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Thursday, March 19, 2009

4 yr old Amir Rafiq, my grand nephew learns about the internet.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Dear brothers and sisters.

I'd like to share with you about my grandnephew and niece, Amir Rafiq and his sister Aina Batrisya. Two lovely kids growing up full of love and life in Telok Kalong, Kemaman, Terengganu and their doting grandparents, my sister in law Hajjah Aliah and her husband, my 'Biras' @ Haji Abdul Latiff residing in Kuantan, Pahang.

Muhammad Amir Rafiq is my 4 year old grand nephew residing in Telok Kalong, Kemaman, Terengganu.

This wonderkid is the genius amongst our many nephews and nieces living there in the East Coast of the Malaysian peninsular.

My wife hails from Kuantan, Pahang and whenever we have the opportunity, we always make a trip back to her hometown where the food is fresh and prices still reasonable unlike here in the Kuala Lumpur metropolitan sprawling city where life is always hustle and bustle and one needs to always be on guard for crime is becoming rife in the midst of the global and local economic crisis.

I take respite from all the headaches here and try my best to calm myself and bask in the natural delights of the East Coast where people are still mostly laid back and charming. Amongst those who make the top of my list of people to visit and fraternize with is this 4 year old chatterbox who has an endless stream of questions coming out asking about this and that?

Questions that even adults around him will never ask as most of his questions would consist of the technical and computer related kind! Hehehehehe...

Amir Rafiq is an extraordinary kid. When he was about 2, he couldn't even speak and used to go 'Aa...aa..' whenever he wanted our attention. He would tap our thighs and point to whatever he wanted us to look at or draw our attention to?

One thing I remember about Amir Rafiq is that he was totally enraptured by the commercials appearing on the TV. He would be all eyes and ears during the commercial breaks and once the ads were over, he would be back tinkering with whatever toys or gadgets his parents had bought him.

His prowess in handling the technologically advanced mobile phones was absolutely outstanding!

The fella started to learn to read and write like a duck takes to water. Today he speaks mostly in English and he never fails to amaze us with his growing vocabulary. He spews out phrases that most adults would never even have it in them to say or state?

I'm his favorite for he takes to me like I am his walking encyclopedia and almost always have the right answers to all the questions that he asks. Hehehehe...whenever it's time for us to say our goodbyes to him, he will go into that sad mood and keep telling us that we don't have to go! Please stay....and all that. I always get teary eyed when he does that. I miss him so much already typing these words...(sniff..sniff..) :(

He is an overly sensitive very alert smart little guy who knows when people are speaking about him. Hehehehe...imagine having a 3 yr old now going on 4 kid who walks in to the room saying 'That's not funny!' when his family members are making references to him or joking about all the things that he has done? The whole room would go silent upon his reprimand and then everyone would be very conscious of whatever else they want to say in his presence. Hehehehe...:D

Only once he's left the area will things get back to normal for whiz kids like him will always surprise everyone with what they will say if people still keep gossipping about him? :P

Myself with Amir Rafiq and his sister Aina Batrisya, the cute lil' Miss Pinky!

She is also quite intelligent and for the record is actually beating her brother in his journey towards academic achievements by doing his homework! Now, how's that for sibling rivalry? She speaks eloquent English as well and echos her brother in everything that he says or does! :D

She is an attention seeker! If we focus too much on Amir, she'll soon start throwing tantrums! Her mom always has to remind us to pay her equal attention or praise her every now and then which we dutifully do! :P

Sincerely, of course for Aina is also a delight to be with. She loves all things pink and glows with pride every time we buy her an outfit. The outfit she is wearing is a gift from us. :) She immediately changed into the outfit and wore it with pride. :)

That's how kids are nowadays. Bright and smart and if I may say so too intelligent for their age! Must be the era. The Age of the Internet and all the wonderful technological advancements that humans come up with nowadays. I can't imagine life without all these modern day gadgets and tools which many take for granted!

Amir Rafiq continues to amaze us with his know how in handling even the most sophisticated mobile handphones and is so advanced for his age. One thing that I can't forget is how this whizkid is so quick to notice and reflect as to what 'Atok Uncle' has and what he has not?

For example, although his mom has bought him a brand new desktop computer with a kick ass large flat screen Samsung monitor to boot, he still complains that his computer does not have a 'thumbprint identification sensor' like what I @ his 'Atok Uncle' have on my ACER ASPIRE 4930G laptop!

Hahahahaha! I cringe everytime he does that for there I go again having Amir's parents be caught in a situation where they have to fork out more money in making sure that the little genius has whatever 'Atok Uncle' has with him?

We got out of the 'guilt trap' by telling him that only those who are 18 and above are allowed to have such 'thumbprint sensors'! He fell for it and now can't wait to grow up! Hahahahaha!

That was not the first time that I inadvertently got myself into the same spot by unthinkingly bringing my latest audio visual gadgets with me when travelling!

I remember the wailing and crying bout that Amir Rafiq threw the other day when I forgetfully brought along my ACER Projector and screened 'Madagascar 2' for the family! He kept sobbing that he does not have a projector! So pitiful! Complete with rolling on the floor and bailing his eyes out!

His mom had to promise him that he'll get a projector on his next birthday! Hohohohoho...

The surprising thing was what he said next?

He said,' I don't have one year!!!'

Fuyoo!!! Little did we expect to hear that!

A 4 year old kid saying stuff like that!

I'm really wondering as to what is going on in that overworked lil' brain of his? Must be like a smoking IT factory there with all the whistles and pops breaking up every now and then coming out with all those amazing moments that he shares with us, his adoring family!

Quite scary I say! As a commenter has said that this here is a future computer geek! No doubt about it. Amir Rafiq is a name to remember folks!

This little genius really has a lot going for him. He is definitely one of the brightest kids that I have got the privilege to get to know and befriend lately. I for one love him for throwing at me all the questions that are related to the computers and internet world, being a blogger and all that.

This is my wife's brother in law or my 'Biras' Tuan Haji Abdul Latiff with Amir and Aina, his grandkids.
He's awfully proud of his grandkid's brilliance and for the stern and firm conservative guy that he is, usually softens up and accedes to his grandkid's every request. :P

This is my sister in law, Hajjah Aliah, Aina Batrisya's grandmother. She adores her little Miss Pinky very much and will do all that she can to make her grandkids happy. May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala bless and protect them all.

There are more videos coming after this but I've got to go now. Catch you all later.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.


MoneyMatters@Nizam said...

Salam tuan,

Saya tgk, tuan suka benar melancong ke pantai timur. Tahniah kerana melancong dlm negara.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Nizam.

Bagi saya, adalah sia sia kita keluar negara beriya iya sangat bilamana dalam negara pun kita belum habis melancung dan menjelajah setiap pelusuk tanahair kita dan mencuba pelbagai macam masakan dan khazanah warisan baik seni ataupun cara hidup masyarakat kita yang pelbagai budaya dan gaya kehidupan seharian.

Insya Allah, akan saya membawa isteri tercinta ke setiap daerah dan kawasan dalam negara sebelum melancung keluar.

Inipun kami baru kembali kerumah selepas melancung semalaman ke Melaka Bandaraya Bersejarah.

Kami spontan sahaja gitu.

Orang rumah saya mengajak saya gi 'cruising' makanya saya cruising le sampai ke Melaka.

Itu selepas makan makan kat Tesco Cheras. Jam dah 6.30petang.

Cruising spontan sampai ke Melaka jam 9malam gitu. :P

Gi tempah bilik hotel, kemudian gi makan malam Asam Pedas Jalan Laksamana. :D

Paginya ronda ronda Jalan Jalan Cari Makan sepanjang persisiran pantai Melaka, singgah sana sini, ziarah Makam Hang Tuah, kemudian cruising sampai Port Dickson, terus masuk highway balik dah ke KL.