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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tata Motors delivers 'Nano' costing US$2500 - the world's cheapest car

My heartiest congratulations to Mr. Ratan Tata, CEO of India's Tata Motors for delivering the Tata 'Nano', the world's cheapest compact family car!

It costs just US$2500! Seats 5 passengers!

I dare say that this car is going to be the world's most popular family car when it is launched all over the globe!

Congratulations Mr. Ratan Tata!

Congratulations India!

Slumdog Millionaire may have made Academy Awards history but it is nothing but just a motion picture!

This here is more of what the world needs to know of India!

That instead of just building nuclear missiles and strutting your stuff ready to go to war with your neighbor Pakistan, India has much more to offer the world than a glimpse into the polluted sewers and slums of Mumbai, India has geniuses like Mr.Ratan Tata who have come up with such life changing conveniences like this spectacular motorcar that will surely bring much needed change to billions of people all over the world!

I for one will love to buy it when it comes to Malaysia!

Syabas India!

Now...if only we can have the same done here by our national carmakers?

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