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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Perak Crisis - The National Press Club 1st ever National Discourse Series.

Dear fellow Malaysians,

It's important for every concerned Malaysian citizen who wants to learn about the State of Perak's Crisis to watch these series of videos that captured the gist of the 1st ever National Press Club of Malaysia's national discourse on the matter featured below.
Part 1 of 18

Part 2 of 18

Part 3 of 18

Part 4 of 18

Part 5 of 18

Part 6 of 18

Part 7 of 18

Part 8 of 18

Part 9 of 18

Part 10 of 18

Part 11 of 18

Part 12 of 18

Part 13 of 18

Part 14 of 18

Part 15 of 18

Part 16 of 18

Part 17 of 18

Part 18 of 18
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