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Monday, March 30, 2009

Can a Muslim inherit from his or her Non Muslim relative?

In the name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate.

Assalamualaikum dear brothers & sisters.

I just received an email from one of my readers who happens to be a Non Muslim @ a Kaffir.

I have removed his name and email address as a matter of respect towards him but I believe that such a question and the answers that I have given him merits our mutual attention and deliberations. Insya Allah.

I am reproducing his email contents here in Italic.

He asks the following :

"As how my name is spelled, you know that i am most likely a non-Muslim. I am not a person with Islamophobia and I respect every cultures and religions practiced. I am curious to learn about Islam as well as other religion. This e-mail is particularly about converting to Muslim. I hope that you could attend to my inquiries.
  1. If a person converts to a Muslim before he passes away, does his non-Muslim family members get to inherit his left possessions.
  2. Assuming that the person who passes away is the father and the son is not a Muslim, what will happen to the inheritance?
  3. And can a non-Muslim step into a Muslim cemetery to pay his/her deceased non-Muslim respect?
I understand this might be sensitive but as I stress upon my aforementioned statement, I respect Islam and Muslims.

Good luck in educating the world and the world is unique, isn't it.


xxxx xxxx xxxx.

Okay. Those were his questions to me and here is what I replied to him :

Dear xxxx xxxx,

May Peace be upon you!

Thank you for asking about this matter which many Non Muslims raise every now and then when a member of their family or they themselves embraces Islam and mistakenly conclude that by becoming a Muslim, they are cut off from their blood relatives?

Your questions to me are :
  1. If a person converts to a Muslim before he passes away, does his non-Muslim family members get to inherit his left possessions.
  2. Assuming that the person who passes away is the father and the son is not a Muslim, what will happen to the inheritance?
  3. And can a non-Muslim step into a Muslim cemetery to pay his/her deceased non-Muslim respect?
My answers are :
  1. According to the Prophet of Allah, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam, " A Muslim does not inherit from those who are Kaffirs and so must Kaffirs not inherit from a Muslim." Related by Jamma'ah.
In the deliberations by Islamic scholars after the passing of the Final Prophet of Allah, the subject of inheritance is agreed to abide by what the Messenger has decreed without any questions.

There is however a difference in the matter of Wills and Bequest from both Muslim and Non Muslims.

A Muslim or a Non Muslim may accept a bequeath from either party, anything that is not forbidden by Islamic Laws of a value that is not more than 1/3rd of the total value of a party's total property.

In the Holy Qur'an Allah the Almighty states in the Surah Mumtahanaa Chapter 60 Verse 8 :

8. La yanhakumu Allahu AAani allatheena lam yuqatilookum fee alddeeni walam yukhrijookum min diyarikum an tabarroohum watuqsitoo ilayhim inna Allaha yuhibbu almuqsiteena

8. Allah forbids you not, with regard to those who fight you not for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loveth those who are just.

The following is taken from a series of Questions & Answers from the Islamic Society of North America pertaining to the subject matter that you have raised, so I am sharing them here with you.

# What does "irth" mean?

"Irth" is an Arabic word that means legacy. It always has the connotation of a treasured possession. As the prophet, peace be upon him, was explaining pilgrimage rituals to Muslims on the farewell pilgrimage, he said "You are on an 'irth' from your father Ibrahim."

# I assume that funeral expenses and such are paid off the top before dividing the estate. Is this correct?

Yes. Whenever "estate" is mentioned here it means the net estate after deduction of legal fees, funeral and burial expenses and payment of all debts.

# Who can inherit?

Categories of eligible heirs are specified by the Quran, the Sunna and the scholars.

They are the categories you see on the IRTH program's main page. Any heir that does not belong to any of these categories is not an eligible heir, e.g., aunts.

Each and all of these heirs must be Muslim and must not have been convicted of murder of the testator.

# What about adopted children?

They do not inherit, but they can be given a bequest. The sum of all bequests cannot exceed 1/3 (one third) of the estate.

# What about children of deceased relatives?

They have the same eligibility as if their parents were alive. Simply enter them in the program if their category is listed regardless of whether their parents are alive.

# Can non-Muslim relatives inherit from a Muslim, e.g., a non-Muslim wife?

No. But they can be given a bequest. The sum of all bequests cannot exceed 1/3 (one third) of the estate.
# What about relatives not listed?

They do not inherit, e.g., con sanguine aunts (sisters of father), but again they can be given a bequest. The sum of all bequests cannot exceed 1/3 (one third) of the estate.

# Can a muslim inherit from a non-muslim?

I am not aware of any ruling that forbids it if the law of the land grants it. You should, however, check with your imam.

# What is Islamic Treasury?

It's a translation of the Arabic phrase "Bayt-ul Mal". If this is not officially established in your country, then consider charitable muslim organizations.
# What is a bequest?

A bequest is a gift to a non-heir. The sum of all bequests cannot exceed 1/3 (one third) of the estate.

# How much can I bequest?

The sum of all bequests cannot exceed 1/3 (one third) of the estate.

# Why can't I bequest more than one third?

The portion of one third is the maximum allowed by the Prophet, peace be upon him, when Saad Ibn Abi Waqqaas consulted him about giving two thirds of his money to charity.

Saad had a daughter. The Prophet rejected the two thirds suggestion. Saad then suggested one half. The Prophet rejected that too.

Finally, Saad suggested one third. The Prophet reluctantly approved. He said, "A third then and a third is still too much."

# Can I bequest to an heir?

No. Bequests are for non-heirs only.

# Can I use a bequest to compensate for missed prayers, fasting, Zakah or pilgrimage?

A man came to the Prophet, peace be upon him, and told him that his mother had died and she had missed fasting days. He asked the Prophet if he could fast for her?

The Prophet answered, "If she owed a debt, would you pay it for her?"

The man answered "of course!" The Prophet said "Debt to God has more priority."

While scholars differ on whether missed religious duties can be compensated in kind, I find the above hadith a compelling evidence that they can and should be.

Missed Zakah must be deducted from the estate before the estate is distributed. Missed fasting can always be compensated with money or food.

That's what fidya-tus-siyam is, so it can also be deducted from the estate. I have no opinion on whether missed pilgrimage can be compensated with money and I find no evidence that missed prayers can be compensated with money either.

But both prayers and pilgrimage if missed can, in my humble opinion, be compensated in kind by a relative or a friend.

So, a testator may state in his or her will that he or she missed pilgrimage or prayers and hope that one or more of the relatives will be generous enough to make them up for him or her.

# I ran the IRTH program and some of my heirs, e.g., my uncles, did not get any shares. I would like to give them something. Can I bequest to them?

Bequests are not for heirs. You should, however, check with your imam.

# I don't know my juristic school. Which one should I choose?

You can choose the default, which does not favor any juristic school.

# How are these shares computed?

The rules of dividing up an estate are mentioned in the Quran, the Sunna and by the scholars. The IRTH program implements these rules as they were so well documented in Sayyed Sabeq's book, Fiqh-us-Sunna "Jurisprudence of the Sunna".
# How do I know the computed shares are correct according to Islamic law?

The IRTH program has been reviewed and tested by knowlegeable scholars and lawyers since 1989.

It has been verified against all cases listed in ISNA's booklet "Last Will And Testament". You are encouraged to test it and report any errors or bugs to the author. You can also double check the computed shares with your imam, if you wish. You can follow the logic behind the computation by selecting the preference "Show details" before you click the Calculate button.

# I live in a non-muslim country, how do I make sure my estate is divided up according to Islamic law?

You should consult an attorney who specializes in wills, probate and estate planning. He or she can prepare a will for you where you specify how you want your estate divided and will have it legally binding.

You can reference the IRTH program, if you wish, as a way to ensure the correct division of your estate by including its Internet address,

# Is a will necessary?

A will conveys your wishes, in a legally binding way, of how you want your estate divided.

Without a will, you leave the decision of how to divide your estate to the probate court of your state!

Prior to the revelation of inheritance verses, the prophet, peace be upon him, said that it was unlawful for a Muslim to let three nights go by without making a will. Obviously this underscores the importance of wills.

If you live in a country that does not recognize Islamic inheritance law, then I would say that the prophet's hadith applies to you.

# Why are there differences between scholars about estate division?

The Quran and the Sunna do not spell out every conceivable heir situation, rather they provide guidance on the key rules to use. The scholars did their best in figuring out how to divide up an estate in heir situations that lend themselves to differing interpretations of the rules. These situations are rare and there is remarkable consensus of the scholars on the majority of heir situations.

An example of differing opinions is the remainder re division rule when the sum of shares falls short of the estate. Uthman includes spouses in the re division because they are named heirs, all other scholars do not include spouses in the re division because they are not blood-related to the testator. Two different and sensible viewpoints. You may choose either one.

End of quote.

To answer your question # 2, the Non Muslim son is not entitled to inherit from his late Muslim father but IF the Muslim father had made out a will that benefits the Non Muslim son or daughter, he or she will be entitled to receive whatever that the father had willed for them that amounts to not more than 1/3rd of the total value of the late Muslim father's estate.

My suggestion to you or any person who is caught in this situation is to please consult with your legal representatives as soon as possible and solve all the legal repercussions that will arise later on when the convert or revert to Islam is no longer around?

Best to go get such legal papers done with as soon as possible and make sure that the person who has reverted to Islam fulfills his or her legal responsibilities towards his or her dependents appropriately for the benefit for all.

My answer to your question # 3, a Non Muslim relative is allowed to go pay his or her respects to their departed Muslim relative in a Muslim cemetery or graveyard but need to observe the certain guidelines.
  • No burning of any incense or slaughter of any animal is to be done in the area.
  • No loud wailing or crying uncontrollably is allowed to be done within the cemetery.
  • No Unislamic religious practices are to be carried out at the grave of the departed relative.
  • A Kaffir is allowed to stand or sit in remembrance and offer maybe a silent prayer within their hearts to the dead Muslim relative.
  • It is however a vain deed for as Muslims, we do not recognize any other deity or object of worship apart from Almighty Allah so such a prayer is null and void for us, from our point of faith.
  • We can't stop any Kaffir from wishing us well, can we?
  • The reality is that in Islam, we submit ourselves to only the One True Almighty God, so no matter what Non Muslims may perform or do in the name of whatever it is that they believe in or believe to be their god for the supposed prayer for the departed Muslim soul, it all comes to waste for such offerings of prayers to a deity or object of worship dedicated to other than Allah, True God Almighty is rendered void and not of any benefit to us.
  • Clear solid logic, wouldn't you agree?
Well, I do hope that I have helped you out there as to the answers that you sought above.

Verily it is Allah the Almighty Who is All Knowing.

May peace be upon us all.


Best regards,

Zainol Abideen
Protem President of the Muslim Bloggers Alliance
Program Consultant,
Shanghai Jiao Tong University- Global Hanyu Culture Center.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Amir Rafiq & Aina Batrisya the Whiz Kids!

This is a video that I have compiled from a series of short clips that I took of our grand nephew Muhammad Amir Rafiq bin Mohd Rafee and our grand niece Aina Batrisya binti Mohd Rafee when we visited them during our weekend trip to Kuantan and Kemaman last 8th of March, 2009.

Brilliant and way too smart for their age, 4 and a half years old Amir and his sister 3 years old Aina are always doted upon by all of us for their antics and prowess in learning just about anything so quickly these days.

With Amir Rafiq and Aina Batrisya. Little Miss Pinky! Hehehehehe....I loveeee pink! :D

My brother in law with his grandkids.

Aina Batrisya @ Little Miss Pinky.

See how cute she poses with her 'Atok'?

Whiz kid Amir posing before his grandaddy.

Whiz kids need to play too! Hahahaha!

Sepetang di PWTC - Rakaman Suasana Persidangan UMNO 2009 (Kemaskini)

Assalamualaikum semua.

Sesudah solat Jumaat di Masjid Saidina Othman Al Affan di Bandar Tun Razak, saya telah pergi melawat PWTC sempena sedang berlangsungnya Persidangan UMNO disana. Tujuan saya ke sana adalah untuk mencari buku buku agama dan juga politik yang selalu dijual selama persidangan tersebut. Niat dihati hendak mencari juga butang Baju Melayu untuk menambah koleksi saya kerana selalunya butang butang berkualiti dijual disana.

Saya kesana menggunakan sistem LRT kerana ada setesen di Putra Mall yang berdekatan PWTC. Mudah dan selamat, tidak payah pening kepala menghadapi kesesakan jalanraya. Letak saja kereta kami di Cheras dan naik LRT.

Memang meriah keadaan diPWTC seperti biasanya dengan suasana hingar bingar orang mengambil kesempatan berjual beli seperti pesta. Segala macam barang dagangan dijual disana.
Ini adalah rakaman suasana disana.

Artikel saya kali ini akan disulami dengan peribahasa Melayu baik yang lama mahupun yang saya gubah sendiri. Semoga ada manfaatnya. Insya Allah.

Segak bergaya dua veteran UMNO,

Sambil berbicara melalui telefon bimbit,
Melayu itu beradat tidak semberono,
Setiap pepatah maksud terbabit.
( Hakcipta Mahaguru58)

Kalau ada padi dipaya,

Jangan kita menugal lagi,

Walau siapa menjadi raja,

Tangan kita tetap kedahi! (Pantun warisan)

Maksud peribahasa : Sebagai hamba rakyat, kita hendaklah sedar diri, hidup didalam naungan perintah Duli Tuanku Sultan dan Raja Melayu. Hakikat kehidupan kita disini, tak kiralah samada kita ni bangsa apa sekalipun, kalau dah namanya lahir dibumi Tanah Melayu Malaysia ini, mahu tidak mahu, maka kita kena akur akan adanya kita ini sebagai rakyat dibawah perintah Duli Paduka Sultan dan Raja Melayu.

Hanya mereka yang tidak sedar diri, sanggup menidakkan hakikat semasa kita ini. Barangsiapa yang sedar bahawa didalam negara Malaysia ini, kita terikat kepada satu perjanjian. Perjanjian untuk akur kepada undang undang tubuh negeri dan negara. Perlembagaan Malaysia sekarang walaupun dirangka dan ditetapkan oleh bekas penjajah negara ini, tetap mempertuankan Sultan dan Raja Melayu secara dasarnya.

Maka peribahasa diatas memerikan betapa kita ini jangan sampai lupa akan kedudukan masing masing hidup dibumi bertuah Tanah Melayu Malaysia ini.

Orang Cina pergi kepajak,
Dapat ringgit bergambar burung,

Barang dimana bumi dipijak,

Disitu langit kena dijunjung.
(Pantun warisan)

Benda mudah je ni. Sebagai rakyat, kita wajib setia terhadap `Ulul `Amri kita.

Jika berjalan usah tersadung,

Takut nanti jatuh terlungkup
Orang berdagang kain tudung,
Aurat ditutup sikain serkup.
(Hakcipta Mahaguru58)

Hehehehe...sibuk benar nampaknya sipenjual tudung. Siap terjerit jerit melayan pelanggan.

Sungguh seronok melihat suasana orang ramai sibuk berjual beli semalam. Beberapa tahun sekali bilamana berlangsung suasana persidangan UMNO, maka kawasan sekeliling PWTC menjadi riuh dengan hiruk pikuk para pedagang mengambil kesempatan mencari rezeki masing masing dan menghidupkan persekitaran pusat dagangan tersebut.

Duduk seorang bersempit-sempit,
duduk banyak, berlapang lapang.
(Pantun Warisan)
Maksudnya : Buah fikiran yang diperoleh dalam sesuatu perundingan itu lebih baik daripada buah fikiran kita sendirian sahaja.

Khabar jauh dengar dengarkan ; khabar dekat fikir fikirkan.

Maksud peribahasa : Tiap tiap khabar yang diterima hendaklah diselidiki dengan saksama supaya jangan tertipu.

Dewasa ini kita terdedah dengan pelbagai macam maklumat yang datang menerpa, haruslah kita menggunakan akal fikiran kita serta menimbang akan kesahihan sesuatu berita itu terlebih dahulu sebelum menerimanya sebagai berita yang benar ataupun tidak?

Baik dari buku bercetak, dokumentari ditelevisyen, laman blog mahupun akhbar bercetak kerana ada kemungkinan ianya ada khilaf sang penulis mahupun penerbit ataupun pengarang!

Kain sutera bersulam kuning cerah,

Diselang seli warna merah membara,

Jangan lah sampai kita buta sejarah,

Menidakkan bakti pemimpin pada negara.
(Hakcipta Mahaguru58)

Saya teringat akan beberapa peristiwa yang meruntun jiwa kebanyakan rakyat dan warganegara Tanah Melayu Malaysia ini bila timbul soal tanah ini milik siapa dan pelbagai kecaman serta buruk kelaku manusia manusia berkepentingan politik derhaka terhadap Raja dan Sultan Melayu dengan berkata nesta seraya sanggup membelakangkan sejarah menyatakan itu dan ini seolah mereka lah pembuka negeri, pengasas negara?

Pada hemat saya , manusia manusia yang celupar dan khianati negeri mahupun negara ini lupa akan hakikat perjuangan orang orang serta Raja Raja dan Sultan Melayu sejak Putera Palembang Parameswara berhijrah merentasi Selat Semenanjung membuka peradaban dan mengasaskan Negeri Melayu Melaka!

Oleh kerana kini, kebanyakan kita hidup selesa mencari nafkah dibawah naungan keturunan Duli Tuanku Sultan Sultan Melayu Melaka, pabila masa berganti masa, dewasa ini segelintir hamba rakyat mula engkar khianat dan bersikap derhaka nan celaka!

Mujur zaman sekarang Sultan dan Raja tidak lagi berkuasa mutlak kalau tidak sudah lama sang petualang kan dijemput para pendekar dan panglima singgah berkubur selama lama dipusara!

Tak begitu kaedahnya?

Inilah akibatnya bila Melayu lupa sejarah sehingga yang tak sedar diri diuntung hingar bingar bermaharajalela!

Saya terkenang peribahasa Melayu lama. 'Manusia tahan kias ; binatang tahan palu!'
Maksudnya : Mengajar manusia dengan sindiran ; mengajar binatang dengan pukulan!'

Apakah akan berkesan kata kata kiasan begini semata mata pada zaman sekarang dimana ramai anak Melayu serta yang lain cuma bersikap sambil lewa terhadap warisan bangsa dari dedaun masa yang telah lama berlalu?

Wallahu'alam bissawab!

'Adat tua menahan ragam
Mungkin orang tua veteran UMNO ini sedang berfikir, melayang jauh ingatan nya terkenang zaman ia masih muda, berkunjung ke persidangan UMNO dulu dulu semasa Melayu masih gah dan empunya kata serta kuasa tidak tercabar?

Seorang lagi ahli UMNO yang berusia.
Ahli sebegini perjuangannya bagaikan akar sokong, memperkasakan parti biar pun berkorban usaha, wang ringgit dan tenaga semata mata mahu melihat Melayu kukuh gagah sepanjang masa meneruskan wadah perjuangan memartabatkan agama,bangsa dan nusa.

Namun kebanyakan anak muda Melayu dewasa ini hilang arah dan maksud serta matlamat perjuangan?

Ada juga yang berusaha, menjual maruah dan masadepan sebangsa dan seagama semata mata demi segenggam wang ringgit dan juga demi kepuasan nafsu serakah yang dianggap mereka sebagai 'sedekah seks'! Apakah anda telah lupa? Na'uzubillahiminzalik!!!

Sayugia itu amat penting bagi kita pesan memesan serta ingat mengingatkan!

Wanita wanita UMNO diperingkat akar umbi duduk bersila dan bersimpuh menatap layar besar mengikuti persidangan yang disiarkan.

Berwarna warni segala macam pakaian, datang bertandang dari segenap pelusuk rantau dan pekan. Tanpa kehadiran mereka akan hilanglah seri perhimpunan.

Para pemimpin harus kenang akan jasa bakti sekelian yang hadir beramai ramaian.

'Jika bermewah sorang sorang , kembung perut jasad merana. Kalau banyak bahagi bahagikan, kalau sedikit colek colekkan'. (Hasil Cipta Mahaguru58)

Begitu juga dengan keseluruhan gagasan parti politik Melayu Muslim. Jika hendak terus ujud memegang tampuk pemerintahan negara ini, maka haruslah mengambil cara berpakat dan bersatu tekad untuk menuju kecemerlangan ummah.

Bagaikan peribahasa lama 'Bulat air oleh pembuluh ; bulat kata oleh muafakat'.

Insya Allah!

S.H. Alattas.

Nama yang tidak asing lagi bagi pemerhati politik dan peminat buku buku yang dihasilkan beliau sejak zaman akhir 60an. Saya menemui penulis politik ini semasa Pak Habib duduk bersantai bersama teman temannya direstoran Riverside didalam PWTC. Beliau sedang menjual buku terbarunya berjudul 'Najib Tun Razak VS Kaki Kacau Malaysia'.

Saya membeli senaskah buku Pak Habib dengan harga RM30 tunai dipustaka yang terdapat disana. Saya dapatkan tandatangan S.H. Alattas didalam ruang mukadimah buku tersebut sebagai merakamkan kenangan bertemu semuka dengan penulis terkenal tanahair kita ini.

Orangnya tidak sombong dan selesa berbicara tentang perkembangan politik tanahair kita. Saya perhatikan tulisan beliau seiring dengan pendapat dan fikrah saya tentang petualangan sebilangan besar dari mereka yang ingin menggadaikan bumi tercinta ini demi kerakusan dan tamak terhadap kuasa pemerintah walaupun prinsip prinsip agama mahupun bangsa sanggup mereka gadaikan demi merebut takhta Kerusi Menteri Perdana!

Saya tidak menjangka akan bertemu seorang lagi insan terpilih iaitu Profesor Dato' Dr. Raden Johari Mansor di PWTC! Pertemuan ini berlaku secara kebetulan bilamana saya berlalu diruang pameran dan niaga disana, saya melihat orang ramai berkerumun menyaksikan rawatan spontan pengamal perubatan menggunakan kaedah rawatan Islam yang selalu saya hebahkan melalui laman blog saya dan juga melalui akaun You Tube saya itu.

Segak tampan bergaya orangnya berbaju kot hitam serta bersongkok baldu asyik merawat sesiapa sahaja yang bermasaalah kesihatan disana secara percuma. Semasa saya berada diruang usahaniaganya itu, Prof Dato' Dr. Raden Johari Mansur sedang merawat seorang wanita berumur yang menghadapi masaalah ketumbuhan @ fibroid didalam rahim beliau.

Prof menggunakan kaedah semburan air Zam Zam yang dibacakan ayat ayat suci Al Quran dan bilamana habis semburan itu ke wajah sipesakit, keluar air berwarna merah seakan darah dari wajah perempuan itu. Menurut Prof ianya menunjukkan bahawa wanita itu sedang mengalami ketumbuhan fibroid didalam rahimnya disebelah kanan yang menunjukkan keadaan sakitnya pada cara air merah itu terbit berlebihan pada sebelah kanan wajahnya:

Wallahu`alam. Perkara sebegini diluar bidang orang kebanyakan. Hanya mereka yang melibatkan diri didalam lapangan perubatan alternatif atau Rawatan secara Islam yang mungkin faham akan tatacaranya. Saya selaku seorang yang percaya terhadap kelebihan kaedah Islami tidak ragu atau was was akan apa yang dianjurkan Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam didalam merawat penyakit zahir dan batin manusia menurut ilmu perubatan begini.

Selepas bertemu Professor Dato' Dr. Raden Johari Mansor, saya terjumpa rakan seperjuangan saya iaitu Blogger Nobisha. Beliau telah dijemput Astro Awani pada hari Khamis malam Jumaat untuk menjadi salah seorang panel program bual bicara politik stesen tv swasta tersebut berbincang mengenai perubahan pucuk kepimpinan UMNO bagi penggal 2009 -2012 ini.

Selepas bersalam salaman dengan Nobisha, saya terus berjalan jalan melihat barangan dagangan yang sedang dijual diPWTC.

Sempat saya membeli kamus peribahasa dari anak syarikat Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka @ Dawama Sdn Bhd.

Tiba tiba berlalulah hero hencem Dr.Fazley yang dulunya dikaitkan sebagai pasangan Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin yang kini berkahwin dengan Datuk K dan terkenal pula dengan hijab yang tak pernah lekat atau sempurna cara pakainya!

Maka saya tegurlah si Dr Fazley supaya sudilah kiranya singgah bergambar dengan saya didalam ruang kedai buku itu.

Dr.Fazley dengan 'sporting'nya singgah le berposing sekejap. Beliau di iringi beberapa orang stafnya. Jangan tak tahu, anak muda ini bertugas sebagai 'Pengarah Eksekutif' PWTC dan merupakan menantu Datin Seri Rosmah Mansur, isteri Perdana Menteri Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak!

Hehehehehe...tuah badan Dr. Fazley oi.....

Dr.Fazley rupanya kenal siapa saya ini dan berkata bahawa beliau pernah membaca blog saya. :P

Aiseyman...sorang lagi pembaca blog orang kampong ni......Alhamdulillah!

Terimakasih anakanda Dr. Fazley. Semoga aman bahagia kekal berbahagia sampai ke anak cucu!


Selepas membeli buku dan mengucapkan selamat kepada Dr.Fazley, saya terus lagi pergi mengambil gambar dipersekitaran kawasan gerai perdagangan yang meriah. Terjumpa saya dua orang anak gadis Melayu ini yang malu malu bila melihat orang tua ini siap dengan kamera digital kami.....

Maka saya minta mereka berdua posing sekejap...hehehehe..

Peniaga dari Kelantan ini amat 'sporting' sudi memusingkan kepala memberi posing istimewa kepada saya bersama sikecil bermata bulat itu...Hehehehehe...

Bayi comel bermata bulat merenung tepat ke lensa kamera! :)

Saya perhati budak budak sekarang memang bijak sungguh. Kalau kita nak ambil gambar mereka, memang tepat sekali pandangan mereka menghadap kita. Subhanallah! Bijak sungguh!

Sempat saya membeli satu DVD penerangan tentang Islam syarahan Shaykh Khalid Yasin terbitan 1 Islam Productions ' What Do You Really Know About Islam' berharga RM30 dari sahabat kita yang terpapar disini. Fasih berbahasa Melayu, beliau bertugas menjual kitab kitab dan buku agama serta dvd media Islam di PWTC sepanjang persidangan.

Insya Allah, jika tiada aral melintang, mahu saya mengeluarkan media penerangan tentang Islam untuk edaran percuma kepada massa bilamana sahaja saya mampu berbuat demikian atau mendapat peruntukan dana bagi tujuan tersebut dari pihak berkuasa JAKIM dan Menteri Agama kita.

Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi secara dasarnya telah bersetuju dengan cadangan saya untuk Kerajaan Malaysia membiayai Unit Dakwah Bergerak ke kawasan kawasan tertentu didalam negara kita bagi menyampaikan Dakwah Al Islamiyyah kepada masyarakat kita yang kurang kefahaman Agama Islam serta membantu pihak pihak NGO Islam berhubungan mesra dengan mereka yang berada dikawasan pedalaman dan luar bandar serta masyarakat kota yang turut ketandusan ilmu dan kefahaman tentang Islam.

Do'akan lah kami berjaya mendaulatkan Ad Deenullah seupaya kami, Insya Allah!

Wabillahi Taufik Wal Hidayah.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatulillahi Ta'ala Wabarakatuh.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Dispute Between Neighbours - Amusing news

Believe it or not!

Try being a pain in the ass to your neighbour nowadays?

You can rest assured that your neighbour can and will get back at you in ways that you'd never ever imagine?

Here's something to either make you laugh aloud or think twice the next time you're not happy about anything that your neighbour did or the way he or she behaved towards you!

This is a true story...forwarded to me from a Yahoogroup.

A town councillor in Wales, England, Mark Easton, had a beautiful view of the mountains, until a new neighbour purchased the land below his house and built a new home.

The new home was 18 inches higher than the planning dept had approved, so Mark Easton, mad about his lost view, went to the local authority to make sure they enforced the roof line height.

The Local Authority said the vents can stay since there is no planning law referring to shutter design. about getting the finger shown at you every time you look out over your balcony!

Must be really


Membicarakan hal ehwal Islam dan umatnya diMalaysia.

Dengan nama Allah, Maha Pengasih, Maha Penyayang.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Tuan tuan dan puan puan, saudara seIslam sekelian.

Dewasa ini saya lihat semakin ramai yang mengeluh akan ketiadaan unsur kasih sayang didalam hati dan sanubari mereka yang diamanahkan menjadi pentadbir, guru, mursyid, pegawai agama, imam, khatib, pegawai masjid, pengerusi dan jawatankuasa surau, madrasah, dsbnya.

Mungkin keadaan ini disebabkan oleh tiadanya perhubungan erat diantara pemerintah @ `umara dan `ulamak negara kita sendiri?

Semacam ada tembok halimunan diantara ulamak dan umara'.

Mereka yang berkuasa seperti para Sultan dan Raja Melayu serta ketua kerajaan persekutuan mahupun negeri saya lihat seperti ada tembok pemisah dengan golongan pentadbir jabatan jabatan agama dan institusi dakwah al Islamiyyah.

Seandainya para ulamak mahu menegakkan hukum hakam Islam menepati tuntutan Syariah, saya dengar akan ada sekatan yang dilakukan oleh pihak pemerintah tertinggi negara iaitu diperingkat `umara yang bertindak membatalkan usulan pihak pentadbir urusan dan hal ehwal agama didalam negara kita ini.

Mungkin keadaan sebenarnya tidak begitu tetapi dari sumber maklumat yang saya terima dari peringkat tertinggi negara memang ujud ketidakserasian diantara kedua pihak berkuasa utama negara.

Perang dingin antara golongan agama yang mahu mendaulatkan Ad Deenullah di Malaysia dan pihak `Umara yang memegang kuasa mutlak didalam sistem Raja Berperlembagaan ini tidak terisytihar namun ianya menjadi pencetus kepada kelesuan pihak berkuasa diperingkat Kerajaan Persekutuan serta Negeri dengan kehambaran pihak berkuasa urusan agama diperingkat kementerian dan jabatan.

Gejala ketidaksamaan rasa dan semangat ini secara tidak langsung mengujudkan satu rasa tidak puas hati dikalangan mereka yang dipertugaskan mendidik dan mentarbiyyah masyarakat umum didalam negara kita ini dan ianya pada hemat saya ada kesan secara tidak langsung terhadap cara pegawai pegawai agama disegenap peringkat dan lapisan pentadbiran am yang meliputi infrastruktur pentadbiran agama dan pendidikan diseluruh negara dan negeri.

Kekecewaan didalam hati mereka yang menghadapi sindrom 'glass ceiling' @ 'siling kaca' didalam usaha mereka untuk mendaulatkan Islam seboleh mungkin mempunyai kesan timbal balik didalam sikap dan cara mereka bertugas.

Rasa ketidakpuasan hati itu mencemari nilai nilai murni dan sifat mahabbah didalam hati kalangan pegawai pegawai agama dan para pendidik disemua peringkat pentadbiran.

Setiap orang yang saya sebutkan diatas terdedah kepada perubahan sikap dan mentaliti sendiri bila berurusan dengan mereka dibawah pentadbiran mereka dan bersikap acuh tak acuh secara sedar ataupun tidak.

Rasa kasih sayang dan keprihatinan didalam jiwa insan insan mulia ini semakin lama semakin terhakis dan natijahnya diterima oleh anggota masyarakat secara am dan para pelajar sekolah disemua peringkat baik dari peringkat tadika, sekolah rendah, menengah, kolej mahupun sehingga ke menara gading, universiti universiti tempatan negara.

Sekatan pihak tertinggi negara terhadap usaha mendaulatkan Al Islam mempunyai kesan saikologi terhadap semua peringkat masyarakat kita.

Kekecewaan setiap pegawai dan anggota pentadbir serta para pendidik melahirkan insan insan yang mengambil sikap sambil lewa sahaja didalam menjalankan tugas tugas dan tanggungjawab mereka dibahagian bahagian yang dikendalikan mereka.

Ini menimbulkan satu keadaan dan suasana tidak ambil peduli terhadap apa sahaja didalam keseluruhan sistem pentadbiran negara.

Manusia manusia Muslim secara amnya mula hilang sifat dan semangat prihatin terhadap satu sama lain dan kesan kesan ini ditanggung keseluruhan anggota masyarakat dan umat Islam serta warganegara Malaysia yang lain.

Ini bukan masaalah kita sahaja. Ini masaalah umat Islam serata dunia. Orang sudah tidak ambil peduli lagi akan kesan dan natijah perbuatan, percakapan ataupun buah fikiran mereka?

Manusia Muslim diMalaysia sekarang ini lebih mengambil sikap jaga hal ehwal diri sendiri tanpa sedar akan kesan dan akibatnya terhadap ummah dan negara.

Kita sudah tidak sayang atau merasa belas terhadap kesengsaraan orang lain atau berfikir dua atau tiga kali sebelum melakukan sesuatu yang akan menghancurkan hati atau memusnahkan kehidupan orang lain akibat kerakusan nafsu amarah atau syahwat kita!

Manusia Muslim sekarang ini sudah sanggup mencemarkan maruah diri sendiri dan umat Islam lain atau pun memangsakan mereka yang bukan Islam diatas tiket 'tiada siapa yang akan datang menahan aku ataupun akan ambil peduli' diatas kelakuan jenayah atau melampau batas pada zaman dan masa ini.

Sikap tidak mahu mencampuri urusan orang lain ini melahirkan generasi kurang ajar serta bersikap sadis dikalangan anggota masyarakat negara ini.

Ianya juga melahirkan golongan yang berpendidikan tinggi agama dan ilmu lain didalam dunia ini tetapi hilang rasa belas kasihan dan keprihatinan terhadap nasib orang lain disemua peringkat sepertimana saya sebutkan diatas.

Golongan `ulama kini ramai yang bersikap 'lebih suci dan maksum' dari yang lain tetapi dimudaratkan lagi dengan sifat dan sikap 'lantaklah' bila berurusan dengan sesiapa sahaja golongan masyarakat yang tidak berkuasa ke atas mereka.

Kebanyakan dari mereka mengambil sikap bahawa diri mereka lebih sempurna, lebih tahu, lebih bijaksana dan bersikap 'lebih suci dan maksum dari yang lain' kerapkali mendorong mereka yang ditegur mengambil keputusan menjauhkan diri dari sipenegur kerana merasa diri dihina dan dipandang rendah.

Saya pernah menasihati sahabat sahabat saya yang bertugas sebagai para khatib dan imam masjid supaya lebih mesra dengan jamaah dan tidak mengambil sikap menuding jari terhadap jamaah bila berkhutbah @ atau membaca teks khutbah yang disediakan pihak JAKIM.

Para pemimpin Islam dewasa ini kekurangan satu sifat yang paling penting dan perlu diterapkan didalam jiwa setiap insan yang berfungsi atau bertindak sebagai penyeru kepada kebaikan dan menjauhi kemungkaran.

Sifat itu adalah sifat mahabbah @ kasih sayang.

Tidak ada atau telah kurang unsur kasih sayang serta keprihatinan diri didalam hati nurani guru guru sekolah seperti dikisahkan Cikgu Nur Aliya didalam artikel terkini dilaman blog beliau.

Amat kurang rasa kasihan atau prihatin didalam jiwa kebanyakan mereka yang bergelar ustaz, ustazah, imam, khatib, pegawai agama, mufti, dsbnya dewasa ini.

Wajah wajah kebanyakan manusia yang kononnya pemuka Islam didalam negara kita ini sering hambar, tidak ada nur pada wajah mereka tanda orang orang beriman yang berilmu dan berkedudukan tinggi didalam susunan hieraki pentadbiran agama peringkat rendah, sederhana mahupun yang tertinggi.

Ini mengakibatkan masyarakat umum menjauhkan diri dari mereka yang digelar ulamak dan alim.

Saya amat berharap dengan perubahan pucuk pimpinan negara semalam bahawa akan lahir lah generasi pemimpin negara yang lebih bersifat penyayang dan prihatin didalam menerajui sistem pentadbiran kerajaan ke arah mesra rakyat dan mesra Ad Deenullah.

Saya memohon Duli Duli Tuanku Sultan dan Raja Raja Melayu supaya insaf dan kembalilah ke usaha mendaulatkan Islam ke peringkat yang sewajibnya dan berhentilah berpesta pora dan lalai didalam melaksanakan tugas dan amanah Allah kepada mereka untuk memerintah negara ini berasaskan ajaran ajaran didalam kitab suci Al Qur'an Al Karim dan mengikuti Sunnah Nabi Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam dengan teliti dan penuh bertanggungjawab.

Hanya dengan itulah akan kembalinya semangat dan sifat kasihsayang sejati didalam dunia kehidupan kita sebagai umat Islam sebenar sesuai dengan gelaran negara Malaysia ini sebagai Negara Islam didalam ertikata sebenar benarnya.

Jika tidak, maka tanggung lah natijahnya bila pihak yang ingin menggulingkan kerajaan UMNO dan BN ini berpakat dan memeterai janji walaupun dengan pihak Syaitan Laknatullah sendiri seperti yang dinyatakan pemimpin mereka disini.

Saya tidak mahu melabelkan Nik Aziz seperti itu dan ini namun meminta tuan tuan dan puan puan saudara seIslam dengan saya mengambil kira akan perubahan sikap Nik Aziz terhadap seteru Allah dan kita yang Muslim ini, sanggup berpakat dengan manusia manusia Kaffir Harbi seperti Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh dan pimpinan DAP sekelian untuk menjahanamkan Ketuanan Islam didalam negara kita yang secara tidak langsung diwakili ketuanan orang orang Melayu sebab Sultan Sultan dan Raja Melayu kita adalah terdiri dari orang orang Melayu sendiri.

Bagi saya barangsiapa yang berpakat dengan musuh musuh Islam didalam negara kita terang terangan telah mengkhianati kepercayaan kita yang mengharapkan PAS bergabung satu jamaah dengan UMNO.

Saya terlalu mengharapkan PAS menjadi rakan pentadbir UMNO didalam merangka satu Daulah Islam Malaysia dengan menerajui satu Kerajaan Malaysia berteraskan ajaran ajaran Islam sebenar dan tidak lagi sekadar terjemahan manusia sahaja.

Saya kecewa bilamana PAS dibawah pimpinan Nik Aziz sanggup beriya sekata dengan mereka yang mencabar umat Islam melangkah mayat mayat mereka seandainya kita mahu menegakkan negara Islam dibumi Tanah Melayu ini!

Saya tidak nampak bagaimana Nik Aziz boleh sanggup bekerjasama dengan musuh musuh Islam yang nyata seperti DAP dan dengan PKR dimana Anwar Ibrahim terang terangan mengaku tidak menuntut penubuhan sebuah negara Islam sepertimana yang saya dan mereka yang sefikrah dengan saya impikan sekian lama ini?

Saya dahulunya merupakan penyokong kuat Anwar Ibrahim dan sanggup mengikuti rombongannya sampai ke Madrassah Allahyarham Ustaz Nik Mat di Derga, Alor Setar semasa Anwar kembali ke Cherok Tok Kun, Bukit Mertajam selepas ia dipecat oleh Dato Seri Dr Mahathir dari jawatan Timbalan Perdana Menteri pada tahun 1998!

Namun, harapan saya punah bilamana saya melihat Anwar dan Nik Aziz sanggup menggadaikan prinsip perjuangan kita sekian lama ini untuk menubuhkan sebuah Negara Islam didalam ertikata sebenarnya dan berpakat dengan musuh Islam DAP untuk hanya berebut kuasa politik semata mata!

Apakah itu sahaja matlamat perjuangan mereka sekian lama ini?

Apakah kerusi Perdana Menteri dan segala kekayaan yang berkaitan sahaja menjadi matlamat mereka yang saya harap harapkan menjadi `ulamak dan `umara kita selama ini?

Apakah matlamat menghalalkan cara bagi mereka ini sanggup bersama dengan Syaitan Syaitan DAP dan menjatuhkan institusi ketuanan Muslim Melayu dibumi bertuah ini?

Bagi saya, mereka sudah hilang pedoman dengan berpakat bersama DAP untuk menjahanamkan agama, bangsa dan negara bila sanggup membutakan mata dan hati mereka terhadap kebiadapan dan perlekehan DAP terhadap segala yang saya impikan seperti penubuhan negara Islam ditanahair tercinta ini.

Perubahan sikap Nik Aziz dan PAS terhadap parti musuh Islam iaitu Syaitan DAP @ 'Devils After Power' ada sangkut paut dengan peluang politik.

Nik Aziz mungkin sudah sampai ketahap sanggup bergolok bergadai didalam usaha menumpaskan UMNO walaupun ia terpaksa menikam saudara seagama sendiri didalam usaha meraih kuasa.

Saya terfikir kenapa Nik Aziz tidak sanggup mentarbiyyah pihak UMNO ke arah memerintah negara ini mengikut lunas lunas Islam sebenarnya jika ia benar benar ikhlas mahu melihat keunggulan Islam tertegak di Malaysia ini?

Apakah pihak DAP yang keras menentang Islam didalam perjuangan mereka sekian lama ini sanggup atau akan membiarkan PAS menegakkan Hukum Hudud sepertimana yang dilaungkan PAS sejak dahulu sehingga lah akhir akhir ini sudah tidak kedengaran langsung bab Hudud ini didalam perjuangan PAS?

Apakah perjuangan mendaulatkan Hududullah sudah hilang lesap ditiup angin perjuangan PAS setelah berupaya menjadi Kerajaan di Kedah Darul Aman?

Usah berbicara tentang kemelut politik di Perak.

Ianya terlalu memeningkan kepala semua kerana nampak sangat demi kegilaan ingin berkuasa, para pemimpin PAS di Negeri Perak Darul Ridzuan telah sanggup menderhaka terhadap titah perintah Sultan Melayu Perak sendiri!

PAS di Kerajaan Selangor tidak terlalu menyerlah disebabkan kurangnya perwakilan kerusi didalam Dewan Undangan Negeri Selangor Darul Ehsan.

PAS di Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang umpama melukut ditepian gantang!

Maka, nampak jelas bahawa seandainya PAS mahu meletakkan kepentingan politik dan kuasa memerintah terlebih utama sebagai matlamat perjuangan mereka, mereka kini sanggup untuk menggadaikan masadepan umat Islam dan orang orang Melayu asalkan mereka berkuasa biarpun hanya sebagai 'figurehead' sekalipun.

Janji gah!

Saya teringat satu peristiwa dimana saya menghadiri satu majlis ceramah PAS ditepian laut Kg.Tengah, Jelutong Timur, Pulau Pinang beberapa tahun lalu. Allahyarham Presiden PAS, Dato' Haji Fadhil Nur hadir sebagai tamu kehormat.

Si pengacara majlis memaklumkan sebelum Allahyarham berbicara sebegini : " Tuan tuan dan puan puan, saya mempersilakan Yang Amat Berhormat, Bakal Perdana Menteri Malaysia, Al Fadhil, Presiden kita, Dato' Fadhil Nur!"

Pada saat dan ketika itu, saya tengok Allahyarham redha dengan pemakluman begitu dan saya berkata didalam hati saya, ' Rupa rupanya tak ada beza nya pemimpin PAS dengan ahli politik yang lain, yang kononnya sekular? Sama sahaja. Gila kuasa.'.

Jadi saya semakin lama semakin menarik diri dari bergaul dengan puak puak ini yang berjuang demi kuasa politik dan bukannya demi mendaulatkan Allah dan Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam serta menegakkan Daulah Islamiyyah didalam negara kita ini.

Sebab itulah saya menumpukan perhatian saya terhadap usaha Dakwah melalui laman blog saya dan juga aktiviti luar bersama pejuang pejuang Islam didalam ABIM, ACCIN, dsbnya.

Itulah juga yang mendorong saya menubuhkan The Muslim Bloggers Alliance dengan tujuan menggembeling tenaga dan fikrah Islamiyyah didalam dunia siber ini.

Bilamana saya melihat Pakatan DAP-PKR-PAS berusaha menjatuhkan Ketuanan Islam yang ada didalam Ketuanan Kesultanan Melayu melalui tindak tanduk mereka ingin mengheret dan menyaman Duli Tuanku Sultan Melayu Perak kerana Baginda memecat Kerajaan mereka, maka saya bertindak menyokong PERKASA yang walaupun diterajui ahli ahli politik dan NGO lain, tetap berjuang mempertahankan Daulah Islamiyyah dan Kesultanan Melayu.

Biarpun saya tidak ada cita cita politik, namun saya tetap mempunyai kepentingan politik dimana saya perlu berusaha berjuang bersama sama umat Islam seMalaysia yang sedar akan permainan dan percaturan politik PAS dan PKR yang tidak lagi berjuang untuk Islam ataupun orang orang Melayu Islam seMalaysia tetapi hanya mementingkan kekuasaan politik duniawi mereka semata mata sehingga sanggup sehidup semati dengan DAP, musuh umat Islam Malaysia.

Saya telah berikrar akan berjuang mendaulatkan Al Islam dan menjaga kepentingan umat Islam seMalaysia bersama sama `Ulul Amri kita yang menjaga urusan hal ehwal Agama Islam seMalaysia seperti Yang Berhormat Datuk Seri Dr.Haji Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Menteri Hal Ehwal Agama Islam serta Dato' Wan Muhammad Dato Syeikh Abdul Aziz, Ketua Pengarah JAKIM dan KP IKIM, Ketua Hakim Syarie Malaysia dan lain lain.

Datuk Seri Dr. Haji Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Menteri Agama Islam, Jabatan Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

Dato' Hj Wan Muhammad Dato Syeikh Abdul Aziz, Ketua Pengarah Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia.

Usaha saya tertumpu kepada bidang penulisan penerangan hal ehwal Islam dan pembicaraan isu isu semasa berkaitan kita serta aktiviti aktiviti luaran bersama para pendakwah Islam didalam negara tercinta ini tanpa mengira samada mereka ahli UMNO ataupun PAS serta jamaah lain!

Saya bersumpah akan terus bersama semua yang berusaha menjaga kepentingan Islam diMalaysia ini sehingga ke nafas saya yang terakhir, Insya Allah!

Wallahi Wabillahi Wattallahi!

Semoga umat Islam seMalaysia akan sedar tentang usaha golongan yang mengejar kuasa politik semata mata diatas tiket dan label Islam ikut acuan mereka dan tidak terjebak didalam percaturan siasah negara ini yang akan membuatkan pepatah Melayu lama ' Menang sorak ; kampong tergadai' menjadi kenyataan sekiranya puak musuh Islam seperti DAP berjaya mengkudakan jamaah Islamiyyah seperti PAS untuk mencapai aspirasi 'Malaysian Malaysia' mereka!

Bersama samalah dengan `Ulul Amri kita menjaga kepentingan Islam dan umat Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam didalam negara Malaysia tercinta ini.

Insya Allah!

Wabillahi Taufik Wal Hidayah.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Ta'ala Wabarakatuh.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

American Christian Televangelists & American Zionists Plan Strike against Iran!

Assalamualaikum dear Brothers & Sisters,
Whilst US President Barack Obama speaks about restoring peace in the Middle East, there exists people like Christian Pastor John Hagee who founded John Hagee Ministries spreading venom in the hearts and minds of the impressionable clueless masses of America's Christians stoking rage and hatred against Muslims of the world especially against the Islamic Republic of Iran!

The video above exposes how the brainwashed masses of John Hagee's followers are rooting for the pre-emptive action military strikes against Israel's enemies such as Iran!

Now, I understand that these American Christian televangelists need to constantly have something hot to rile up the masses into supporting them and their causes but to have such ill conceived ideas brewing in their obviously polluted minds is just something that we as Muslims can no longer ignore and need to correct this wrong mindset of common American people who are being fleeced of their finances in the name of this and that and taken for a ride by the likes of Pastor John Hagee!

I call upon the Muslims in America to take up this issue and educate John Hagee and his confused followers to please get their facts right for the sake of peace and harmony before Hell breaks out over there in the land of the brave but seemingly home of the clueless!

No wonder snake oil medicine peddlars had been striking gold all over America in the Wild, Wild West!

I mean, just look at what kind of a fumbling clueless fool Texas produced in the form of former President George Dubya Bush? :P

Man! I wonder how blinkered people still exist in the USA despite all the technological advances that scientists and researchers have achieved in the world's most powerful country?

Clearly, the folks featured in the videos above seriously lack grey matter up in their craniums for falling so foolishly for the sly fox's ulterior motives against a country that has never bothered them like Iran!

Americans are so easily stirred up into a paranoia that every other country out there is their bloody enemy and they are going to be attacked by just about everyone else out of their borders!!!


Talk about a nation that is now famous for crying 'Wolf!'
Well, here's proof of how wrong John Hagee is?

Compare the way the fear mongering John Hagee is whipping up anti Islam and anti Muslim sentiments as shown in the videos above with the way clear speaking truthful Callers to Islam like Sheikh Khalid Yassin, Sheikh Yusuf Estes, Brother Abdur Raheem Greene, Brother Yusuf Islam and so many other dignitaries of Islam share the truth about Al Islam with the world!

Brother Abdur Raheem Greene (UK) :

Sheikh Khalid Yassin (USA):

Brother Yusuf Islam former Cat Stevens British Pop Superstar:

NBC Report on 20000 Americans reverting to Islam each year!

From Catholic to Atheist and now Muslim

Nicole Queen, Dallas, USA.

Sheikh Ahmed Deedat ( May Allah bless his soul)

Former Hindu Brother Abdullah shares his journey towards Islam.

I can keep adding videos after videos to show you that far from being the evil belief that it is made out to be by the fearmongering chaps such as this John Hagee, Islam is the birthright of all Mankind and is the panacea for all problems of people who are looking for the way out of their miseries.

I invite you to be a Muslim and to submit to none but Our Lord, Almighty, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful Allah who has created us as the Children of Adam Alaihis Salam.

We who are humans can be the best of Allah's Creation and do good to ourselves, our loved ones and all those who come within our reach.

May Allah open up your hearts and minds to learning the truth about Him and to know about Islam, the Way of Life that God Almighty has revealed for us, regardless of who we are and our social status, shape, size or ethnicity!

May Allah bless and protect us all.


Daylight Robbery at Taman Maluri, Cheras, KL!

To all those who are against the PDRM's shoot to kill policy against the bloody criminals, robbbers, burglars, murderers, molesters, rapists, etc..I'd like you to visualize yourselves being the victims here!

Imagine yourself driving home tired after a hard day's work and you experience a home invasion just as shown above!

Imagine yourself getting slashed by the helmeted robbing bastards shown above?

Imagine your loved ones dying right in front of you as they are brutalized by the heartless robbing criminals above?

Imagine yourself being mortally slashed by these !@#$%^&! vermin?

Will you still complain about the Malaysian Police shooting these bastards down and ridding the country of another gang of robbers?

Just wondering?

Will all those bloody hypocrites and rhetoric spewing !@#$%^&! just let it all slide?


To the PDRM, I say give these bastards no quarter!

I support those of you in the Royal Malaysian Police Force to hunt down and shoot to kill these filthy animals in human form!

No room for any loopholes!

Blast these robbers dead!

Hidup POLIS!

This is a verse from Sūra 17 Verse 33 : Banī Isrā-īl, or the Children of Israel in the Holy Qur'an relevant to killing those who come to do us harm as our right of self defense :

33. Wala taqtuloo alnnafsa allatee harrama Allahu illa bialhaqqi waman qutila mathlooman faqad jaAAalna liwaliyyihi sultanan fala yusrif fee alqatli innahu kana mansooran

33. Nor take life - which Allah has made sacred - except for just cause. And if anyone is slain wrongfully, we have given his heir authority (to demand qisas or to forgive): but let him nor exceed bounds in the matter of taking life; for he is helped (by the Law).

Islam allows us to kill those who come to do us harm! As you can see for yourself above in the video, the robbers came armed with parangs!

If the owner of the house had owned a gun or a pistol, if he had shot these bastards dead, he will be right in his actions and his shooting down of the bastards would be deemed as an act of self defense!

I do not differentiate between race or religion. A robber is a robber ! There is no room for any excuses!

I wish that the owner of the house here had a gun or something! Just like the case recently where a former RELA officer had blasted to death some Indonesian robbers who came trespassing his home here in the Klang Valley!

I wish these robbers dead!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tata Motors delivers 'Nano' costing US$2500 - the world's cheapest car

My heartiest congratulations to Mr. Ratan Tata, CEO of India's Tata Motors for delivering the Tata 'Nano', the world's cheapest compact family car!

It costs just US$2500! Seats 5 passengers!

I dare say that this car is going to be the world's most popular family car when it is launched all over the globe!

Congratulations Mr. Ratan Tata!

Congratulations India!

Slumdog Millionaire may have made Academy Awards history but it is nothing but just a motion picture!

This here is more of what the world needs to know of India!

That instead of just building nuclear missiles and strutting your stuff ready to go to war with your neighbor Pakistan, India has much more to offer the world than a glimpse into the polluted sewers and slums of Mumbai, India has geniuses like Mr.Ratan Tata who have come up with such life changing conveniences like this spectacular motorcar that will surely bring much needed change to billions of people all over the world!

I for one will love to buy it when it comes to Malaysia!

Syabas India!

Now...if only we can have the same done here by our national carmakers?

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Shariah of Allah. What it is about? By Zainol Abideen @ MAHAGURU58

In the name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate.

Assalamualaikum dear brothers and sisters,

May peace be upon those of you who still have it in you to comprehend the truth and rationality of Al Islam, the true faith of Allah, God Almighty for what it truly is and not for what some perceive to be the true picture of this faith revealed by Our Creator Himself and not as what many ignorant ones taint it to be!

First and foremost, come learn about the subject of this article by watching a 3 part series of lectures about the Shariah given by the world renowned Caller to Islam @ Da'ee of Allah, Brother Abdur Raheem Greene of the Central Mosque of London.

Part 1/3

Part 2/3

Part 3/3

Shariah of Allah. What it is about? By Zainol Abideen @ MAHAGURU58

Dear Children of Adam.

Islam today is being both challenged by it's enemies all over the world and at the same time enthusiastically being embraced by millions of its discoverers all over the planet who have seen the Light of Al Islam, the true Way of Life for all Children of the Prophet Adam Alaihis Salam, the Father of Mankind.

After years and years of listening to and being fed continuously by all kinds of misleading assumptions, fabrications, allegations of this and that plus concocted reports by those Kaffirins @ Disbelievers, who have a clear agenda against the only true faith for Mankind direct from Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, God Almighty Himself, human beings from all walks of life are embracing the true faith of Al Islam in droves by the day.

Statistics and reports from all major news channels and media networks show a continuous rise in the number of people embracing and professing the faith of Al Islam despite living in the very countries that are consistently waging an open war against our faith and Muslims globally.

Let us watch a former Catholic priest share with us about what made him embrace Islam?

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

There are millions of such cases all over the world. I will not be able to highlight each and every one of them here in this blog. I leave that to you. You too can come to discover about these extremely dedicated souls who have found the Light of Islam and in turn have become shining beacons to all others who are looking for the Truth of Islam.

Now, let us start looking at what is termed to be the Shariah of Allah?

To the uninformed lay person both Muslim and not, the Shariah is made out to be a repressive set of laws which border on the strictest harshest punishments meted out to people who according to the liberalistic Non Muslim perspective should just be let off with a minor tap on the wrist so to speak?

Even here in so called Muslim nation of Malaysia, there exists even amongst those who label themselves as Muslims but in actuality do none of the required religious practices and fundamental obligations that would qualify them to be regarded as Believers, an undeclared fear of the true Shariah principles, borne out of living a life devoid of the true Islamic Iman @ Faith and Amals @ Practices.

These are the kind of people whom we can safely say are Muslims in Name Only @ MINOS.

They have a Muslim name, look and dress as Muslims but in actual reality, live not as one. They are more comfortable to be in the company of those Kaffirs @ Disbelievers and Munafiqs @ Hypocrites.

They come across as fighters for this and that freedom and social causes but they do not for a jot live life as an Abdillah @ Servant of Allah. Most of these MINOS do not for a minute reflect as to the consequences of their actions or failure to appreciate the life that Allah the Almighty has given them but rather vie for the attention and adulation of those Kaffirs and Munafiqs who so love them for their ardor and zeal in combating those who strive to uphold the true Shariah of Allah.

Misconstrued assumptions of being righteous in their pursuits of acquiring the approvals and appreciation of their fellow anti Islam combatants give rise within them a false sense of pride and sense of achievements when they are toasted and heralded as 'champions of freedom and justice' when in truth they are nothing but agents of deceit and ill will against those who wish to live by and exist in the realm of Al Islam as Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala commands us Muslims and Mukmins by?

Should we Muslims fret about such kind and stop working towards the implementation of Allah's Will upon us who revere and worship Him?

No sirree!

We should instead double our efforts in striving to share with those who do care as to what they become and help enlighten those who are seeking for Allah's True Love, Mercy and Salvation here on Earth and in the Yaum al Akhirat @ Realm of the Hereafter.

The abundance of religious knowledge for Mankind has never been greater than these present times. No longer does one have to travel vast expanses of land or sail off by ship to faraway places to acquire and gain such precious information. As the saying goes, 'Knowledge is Power!'

In these times and age of the Internet, we are able to access and read, watch, listen to all kinds of information and know how presented to us for practically the very least incurrence of costs and gain truthful information using our God given sense of intelligence and weigh the realities of right versus wrong and if in doubt discuss and ask for help and guidance of the ones who are the scholars and righteous upholders of Al Islam, tens of thousands of miles away from us by telecommunicating with them in real time online and over the airwaves.

This is the awesome advantage of living in these times where both the good, bad and ugliness of such potential in the field of communications are present and up to our own choice and free will in either using to our advantage or abusing of such privileges.

It's all entirely up to us. No reasons to complain or find faults with the world of communication that we have right before us. We decide as to whether we use this internet to find the truth of what zillions of information that has been stored and uploaded here to the worldwide web by both the righteous ones who have contributed to the virtual oceans of information online or by the devious ones out there whose major mission seems to mislead the masses into wasting away their precious lives into engaging in sin and debauchery as the 'coolest thing to do' in these 'Last Ages'.

These fiends have created even virtual cesspits and worlds of sin online and attract many to their destructive sites of misguidance and wastefulness. What a pity!

The Shariah of Allah is but a set of guidance for us to live our lives by. He Who has created us surely knows as to what we are capable of and as to what depths we can descend into if we are left to our own devices devoid of guidelines and rules to lead us either into the Hellfire or work our way towards Salvation and His Paradise!

So, we ask as to what is really the Shariah of Allah?

Shariah literally is the Arabic term for 'Way' or 'Path' leading to the promised state of salvation for those of us who submit to the Will of our Creator, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

To those who prefer for simpler explanations, I'd liken the Shariah to be what the 'Manufacturer' @ Creator has laid down the instructions or how to live our lives by in accordance to the consequences of doing this or that which will have an effect on us by our choice of actions, deeds or thought?

Is that simple enough?

It's just like us buying a tool or an item. We need to know as to how best to use it by following the instruction manual of the manufacturer. Let's say that you just bought a state of the art high technology gadget. For instance a sophisticated electronic equipment.

If you fail to read the instructions and you just try to wing it by straight away starting the equipment without really knowing the steps and ways to operate that equipment or tool, chances are that you might just screw up and destroy it in the process.

You need to know of the consequences of operating something as important, expensive and valuable like that pricey equipment without learning the steps and procedures of its operation?

Just like that, each and everyone of us, human beings are quite precious if we truly stop for a while and think of it?

We, the creation of Allah the Almighty are not just a product of evolution or created by chance!

Far from it! We are in fact, Allah's Vicegerents here on Earth. In simpler terms, we are here representing Allah the Almighty by taking charge of this planet Earth.

By our choices, we decide as to what we do or deal with the state of this planet and our actions, good or bad determines the future of this earthly mortal world?

In the Final Testament of Allah, the Holy Al Qur'an Al Kareem, in Surah Ar Ra'ad Chapter 13 Verse 11, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala tells us that He will not change our fate or destiny Himself! He leaves it to us to decide as to how we go about living our lives and as to how we decide about anything concerning our presence here on Earth and what we do about this realm that He has given us to take care of?

11. Lahu muAAaqqibatun min bayni yadayhi wamin khalfihi yahfathoonahu min amri Allahi inna Allaha la yughayyiru ma biqawmin hatta yughayyiroo ma bi-anfusihim wa-itha arada Allahu biqawmin soo-an fala maradda lahu wama lahum min doonihi min walin

11. For each (such person) there are (angels) in succession, before and behind him: They guard him by command of Allah. Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls). But when (once) Allah willeth a people's punishment, there can be no turning it back, nor will they find, besides Him, any to protect.

Sadaqallah hal adzhim. Truthful is Allah the Almighty.

Brothers and sisters, fellow Children of Adam Alaihis Salam.

The Shariah of Allah consists of commandments of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala revealed to us in the form of Verses of the Holy Quran, the Last and Final Testament of God Almighty to the very last and final, Greatest Messenger of God, Muhammad ibni Abdullah, Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

Allah Azza Wa Jalla, chose Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam to deliver the Message of Al Islam in its completion to all Mankind.

Different from the tasks of all earlier prophets and messengers of God where such prophets and messengers were only sent to their respective tribes or people after the demise of our Father the Prophet Adam Alaihis Salam and our Mother Sayyidatina Hawwa Radhiallahu Anha.

I would like to emphasize that when Allah the Almighty decided to create Adam, the first Man on Earth, His Malaikats @ Angels voiced out their concerns?

30. Wa-ith qala rabbuka lilmala-ikati innee jaAAilun fee al-ardi khaleefatan qaloo atajAAalu feeha man yufsidu feeha wayasfiku alddimaa wanahnu nusabbihu bihamdika wanuqaddisu laka qala innee aAAlamu ma la taAAlamoona

30. Behold, thy Lord said to the angels: "I will create A vicegerent on earth." They said:
"Wilt Thou place therein one who will make Mischief therein and shed blood?--
Whilst we do celebrate Thy praises And glorify Thy holy (name)?"
He said: "I know what ye know not."

Sadaqallah hal adzhim. Truthful is Allah the Almighty.

Dear brothers and sisters,

You must remember that we who are human beings have been blessed by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala with our freedom of choice and will power.

The Malaikats @ Angels of Allah are however not accorded by the same. They are created by Allah the Almighty to listen to and obey Him. No free will of their own. Except as He Wills!

We on the other hand are imbued with that sense of rationality and powers of comprehension acquired by our own enterprise or taught unto us by our parents, guardians or those who raised us and in authority over us and our affairs.

The difference between us and other creatures of Allah is that we have been given our freedom of choice to do what we will BUT we have not been abandoned by Him entirely at the same time.

Many misinformed people claim that Islam as we have it today is the newest faith or religion on Earth?

How wrong can they be?

I would like to ask such folks as to what faith was Adam taught by Allah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem when he, the very first mortal human being was created by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala?

What religion do these disbelieving misguided folks think that Allah the Almighty Creator of us all taught our Father, the Prophet Adam Alaihis Salam?

Would Allah the Almighty Creator have bothered to create Adam out of raw clay and blew life into him and then left him to his own devices?

To go worship another of Allah's creation such as Eesa ibni Maryam in the later times after Creation or all these other man made idols, figures and objects of false worship that we have over the centuries right up to the present day borne out of Man's over active imagination?

Would Allah have wasted His time over creating Adam and then left him faithless as a Kaffir?

Surely not!!!

Allah Azza Wa Jalla taught Adam our Father Al Islam!

Allah Azza Wa Jalla, our God Most Merciful, Most Compassionate taught Adam to worship Him and to revere Muhammad, His Final Messenger, way before any other human being, even before our Mother, Sayyidatina Hawwa Radhiallahu Anha was even created!!!

How screwed up can anyone be if they fail to realize the very truth that Al Islam was and is and forever will be the only ever true faith taught by and recognized by Allah the Almighty Himself?

It's all there! All the truth and information that any righteous, proper thinking person, man and woman can come to comprehend and think for him or herself that this here is the Holy Quran, our Complete Instruction Manual from our very Creator Himself, surpassing the realms of Time showing us the Shariah of Allah, the Way, the Guidance, the Path to seek His Salvation, His Rahmah, His Mercy by living our lives or what remains of it according to His Will, His Chosen Tariqah for us, His servants, whom He so loves that He, Ar Rahman, Ar Raheem has been ever so patient, ever so Merciful that if it was us deciding as to what we would do with all those over the years keep coming up with all these bullshit, all these transgressions against His Commands, would have wasted no time in evaporating each and every one of the transgressors and wrongdoers into nothingness in a bloody split micro second!!!

Really! I as a servant of Almighty, Most Merciful Allah am truly amazed and in awe of His unthinkable Supreme Mercy. His ever existing Patience.

Subhanallah! What a Lord! What an All Encompassing Creator!

Truly He is Ar Rahman, Ar Raheem, the Most Magnificent Supreme Being Who is the Most Generous, Most Giving Lord of us all.

Words fail me in describing to you what I have come to perceive Our Lord to be!

Yet here we are, living in a world where there exists billions of ungrateful, uncaring beings who know not as to all that they have been blessed with?

He or she who submits not to The Almighty truly is guilty of not according to their Creator, the Love and Submission in Total Faith for all that they have been given?

This existence. This life as we have come to know it. This ability to think and read, to be able to digest all these information. To be able to decide as to what we want to do next?

To decide as to whether we will still remain defiant of Him although He has provided us with all 124,000 over noble prophets and messengers sent to us, Mankind over the passage of Time?

Subhanallah! Most Noble is He, Allah Azza Wa Jalla for being so patient with us and still allows us to find Him through our own pursuits of 'Ilm and realizations.

Let me take you back to the teaching of our Father, Sayyidina Adam Alaihis Salam by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala as to the 'Ilm of this mortal Earth whilst being up there in Jannahtul Firdaus @ the Highest Paradise.

From Surah Al Baqarah, Chapter 2, Verses 31 to 39 of the Holy Al Qur'an Al Kareem :

31. WaAAallama adama al-asmaa kullaha thumma AAaradahum AAala almala-ikati faqala anbi-oonee bi-asma-i haola-i in kuntum sadiqeena

31. And He taught Adam the nature Of all things; then He placed them before the angels, and said: "Tell Me The nature of these if ye are right?"

32. Qaloo subhanaka la AAilma lana illa ma AAallamtana innaka anta alAAaleemu alhakeemu

32. They said: "Glory to Thee, of knowledge we have none, save what Thou Hast taught us: In truth it is Thou Who art perfect in knowledge and wisdom."

33. Qala ya adamu anbi/hum bi-asma-ihim falamma anbaahum bi-asma-ihim qala alam aqul lakum innee aAAlamu ghayba alssamawati waal-ardi waaAAlamu ma tubdoona wama kuntum taktumoona

33. He said: "O Adam! tell them their natures." When he (Adam) had told them, God said: "Did I not tell you that I know the secrets of heaven And earth, and I know what ye reveal and what ye conceal?"

34. Wa-ith qulna lilmala-ikati osjudoo li-adama fasajadoo illa ibleesa aba waistakbara wakana mina alkafireena

34. And behold, We said to the angels: "Bow down to Adam:" and they bowed down:
Not so Iblîs: he refused and was haughty: He was of those who reject Faith.

35. Waqulna ya adamu oskun anta wazawjuka aljannata wakula minha raghadan haythu shi/tuma wala taqraba hathihi alshshajarata fatakoona mina alththalimeena

35. We said: "O Adam! dwell thou And thy wife in the Garden;
And eat of the bountiful things therein as (where and when) ye will; but approach not this tree,
Or ye run into harm and transgression."

36. Faazallahuma alshshaytanu AAanha faakhrajahuma mimma kana feehi waqulna ihbitoo baAAdukum libaAAdin AAaduwwun walakum fee al-ardi mustaqarrun wamataAAun ila heenin

36. Then did Satan make them slip from the (garden), and get them out Of the state (of felicity) in which They had been. We said: "Get ye down, all (ye people), With enmity between yourselves. On earth will be your dwelling-place And your means of livelihood--
For a time."

37. Fatalaqqa adamu min rabbihi kalimatin fataba AAalayhi innahu huwa alttawwabu alrraheemu

37. Then learnt Adam from his Lord, Words of inspiration, and his Lord Turned towards him; for He Is Oft-Returning, Most Merciful.

38. Qulna ihbitoo minha jameeAAan fa-imma ya/tiyannakum minnee hudan faman tabiAAa hudaya fala khawfun AAalayhim wala hum yahzanoona

38. We said: "Get ye down all from here; And if, as is sure, there comes to you Guidance from Me, whosoever Follows My guidance, on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve."

39. Waallatheena kafaroo wakaththaboo bi-ayatina ola-ika as-habu alnnari hum feeha khalidoona

39. "But those who reject Faith And belie Our Signs, They shall be Companions of the Fire;
They shall abide therein."

Sadaqallah hal adzhim. Truthful is Allah the Almighty.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Do you understand what the verses of the Holy Qur'an are telling us about? The translations of the Arabic verses of the Surah Al Baqarah take us back to the very moment of Creation of our Father, Prophet Adam Alaihis Salam.

If Adam is our Father and he is a Prophet of Allah, what does that make us all?

Are we not his offspring?

Adam is not a Son of God. He was and is a creation of Allah. I am using the term 'is' because as a Muslim, I have learned and do believe that our souls do not die. Only our mortal being does so.

We are created by Allah Azza Wa Jalla in the first instance of the creation of our Father Adam from earth taken from all parts of the planet.

If I am to digress here and start sharing with you what I have come to learn about the Creation of Adam, it is going to make this article, one of the longest ones that I will have written!

But just to give you a short insight as to the subject of our Father's Creation, all the Malaikats of Allah failed in their mission to get earth from the planet for Mother Earth refused to give up its contents when the Angels came down to get some upon being instructed to do so by Allah the Almighty.

This is going to take some broadmindedness on your part to comprehend the realm of existence that I am sharing here with you? It borders on the need for you to have some knowledge or rather comprehension of spiritual awareness on your part to see what exactly I am sharing here with you.

In Islamic knowledge, this sharing is based upon some aspects of Tasawwuf. The Realm of Spiritual Knowledge or `Ilm.

Professor Datuk Dr Hj Harun Din did a very good session on this aspect of Islamic Knowledge about the Subject of Creation in his many wonderful lectures. You should try get his tapes or dvd's on this matter.

Back to the subject.

Mother Earth refused to yield itself to the attempts of all of Allah's Malaikats in their trying to collect earth from all parts of the planet to bring back to the presence of Allah Azza Wa Jalla.

It's not like Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala was not able to get it Himself but it all comes to be part and parcel of His Master Plan as Insya Allah, I will share or attempt to do so later in my future writings if He Permits!

The last of Allah's Malaikats whom He imbued with the greatest of powers and strengths, Sayyidina Izra`il Alaihis Salam came down to Mother Earth and despite her protests scraped up all parts of the planet with his hands and brought the earth up to Jannahtul Firdaus and presented it to Allah's Supreme Presence.

For his success, Sayyidina Izra`il Alaihis Salam was appointed to be the Malaikatul Maut. The Angel of Death.

Let me tell you, what I learned about the process of Creation from the teachings of Professor Datuk Dr Hj Harun Din and other pearls of wisdom and spiritual sharings from my Mursyid, the Sheikhs and Ustaz's over the years continue to amaze me with the infinite supreme awareness of the greatness of Allah's Will that I am still speechless to try and comprehend the Oceans of Knowledge before me and yet realize that I have yet to even barely be able to scratch the surface of even one micro jot of Allah's Revelations here on Earth!

I am just truly humbled by this tiny spark of knowledge. That after all these years of seeking the truth and knowledge of Al Islam, there are still oceans and oceans of `Ilm that I as a perpetual mureed @ student have yet to be able to fathom and I don't think that I will ever be able to do so within the remaining seconds of my temporal existence here on Earth!

I believe that is the reason why most of our revered scholars of Islam and ulamaks aren't really bothered with all the trials and trivial pursuits of all those who have political and economic agendas as their main goals and targets of this temporary life, here on Earth.

It all becomes insignificant for them when they start delving into the realms of physical and hidden spiritual worlds of Islamic Knowledge revealed to us by Allah the Almighty Supreme Creator and his numerous prophets and messengers culminating with the appointment of the Greatest Man to ever walk upon this Earth, Muhammad al Mustafa, Khataman Nabiyyi Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam!

I am a bit overwhelmed by all these sharing and wish to stop for a while and continue, Insya Allah, later.

I wish you all the very best in your life's and ask you to please stop for a while and reflect on all that I have shared here with you.

May Allah bless us with good knowledge and inspire us to reach out and start discovering the true aspects and realities about Al Islam and all that it has to offer us, His servants.

Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen.

Wabillahi Taufik Wal Hidayah.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Zainol Abideen,
Bandar Tun Razak,
56000, Kuala Lumpur.

~ To be continued. Insya Allah.