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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SMS Alert! Proton Wira JFA 4552 stolen with a 6 yr old boy in it! (Updated)

* Example of a maroon colored Proton Wira.

Dear fellow Malaysians.

Just received an sms from +60126389300 with the following message :

"Pls help to blast out this sms asap. A car was stolen by an Indian in Taman Berkeley, Klang early morning on 16 feb. A small boy aged 6 yrs old was inside the car. If u c a meroon Proton Wira JFA 4552, pls call Mr.Foo at 0196555174 / 0122838371 or the nearest police station. It is the kid who must be in fear now, that matters. Your immediate sms blast is very much appreciated."


I called Mr.Foo at 0196555174 and he promptly picked up and confirmed that this news is true and asked for my help in spreading the news.

So dear Malaysians, please help by looking out for the maroon colored Proton Wira JFA 4552!

Call Mr.Foo at 0196555174 or 0122838371 or the Police at 999 to report if you see the stolen car!

I pray that the kid is unharmed and released by the bloody car thief!



Here is an update of the case as reported in The Star Online.

Tuesday February 17, 2009

Robbers drive off with victim’s son in back seat


KLANG: The Foo family had a most frightening experience when two robbers drove off in their car with their son still in the back seat in Taman Berkeley here.

Their nightmare began yesterday morning when Kendrick Foo, 43, returned home after dropping off his wife at the Meru wet market where she runs a stall selling noodles and soya bean by-products.

Six-year-old Foo Koo Ping was sleeping in the back seat when two men grabbed Foo, pushed him to the ground and took off in his Proton Wira.

He surrendered his wallet and threw himself in front of the car, screaming that his son was asleep in the back seat.

“I believe that they too panicked and sped off,” said Foo.

“He is our only child and we cannot imagine anything terrible happening to him,” said Foo, an employee at the IT department of a private hospital in Klang.

The robbers abandoned his car in front of Chemistry Department pensioner Zamedin Hasar’s house in Taman Desaria, near Sunway.

Zamedin, 65, said he was on his way to his neighbourhood surau at 6.10am when he noticed a maroon Wira parked outside his house with the engine running.

When he returned 30 minutes later, the car was still there.

Zamedin said looked into the car and saw the boy asleep in the back seat.

“The feeling of relief after being told that our son was all right is unexplainable,” said Foo, adding that he met Zamedin at the Sungai Way police station with his son and car.

Koo Ping, when asked what happened, coolly replied: “Two bad men drove my daddy’s car and I was very frightened.”

Meanwhile, Klang OCPD Asst Comm Mohamad Mat Yusop said the police received their first report at 5.15am. The two robbers are still at large.

On a another matter, City police said there was no such case of an eight-year-old girl being kidnapped from Taman Maluri in a Nissan Sentra that was circulated by SMS a few days ago.


Thanks be to Almighty Allah for this miracle.

I am glad to know that the Foo family have got back their son unharmed and also their car.

I call upon the justice system to punish all those crooks and criminals who are brought before them to the maximum sentence laid out in the Penal Code.

These thieves and robbers must be taught a lesson so as not to endanger the public.

Now, anyone who has suffered the emotional trauma that the Foo's have just gone through will understand why Allah the Almighty has commanded that the Hudud Laws are imposed.

You wouldn't know the consequences of going easy on the wrongdoers until such a wrong happens to you or your loved ones.

To the Foo family, please learn from this horrible experience and be more careful from now on.


Cheryl said...

i messaged him and asked him if he had found his child and he said yes.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Thanks be to Allah!

Thank you Cheryl for updating me on this.

I was worried sick about the boy.

You are a bearer of good news!

Syukur Alhamdulillah!

Let's all be more alert and careful for our nation is safe no longer with all these crooks and criminals at large!

Be safe Cheryl and thanks once again dear sis!