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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Israel's Massacre of Palestinians - Unavenged!!!

Well in Southern Lebanon, the Zionist Army got their asses kicked by the Hezbollah! Watch this:

The video above showcases what the mass media never reports!

That the Zionist bastards are not invincible! They too suffer like hell when the Lebanese Arab Muslim armies and the resistance from the Hizbollah Mujahideens whack them as much as they can with their limited capabilities in terms of weaponry!

Death is inevitable! How one lives decides one's future and destiny?

The Palestinians and Lebanese have been victimized by the Zionists of the Harami State of Israel for far too long!

In the recent Gaza Genocide and blatant massacre by the rogue regime of harami Zionists, thousands of families were ruthlessly blasted to bits by the murderous Zionists yet the recalcitrant Americans still refuse to realize that it is with their dollars that the murderers of Zion continue to wage state terrorism in the name of defending their illegally gained state of Israel!

Barack Obama gets to attain the US Presidency on the blessings of the Zionist lobby ever present in the US since the mass immigration to its shores since the 1900s.

Barack Obama spoke about a boy losing his leg as a result of a Qassam rocket shot by Hamas whilst conveniently overlooking the fact that millions of Palestinians have been massacred by Israel and almost 95% of Palestine has been robbed from them?

How's that for a Zionist ass kissing American President continuing the humiliating tradition of American Presidents apple polishing the Zionists to an ever continuing shine blinding them to the truth of the matter and brainwashing themselves into thinking that the Zionists are the victims?

Victims against an imprisoned nation that was once Palestine and today reduced to being harangued, long suffering suffering victims of the Zionists and brutalized at will as seen in the recent Gaza Holocaust!!!

The Zionist Jews control and decide as to who gets to be the American President? Whoever takes a confrontative stand against them almost always loses in his bid to lead the USA.

Americans as a people ought to know that as long as their country keeps supporting these mass murderers at large, the sins of the Zionists rests with them as well?

The United Nations is a cuckolded facade of global monitoring when in reality they can't do nothing much for victimized people everywhere in this gone crazy world! All they can do is to don their blue steel helmets and watch from the sidelines.

Palestinians need the help of their Muslim brothers yet for more than 60 over years the Muslims have done nothing much except to hold seminars and conferences year after year to no avail?

Rallies, protests and all kinds of gatherings are held without fail and millions of lives have been lost but the Zionists keep robbing the Palestinians of their precious lands without fear.

Click the link below and see for yourself how the harami rogue regime of Zionist Israel have been stealing the lands of the Palestinians right under the very eyes of the couldn't care less world?

When are the Muslim armies going to rise against the Israelis?
From the looks of it.....not in the next hundred years!!!

I sure hope that they will prove me very wrong .... soon!!!

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