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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Story of the Graduate and the Scholar. A slap for 3 answers.


I came across this story posted in a forum where I just registered as a member. I have translated the article from Malay into English for the benefit of those who aren't that proficient in our National Language.

Here goes :

There was once a young Muslim graduate, who had studied for many years overseas and returned home with many unanswered questions in his secular mindset.

Among them were 3 top questions that were raging in his mind. Upon returning home, he asked his father to get him a religious teacher or master to enable him to pose such questions that many had failed to answer him satisfactorily!

So the father searched high and low and finally succeeded in getting a 'Kiyai' @ Islamic scholar who accepted the invitation to help answer the graduate's burning questions.

After the initial getting to know each other's formalities, the impatient young graduate started questioning the learned Kiyai.

Graduate: Who are you? Would you be able to answer my questions?
Kiyai : I'm a servant of Allah and with His Consent will answer your questions, Insya Allah!

Graduate: Are you sure? Professors and learned ones have failed to answer me correctly all these while!
Kiyai : I will try do my level best!

Graduate : I have 3 questions ;

Q1. If Allah truly exists, show Him to me?

Q2.What is defined as Takdir @ Destiny?

Q3.If Syaitan is made from fire, why would he be thrown into the Hellfire which is also made from fire as well? Surely syaitan who is said to be created from the same fire will feel nothing for they are both made from the same? Doesn't Allah think about that?

The graduate smirked as he asked his last question.

Suddenly the Kiyai reached across and slapped the graduate right smack across his face with all his force!!!

Graduate: (stunned and reeling from pain) "Why did you slap me? Are you angry with me or what?"
Kiyai : " I'm not! That slap is my answer to the question that you posed to me!"

Graduate: " I really do not understand!"
Kiyai :" How was my slap? Painful?"

Graduate: "Of course it hurts like hell!"
Kiyai :" So you agree that it's very painful?"

Graduate: "Yes!"
Kiyai : "Show me proof of your pain!"

Graduate: " I can't!"
Kiyai : "That's my answer to your first question! We all feel Allah's Presence without needing to see Him with our own eyes!"

Kiyai : "Did you have a dream or premonition last night getting slapped by me?"
Graduate: "No!"

Kiyai : "Did you even think that you would be getting a slap from me today?"
Graduate: "Nope!"

Kiyai : "That's what is meant by Fate or Destiny!"

Kiyai: "What is my hand made of which I used to slap you?"
Graduate: "Flesh and bones covered with skin."

Kiyai : What is your face made of?"
Graduate: "The same!"

Kiyai : "How did my slap feel?"
Graduate: "It hurts!"

Kiyai : "Even though Syaitan is made from fire and Hell is made from fire too, if Allah Wills, Hell will also be a hurtful place for Syaitan!"

With that the Kiyai took his leave and the Graduate never again dared to make a mockery of the Islamic Faith for he then started studying deeper and deeper about Al Islam, our birthright from Almighty Allah, Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

End of story.

Dear brothers and sisters,

No matter how much we study or think that we now know almost everything, at times reality will come to slap us awake and return to our senses!

Mankind can only delude ourselves that we have figured it all out and that we can now play God or refuse Him, but at the end of the day, when we cease to be young and strong and are reduced to being just a fraction of our once robust, powerful self's, it dawns on us that hello....we are just nothing more than a temporal creation of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

Death is inevitable and will come claim each and everyone of us soon.

I recall a famous song by Isaimurasu Nagore Haji E.M.Haniffa who sang about the subject in Tamil. The title is called 'Moutaye Nee Marandhu Indru Vallelaguma?'

Means 'Can you live forgetting Death @ Al Maut?'

Those who understand Tamil can enjoy listening to his thought provoking song here:

In the song, he states that even Emperors and Maharajahs have perished! Those high and mighty are now long gone! Alive no more!

He asks as to where is Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam now?

He goes on to asks as to where is Sayyidina Ali ibni Abi Talib today?

He questions further as to where is Sayyidatina Fatima Az Zaharah, beloved daughter of our Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam today?

Asks us as to where are the beloved Prophet Muhammad's grandsons, Sayyidina Hassan and Hussein, the offsprings of Sayyidina Ali and Fatima Az Zaharah?

How can we live forgetting Death and speak as if we know everything?

Surely a day will come where we will die!

After our relatives and friends mourn our passing, we will be taken to the Kabarstan@ Graveyard to be buried deep within!

Our good and bad deeds will be weighed on the Mizan @ Scales of Allah.

If our good deeds outweigh our sins, we might be entered into Paradise otherwise we will fall into Hellfire!

If we do not buck up and correct ourselves now by treading the Path of Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam, chances are that we will be among the Losers of the Hereafter!

Thus sings EM Haniffa, a very famous and if I am not wrong, one of the superstar legends of Tamil Islamic spiritual nasyeeds and songs!

I do not wish to dwell upon the religious point of view regarding the musical instruments being used by his accompanying musicians because that is how things are being done according to the culture in the Indian subcontinent.

Instead, I ask those of you who do understand Tamil to reflect upon the true message regarding Al Islam that is the gist of his efforts in the Tamil Muslim nasyeed field.

Verily, it is up to us as to seek for the good or bad of anything?

If it's based on the truth and Haqq, no matter how much one bespeaks ill of it, the true aspect of it will prevail and shine like a glowing beacon above the filth and evil that many faultfinders seem to love revelling in it!

May Allah bless and guide us all.


* Thanks be to 'Queen of Shalgia' from for the sharing of the story above.

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