

The royals could be looking to go back into the future. Speaking at a seminar on the monarchy on Wednesday, Tengku Naquiyuddin Tengku Jaafar urged the authorities to restore immunity for the royals, describing its removal as the biggest blow inflicted on the institution.

"Bring back the immunity, debate it and define it," Negri Sembilan's regent told the audience. "Let us be on a par with other constitutional monarchies."

Read about the matter here.

Voters Betrayed

So, the question now facing Malaysian citizens is to whether the quality of their lives are going to improve by having such Sultans dictate to them as to who should be their executive rulers no matter that the ones who have been appointed and sworn in to hold office aren't exactly squeaky clean as far as their personal integrities to hold such high government offices are concerned?

I mean, surely those of us who being registered voters of this country would really be pissed off when the election candidate whom we voted for was to betray our trusts and go join the party which we despised, robbing us of our rightful representation in the respective State Assemblies or in the Malaysian Parliament as we wished for?

So, I can understand how angry and frustrated those voters in Perak are now feeling when the 3 traitors to the Pakatan Rakyat played them out to God knows how much $$$?

Don't tell me that they did it out of principle or whatever?

Just by looking at the faces, we can see what motivated them?

They are nothing but political remoras or better still political prostitutes.

They sold their souls to the Devil in exchange for fat wallets and an eternal supply of goodies derived from the Malaysian taxpayers hardearned monies which the wily smiling soon to be PM might have promised them?

I heard and saw some posters carried by the Perak protesters stating that it was to the tune of RM50,000,000.00 to be disbursed between the 4.

Wallahu `alam bissawab!

Perak Citizens Uprising

The State of Perak is now witnessing the wrath of all those voters who are not happy with this political coup orchestrated by Najib Tun Razak!

Reminiscent of the way folks in the Middle East showed their anger by trampling on images of Saddam Hussein when the late Iraqi dictator was disposed back then, Najib's poster is now being stepped upon, spat at and also being burned by the angry citizens of Perak!

HRH Sultan Azlan Shah at the twilight of his reign has somewhat shot his royal self in his foot by anointing the backdoor BN of Perak to run the state.

History will record as to whether the now appointed BN State Government of Perak will last till the next GE or suffer other predicaments that we just can't visualise till it takes place?

As far as this nation's nasty politics is concerned, anything can happen?

For now, Perak has got itself a new Mamak Bendahara. :)

Looks like history is repeating itself, eh?

Last time I visited the Melaka State Museums, I noted that just before Melaka fell to the Portuguese, it was the misdeeds of the then Sultan of Melaka that brought about the Melaka Sultanate's downfall!

Don't know what's gonna come out of this episode of political turmoil there in the land of Datuk Maharajalela?

The State of Perak is rich in history.

This one though is a sorry episode of a Sultan who has invited controversy to an otherwise brilliant reign.

Let's see what takes place next?


pez said...

assalamualaikum tuan zainol.
this is not the first time the monarchy has become a sort of proxy towards the government.the notion that the monarch are non-partisan is clearly fairy tale.they will take on the responsibility of dismantling Islam in Malaysia,rupturing democracy,which is above them.all this as a way to show that they have power,and that they still have a job.tak kan nak duduk kat singgahsana je kan.isu perkauman dan integrasi kaum pun mereka x dapat,in one ways or another these people are useless..i sort of agree tun mahathir's work in reducing their influence although his goals in achieving that means is purely any case or other,the monarchs are inviting fire by trying to make perak into a thailand,but this time,the anger of the people shall be pointed at them.they are a constitutional monarch,break it,lose that throne they've been sitting on

Rahimi said...

too hypocrisy if u asked me about opposition. they are the first who mooted the jumps. have anybody remember, anwar empty promise of the great jump on 16 september 2008. everybody in opposition laud the move and for them its ok. now when the scenario change. BN took the blame. this is political hypocrisy of the opposition. dont play people emotion, because it will ruin the country. if this is opposition true face, what happen if they rule the country?

The Malaysian Explorer said...

I feel it is a really shameful act on the part of BN to have to resort to this. Obviously they know they do not have the mandate of the rakyat. It is so obvious to everyone that they cannot win if they hold the snap elections.

Sad sad day.......

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