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Friday, February 06, 2009

Suria KLCC - Den of Thieves Operating There - Be Aware

For all the hype that Suria KLCC spouts about in it's website and general propaganda that intends to draw the millions of visitors to it's luxurious grounds, its main failure to alert the shoppers and visitors to one of KL's most expensive shopping malls is that you enter its premises at your own risk!

Their security system is just for show. They have CCTV's all around and they have their seemingly professional looking guards standing at certain prominent spots all around the mall just to give you a false sense of security.

Reality is that when you have your item stolen by a gang or syndicate of foreign thieves, the Suria KLCC security department will not even have you take a look at their CCTV recordings or even bother to put out an 'All Points Bulletin' as what we would expect a so called top class shopping mall security department to do?

They'd just ask you to fill out an 'Incident Report' and give you a cock and bull story that it's their procedure not to allow any theft victims a chance to look at their CCTV recordings.

No Sirree!

Only the Police Investigating Officer can come look at such recordings.

Foreign thieves are operating at will in KL's so called top shopping mall.

I have the proof of such a theft that took place on Tuesday night 3rd of February, 2009.

Approximately at 8.15pm, right in front of the escalators at Signature Food Court, Level 2, Suria KLCC.

Suria KLCC Prima Security Guard Zaini standing there at the escalator area.

Oblivious to a theft that took place there just 2 to 3 metres away from his position!

This theft took place by a syndicate which employs the bump and distract tactic. One syndicate member kicks your chair from behind.

When you turn to look at him or her, the other thief will just snatch your bag and disappear in a split second into the teeming crowds.

No point in screaming! Crying! Turning yourself into a spectacle right there before the whole god damned mind your own business crowd!


You can expect no one to come to your aid!

You're on your own!

The Prima Guards are there just for display. No professional sense of duty in them. All just the typical Malaysian 'wayang'!

You can try experiencing it yourself.

Same old situation guaranteed.

The media doesn't report this for the adverse publicity it will attract!

I don't give a shit!

I'm telling you as it is.

So, please be warned!

Shop at Suria KLCC and enter at your own risk!

This is not an idle threat!

I challenge the Suria KLCC Mall to deny this!

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