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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Samy Vellu's threat to withdraw MIC's Minister & Deputies..

I am referring to this latest report about the MIC's considering pulling out it's Minister and 2 Deputy Ministers out from PM Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak's 2009 - 2012 Malaysian Government Cabinet.

Frankly speaking, I believe that if Samy Vellu still remains as the MIC President, he will actually be the sole cause for MIC to implode from within and drag the now disenchanted leadership of the sole Indian political party in Barisan Nasional's new 2009 - 2012 Malaysian Government Cabinet into the deep end of the political has been's and washouts.

I foresee the MIC as a party which has a glass ceiling as far as going for the party presidency is concerned. Isn't it absurd to think that there are no other suitable Malaysian Indians left to lead the nation's biggest Malaysian Indian political party?

The longer Samy Vellu remains defiant, claiming that it is only he who deserves to lead the MIC, the more damage he will be doing undermining whatever remains of the party's chances of being still relevant in this upsurge of political change that is sweeping Malaysia.

Hindraf came to be as a result of the Malaysian Indians grassroots coming to the fore when the MIC under Samy Vellu failed to deliver as promised to their voters and supporters since Merdeka.

Yet just like any other full of demands organisation, Hindraf sort of shot themselves in the foot when they took to the streets and implored the former colonial masters of this nation, United Kingdom @ Britain to intervene in their cause and made unimaginable demands of both the Queen of England and with their Hindraf 18 points demand list!

I can see nothing good coming out from this confrontative stand being adopted by the leaders of Hindraf who expect too much too soon and fail to take into considerations the realities of their position on the ground.

Both MIC and Hindraf plus any other Indian based political parties or NGO groups fail to really get to the gist of the matter from which they can slowly but surely build a strong base or foundation of their people to come to a state of power or position to be able to force the ruling government to kowtow or give in to their list of demands?

To ask something like what Samy Vellu is doing now is simply not taking into account, the political strength of the MIC. The MIC no longer commands the respect or the loyalty of the general Malaysian Indian masses.

Hindraf does not get the blessings of the Malaysian Indian cream of the crop or the affluent ones amongst the Malaysian Indian population. Their diaspora of supporters are mostly made up of the lowest rungs of the Malaysian Indian population, suffering in the estates and squatter areas of the city fringes in most of the Malaysian Peninsular and a few of the middle class, newly educated social activists who have become disenchanted with Samy Vellu and his beleaguered MIC.

As a result, we now have a stalemate. The majority of the suffering Indians are still left out in the cold whilst the opposing camps and groups here in the MIC and Hindraf still can't co-operate or see eye to eye very much like what PAS and UMNO still seem to be engaged in a perpetual cold war between them since ages!

If Malaysian PM Dato Seri Najib accepts Samy Vellu's 'offer' to withdraw his politicians from the 2009 - 2012 Malaysian Cabinet which Najib has just minted, it would come to fulfill the proverbial ' a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush' saying.

If Samy Vellu really dares to back up his threat with actions, then the Malaysian Indians will be screwed with losing whatever little representation that they have in the government. Samy Vellu ought to let other capable professional Malaysian Indians lead the community to better futures by calling it a day or risk losing it all just because his entrenched pride stops him from moving on and retire gracefully from the scene.

There are good capable people amongst the Malaysian Indians out there. People like Eversendai's Datuk AK Nathan and other successful magnates who through their business acumen and self brilliance have made a name for themselves by working hard from scratch and have reached the pinnacle of their careers.

These kind of business leaders stand a better chance at getting the Indians out of the rut by exercising their leadership at the political stage and platform of power.

There are many good potential leaders out there in the Malaysian academic, business, social and political fields who have it in them to lead the Malaysian Indians and bring them to a better state of life than what Samy Vellu has being 'doing'? highlights the state of affairs of the Malaysian Indian diaspora. The plight of the Tamil schools languishing in the estates are often highlighted in his blog. The Malaysian Indian politicians seem to be doing nothing to solve such basic needs of the people.

What's the point of making too many demands when something as basic as providing a reasonable standard of education for the Malaysian Indians seem to be ignored by all these loudmouths who are just looking out for their own vested agendas and interests?

Looks like the situation is just never going to change for the MIC as long as their President for Life still remains, eh?

Hindraf played rough. Look at what it got them? Instead of slowly but surely doing things within their means, the Hindraf 5 wanted to accomplish stuff made in the movies by going the demonstrative ways. One thing that they forgot was that most Malaysians simply do not care or give a hoot about such issues.

As far as most Malaysians are concerned, as long as they get to eat, sleep and live as they are always used to, they wouldn't bat an eyelid in losing sleep over such causes or movements. We are not Thais, Filipinos or Indonesians who would rally to their leader's cause passionately. Malaysians are simply too cool or apathetic to rise to any occasion.

Could it be due to our diet?


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pez said...

assalamualaikum tuan Zainol
well it could be because Malaysians have adab sopan santun :)