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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Amir Rafiq & Aina Batrisya the Whiz Kids!

This is a video that I have compiled from a series of short clips that I took of our grand nephew Muhammad Amir Rafiq bin Mohd Rafee and our grand niece Aina Batrisya binti Mohd Rafee when we visited them during our weekend trip to Kuantan and Kemaman last 8th of March, 2009.

Brilliant and way too smart for their age, 4 and a half years old Amir and his sister 3 years old Aina are always doted upon by all of us for their antics and prowess in learning just about anything so quickly these days.

With Amir Rafiq and Aina Batrisya. Little Miss Pinky! Hehehehehe....I loveeee pink! :D

My brother in law with his grandkids.

Aina Batrisya @ Little Miss Pinky.

See how cute she poses with her 'Atok'?

Whiz kid Amir posing before his grandaddy.

Whiz kids need to play too! Hahahaha!


Dian Maya Kirana said...

they're sooo cutee Pak Cik :)

MAHAGURU58 said...

They sure are Dian!

Just as you might have been when you were a kiddo too, eh?


Let's wish them well!

Insya Allah!

My prayers are for you too my dear.

Be safe!