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Friday, May 29, 2009

Rape of Nanking & Japanese War Atrocities Remembered.

Those who clamor for the forgiving of the notorious former Secretary General of the Communist Party of Malaya, Chin Peng obviously were mostly born after the country stabilized and peace was returned to this fledgling nation.

I was born in 1958 and was fortunate not to have been exposed to the horrors of war that took place in World War 2 here in our beloved country when the notorious Japanese Army plundered, ransacked and raped their way through our nation back in 1945.

Those who are now speaking as if they know what the bloody hell they are talking about have no clue at all to the terrible fate that befell our forefathers, mothers, sisters and brothers who had been tortured to death, stabbed with bayonets, heads decapitated and had their stomachs cut open, spilling their guts, young girls barely past puberty who were gang raped, brutalized and skewered to death after having had their honor, chastity and persons violated all in the name of war and occupation know nuts about what they are asking us to forgive and forget!!!

Hell no!!!

Have you seen what horrors the Japanese and the Communists have inflicted upon our civilian population during the WW2 and then during the Emergency?

I'd advise those who speak without knowledge to please go buy yourselves a copy of the DVD produced by TV3 and Grand Brilliance titled 'JUNGLE GREEN KHAKI BROWN ~Malaya's Fight Against Terrorism. Sold at MPH Bookstores for RM21.90 per copy.

Click on the image to view it better.

Distributed by NICKLEODEON BOOKS (M) SDN BHD, Wisma Ali Bawal 2, 3rd Floor, 11 Jalan Tandang, 46050, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. Tel : 03-7782 4300, Fax : 03-7782 4301. Email :

Please do that. Watch the whole dvd, contemplate as to all the truth that is shown in the historical dvd showing authentic footage that was shot by the official information services back then before you conclude anything?

You might also want to go buy yourselves a Dvd of the Nanking Massacre. A HBO Documentary Films Production by FORTISSIMO FILMS.

Witness for yourselves the atrocities perpetrated by the Japanese Army upon the helpless people and civilians of Nanking, China!

See how they systematically decimated more than 250,000 innocent Chinese civilians and raped to death more than 10,000 Chinese girls and women ranging from as young as 9 year olds to old ladies and grandmothers!

Then see whether you still have it in you to come advise me to go easy on the likes of Chin Peng and his ilk?

Those who so recklessly spew the seeds of hate and conflict amongst us here in our beloved country probably have yet to witness all these horrors of war, death and destruction?

That's why they so irresponsibly are goading the masses into an uprising of sorts and wage war against the authorities without considering the terrible toll that any untoward civil war or conflict is going to unleash upon the entire nation?

I promise you one thing. That and if trouble does break up amongst us, none will be spared the harm and damage that we and our loved ones will suffer when law and order is no more and anarchy takes its place here in Malaysia?

The Japanese Army and the Communists of Malaya have massacred hundreds of thousands of innocent Malayans before.

So many lives have been lost and generations continue to suffer emotional and mental trauma.

Those young upstarts who spew bullshit and nonsense about giving room for the war criminal to return to this land and live out the remaining moments of his disgusting life have yet to experience what his numerous victims had gone through and so many of them have perished as a result of his tyranny against this land!

I am just thinking as to whether these folks will still think the same if they have even one instance of suffering under the Communist Party of Malaya under Chin Peng's leadership?

They sure would be crying for his head if it happened to them! That's for sure!!!

My sympathies to all the grieving families of the victims of the Japanese Army and the bloody CPM of Chin Peng!

Al Fatihah!

PM 1Malaysia terkejut ? Biar betul brader....takkan lupa kot?

Assalamualaikum Pak Najib!

Janganlah dok buat terkejut terkejut ni!

Itu sudah kira biasa ma...along memang itu maciam!

Kalau itu rakyat aa mau pigi pinjiam sama itu bank oo, memang manyak susah oo!

Mau mintak itu cagalan, mau mintak itu leposit aa, gerentor lagi maciam maciam oo.

Bila itu olang lamai aa, mau pinjiam sama kita ala la la long, kita tatak hal punyia!

Pinjiam satu libu aa, lapat 7 latut!

Itu munga aa ( bukan Ina Munge) jangan lupa oo...

Cukup mulan, misti bayar!

Lu tatak bayar aa, gua kasi hantam lu punyia kipala...

Sikalang aa, gua olang sutak terrer oo, kita ada lokap sendiri punyia.

Tatak kacau sama kilajaan.

Dia olang tak moleh mayar aa, kita lokap kasi tarok!

Lu pun ala cakap maa...tukar itu gaya hidop

Kita kasi dia olang tukar la!

Hidop Pak Najib!!!


Ha...itu mungkin dailog yang diucapkan oleh Along Along Malaysia pada Pak Najib, PM 1 Malaysia jika berjumpa.

Soalnya takkan Najib tak tahu bahawa ramai orang Malaysia ni hidup kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang, jika tak kais , kebulor sokmo!

Pak Najib mungkin tak perasan benda ni semua sebab macam orang kata, semua keperluan Pak Najib ditanggung beres dek Kerajaan Malaysia.

Makan minum semua di tanggung, ....saya tak sampai hati nak sambung pantun...pikir pikir lah sendiri.

Cuba ujudkan satu bank untuk membantu orang ramai yang susah ni ala ala Grameen Bank yang di tubuhkan oleh Professor Dr. Muhammad Yunus dari Bangladesh tu untuk memberi pinjaman mikro tanpa cagaran kepada rakyat Malaysia yang tengah susah ni?

Mahu tak mahu saja brader!

Cuba perah kepala otak tu skit untuk jayakan program ini, mesti masyarakat sanjung Pak Najib sebagai Bapa Bantuan Negara!

Biar lah berjasa pada rakyat Pak Najib!

Insya Allah, mungkin ada harapan sambung tugas lepas PRU ke 13!

Takkan nak jadi PM 1 penggal, kan?

Selamat berJumaat Pak Najib.

Rajin rajin lah salam dengan jamaah nanti!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Peristiwa Bukit Kepong - Jangan lupa pengorbanan PDRM!!!Hukum bunuh si Chin Peng laknat!!!

Bahagian 1

Bahagian 2

Bahagian 3

Bahagian 4

Bahagian 5

Bahagian 6

Bahagian 7

Bahagian 8

Bahagian 9

Bahagian 10

Bahagian 11 (Akhir)

Mana mana pengkhianat negara yang mahukan si Ketua Komunis Malaya kembali dan tinggal di tanahair ini , maka ianya atau mereka sama sahaja dengan komunis jahanam laknatullah!

Saya menyeru Kerajaan Malaysia mengambil tindakan sekeras kerasnya terhadap petualang ini!

Bagi mereka yang ada semangat cintakan negara dan tahu mengenang jasa, budi dan pengorbanan anggota polis negara kita, silalah melawat untuk melihat dengan mata kepala sendiri bukti identiti para syahid PDRM di dalam Peristiwa Tragedi Bukit Kepong!

Chin Peng memang patut dibenarkan balik ke Malaysia ....balik untuk dihukum tembak sampai mampos!!!!

Para penyokongnya patut dibedil sekali. Biar hancur lunyai!!!!!Ini baru keadilan!

Jangan sampai sanggup menggadaikan maruah tanahair tercinta ini!

Alang alang hidup biar berjasa kepada negara ; jangan pula jadi talibarut komunis, seteru Allah!!!

Komunisma menidakkan Allah!

Jika anda seorang Muslim, haram bagi anda menyokong komunis Bintang Tiga!!!

Malaysian Indian Protesters and the PDRM - Reasons for their confrontations?

Greetings dear fellow Malaysians.

I would like to share about what I see being the main reasons why when Malaysian Indian protesters converge illegally on to the streets and roads of this nation's capital and major cities or towns, they almost always run afoul of the law and get the full brunt of the PDRM's counter measures?

I can't help but notice that those who organize the protests and gatherings of Malaysian Indians who feel strongly about anything that concerns them and members of their community always seem to fail in taking the safety and well being of those whom they fire up emotionally to join them in their agendas and missions to show their unhappiness about any such causes or issues.

These protest organizers usually will come across like roaring lions and stoke the fires of dissatisfaction's in the hearts and minds of the beleaguered Malaysian Indian populace without thinking of the consequences of such direct confrontations between the protesters and the full might of armed to the teeth police and law enforcement security forces.

I do not see why time after time, we still have to see the people be aroused into being sacrificial lambs and led to the slaughter by those politicians and social activists who themselves almost always get to escape the full measure of counter action taken by the law enforcement troops and in turn are heralded and iconized as the 'people's champion and so on and so forth?

What is the fruit of such unnecessary confrontations and whipping up of religious and racially based fervor which often ends up as propaganda which only serves to worsen the situation between the Malaysian Indian community and the powers that be?

I wish to call upon the Malaysian Indians here to understand that their lot here is not as terrible as over there in Sri Lanka.

It is true that the plight of the Tamils in Sri Lanka is very much due to the blatant discrimination and racially biased Singhalese Government's persecution of the Tamils of Sri Lanka.

The LTTE @ Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam that came into being as a result of the Sri Lankan Government's injustice against them however also proved that even they the LTTE were not really just in their dealing with the other minority living together with them there in that island nation!

The LTTE massacred hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankan Indian Muslims in their 25 year rampage through Sri Lanka!

Another massacre by the LTTE in Sri Lanka of innocent civilians videofilmed by them for record:

We have yet to see Malaysian Indians (those who are innocent of criminal activities) ending up in such a fate, massacred by the Malaysian Law Enforcement Agencies!

May Allah Forbid!

Back to the matter of staging political and social activism based protests and demonstrations by the leaders of the Malaysian Indians.

Are the leaders and the organizers of such protests dreaming of achieving a political coup over the ruling government of Malaysia ala Thailand, Indonesia or the Philippines?

I'd advise them to please wake the hell up!

Malaysians are simply not up to it.

No sirree.

For one thing, you do not have the numbers.

The majority of Malaysians are simply not bothered to create extraordinary political change overnight as like those 3 Asian countries.

I pity the majority of those amongst the Malaysian Indians who keep falling into the political traps of the 'elite few' out there amongst them today who rouse the people into gathering on the streets and roads of our nation's cities and towns but do not realize that when it comes to facing the law enforcement juggernaut it is not the leaders who will dare to face up to the might and brunt of the police force but the ordinary Malaysian Indians who have to suffer the most!!!

I still believe that if the leaders of these protests and demonstrations really truly care for the Malaysian Indians, they will use their intellect to go about it in a more practical, diplomatic way by having direct meetings with the authorities concerned or involved?

Look at the way some other communities use the courts and justice system no matter how screwed up it is to pursue their cases and causes?

I have yet to see the Malaysian Christian community take to the streets to protest this and that although we all know that they have been vocal about many issues and concerns affecting them and their faith here.

All I hear and see both with my own eyes and through the online and offline media is the Malaysian Indian community being forced to confront the FRU and other law enforcement agencies through the endless protests and demonstrations cooked up by the ones who almost always have something brewing all the time.

My hope is to see no more Malaysians from whatever community or faith having to be put to danger by those political maestros who in actuality are the ones who seek fame and glory to appease their insatiable needs to be heralded, garlanded and carried as the Makkal's champions!

My question is that when the protest is over and the people return, drenched, water cannoned and tear gassed into submission, back home to nurse their wounds and treat their attained injuries after confronting the full force of the law enforcement juggernauts, what victory have they @ the common people achieved that has improved their lot and life's?

We need to weigh the pros and cons of all these ceaseless protests and demonstrations that are being organized and carried out like clockwork since the last GE!

What good has it done for the Malaysian Indians community?

I know that most of them are good, decent citizens who if taken care of by their elected representatives would want no part in all these confrontations but due to the fact that there remains injustice in the way this country is being ruled, are at times left no room but to stand up and make their voices heard in order to live with whatever little dignity is left for them to carry on as the sons and daughters of this land called Malaysia.

I wish that those who think that by driving the people's passions aflame and goad them into going out there onto the roads and streets of this nation, will please have pity on them and spare them further harm and heartaches in the real sense of the word.

If you truly care for them, there are still many ways and platforms which you can use to both your benefit and theirs by going about it in the decent, intellectual ways that are available to those who know how to acquire them?

My prayers are for the well being of all my fellow Malaysians and it is in my heartfelt wishes that no one Malaysian is harmed just to fulfill another's goals and mission.

Insya Allah.

May the people be protected and guarded by those who have been trusted by them to lead them to a better tomorrow.


Malaysian Political Reform Deformed.

In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
May Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah be upon you.

Dear fellow Malaysians.

Not a day has gone by without the nation seeing the so called political reform that was promised us by those who have now come into power in certain states turning into nothing but political rhetoric and now totally deformed from the average Malaysian voters expectations.

Instead of working on improving the lots and lives of those who voted for them, politicians from both sides of the field are staging nonsensical gimmicks and theatrics day in and day out with the hope that the public will garland them as their champions and heroes of the day, worthy of being worshiped and iconized for posterity.

Is that the reason why we voted these political rhetoric spewing fellows in the first place?

I voted for Khalid Ibrahim in my constituency of Bandar Tun Razak here in KL. Has anything good come from it? Nothing out of the ordinary.

Life remains the same for us here. Nothing to show or boast of for the infrastructure of this parliamentary has already been well developed and the emergence of the Dataran Dwitasik new township in Bandar Sri Permaisuri adjacent to Bandar Tun Razak is just part and parcel of the development brought about by the Barisan Nasional government before this.

The new masjid at Bandar Sri Permaisuri was officially opened to the Muslim ummah here recently. This is a project of the BN. Thank you for that.

I have yet to learn of any new developments or improvements to our life's here in Bandar Tun Razak by Khalid Ibrahim, the PKR's Member of Parliament here whom I voted for in the last GE.

Ever since the nation saw a change in the Perak State Government brought about by the 3 'Pakatan Rakyat' turncoats @ Jelapang DAP State Assemblywoman Hee Yit Foong, PKR Behrang State Assemblyman Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and PKR Changkat Jering State Assemblyman Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu who turned traitors to their voters, the State of Perak Darul Ridzuan became a political circus and remains as a permanent game of a tug of war between the BN and the 'Pakatan Rakyat'.

Has this situation brought about any good for the state or the whole country?

Not really.

So much precious time and resources has been wasted by both parties @ the 'Pakatan Rakyat' and by the Barisan Nasional.

Instead of working as they should to improve the lives of the ones who voted them into power, the political turncoats inspired by Anwar Ibrahim's call for the BN MP's to jump ship on 16th September 2008 to topple the BN Federal Government of Malaysia, the 3 'Pakatan Rakyat' political frogs jumped over to the other side and screwed Anwar Ibrahim's dream to become the next Malaysian Prime Minister and resulted in producing the political seesaw in Perak that came into being now!

Frankly speaking, the way that the then Perak Menteri Besar went about dishing out 999 years land titles to the Perak Chinese caused the Malays to cry foul and unleashed a backlash that reverberated to crack open their slim majority over the BN in the Perak State Assembly.

Speaking on a matter of principle, the 3 seats of the turncoats should have been declared vacant and by elections held there to get a fresh vote and political mandate from the people of Behrang, Berchang and Jelapang.

Acknowledging them to be still legitimate representatives of the 3 constituencies initiates a ground for future political treacheries to be committed by other State Assemblymen or women and Members of Parliament nationwide.

This is not only a criminal breach of trust that has been accepted by the Perak Sultan and the Malaysian Judiciary but morally and religiously wrong in Islam and all other forms of faiths and beliefs.

The Perak State political turmoil has now become a benchmark of political rhetoric and reform gone wrong and brews a vile concoction of political distrust between the people and the very persons who are supposed to be in their service.

Where is the legitimacy of allowing those 3 turncoats to remain as the assemblymen and women there in Berchang, Behrang and Jelapang?

No doubt that the Perak BN under the leadership of Zambry Abdul Kadir are gripping the seats of their ill gotten power very tightly out of the legal technicality granted to them by the Malaysian Judiciary, we ought to remember that if judged according to Islamic Laws and Principles of Syariah, the current BN State Government of Perak is actually haram for having the majority of seats brought about by the criminal breach of trusts of the voters of the 3 constituencies!

This is the reality and we who are true Muslims must bear in mind that Almighty Allah is watching us and all who are part and parcel of the current political seesaw between the BN and the 'PR'.

I call for the 3 constituencies to have a fresh by election and once the people there make their choices, for all parties concerned to accept and respect the people's decision.

Continuance of the current BN Perak State Government is not only unjust to the people of Berchang, Behrang and Jelapang but will remain as a symbol of political treachery accepted and recognised wrongfully by the Sultanate of Perak and the Federal Government of Malaysia.

Whomsoever claims to rule righteously in the Name of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala must adhere to and submit to the Hadith of Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam :

From Shahih Al Bukhari, in the Book of Ar-Riqaq, Page 990, Chapter 18 -The disappearance of Al-Amanah.

Hadith # 2114.
Narrated Hudhaifa Radhiallahu Anhu that Allah's Messenger Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam narrated to us two narrations, one of which I have seen (happening) and I am waiting for the other.

He (Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam) narrated that Al-Amanah (Trustworthiness) was preserved in the hearts of men (in the beginning -fitrah ) and then they learned it ( Al-Amanah) from the Qur'an and then they learned it from the (Prophet's) Sunna (legal ways).

He (Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam) also told us about it's disappearance, saying " A man will go to sleep whereupon Al-Amanah will be taken away from his heart and only its trace will remain, resembling the traces of fire.

He then will sleep whereupon the remainder of Al-Amanah will also be taken away (from his heart) and its trace will resemble a blister which is raised over the surface of skin, when an ember touches one's foot; and in fact, this blister does not contain anything.

So there will come a day when people will deal in business with each other but there will hardly be any trustworthy persons amongst them.

Then it will be said that in such and such a tribe ( *or political party or NGO) there is such and such a person who is honest, and a man will be admired for his intelligence, good manners and strength, though indeed he will not have belief (Iman) equal to a mustard seed in his heart!"

(The narrator ~ Hudhaifa Radhiallahu Anhu added) : There came upon me a time when I did not mind dealing with any of you, for if he was a Muslim ; his religion would prevent him from cheating, and if he was a Christian, his Muslim ruler would prevent him from cheating ; but today I cannot deal except with so-and-so and so-and-so.

Sadaqa Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

Dear fellow Malaysians,

Can you see that what the blessed Prophet of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala warned us about has come to pass?

Today, we are seeing all that the Prophet Muhammad ibni Abdullah, Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam prophesied a thousand four hundred over years ago come to be proven true as in the case of the political mayhem we have here amongst us!

We trusted people who stood for elections based upon what we perceived them to be and to stand by what they claimed to hold and live by?

As prophesied by Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam Muhammad Khataman Nabiyyi, the example and case of these 3 treacherous State Assembly men and woman breached the trusts of their Behrang, Berchang and Jelapang constituents and became political turncoats due to their nafs and greed has been proven true of the disappearance of Al-Amanah @ Trustworthiness.

The entire Malaysian Government and Malay Sultanates reek of such instances of the disappearance of Al-Amanah as prophesied by Almighty Allah's Greatest Messenger a thousand four hundred over years ago to the dot!

The so called Malaysian political reform that you and I dreamed about and desired has sadly been deformed and exposed to be nothing but mere rhetorics by both parties and all those who claim to be the righteous rulers @ `Ulul `Amri of this land.

Corruption, embezzlement, treachery, criminal breach of trusts in all levels of the Malaysian society manifests itself by the reports and complaints we read about and published day in and day out without fail in all the media mass communications we have here today with us and yet the disappearance of those whom we can trust by the day continues to stab us in our hearts and minds by its sharpest of realities.

Who can we trust?

Tell me!!!

Bear in mind that I am speaking just based upon the criminal breach of trusts by the 3 Perak State Assembly men and woman in this article. I do not support the antics of both the BN and the 'PR' in the Perak Crisis. Thank you.

Wabillahi Taufik Wal Hidayah.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatulillahi Ta'ala Wabarakatuh.

* My perpective

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Blogger Mr.KETAM said...


Tuan bukan saya nak mengajar bab-bab agama dan urusan pentadbiran majlis agama negeri tetapi APAKAH FUNGSI PUSAT ZAKAT dan BAITULMAL??

Bukankah umat ISLAM yg miskin ini adalah termasuk didalam ASNAF yang berhak? Apakah mereka ini tak layak menerima bantuan?

Seperti di Selangor ramai ibu tunggal dan fakir miskin yg tiada rumah tetapi banyak rumah (flat PKNS dan pemaju lain) yg terbiar tak terjual yang harga dah jatuh bawah RM10k..kenapa tak beli dan serahkan rumah itu kepada mereka-mereka ini??

Kenapa pula perlu bina BANGUNAN yg besar sebagai PEJABAT PUSAT ZAKAT dan BAITULMAL sampai berjuta-juta ringgit tetapi jika digunakan untuk membeli "rumah-rumah murah dan flat murah" saya rasa masalah penempatan ibu-ibu tunggal dan fakir miskin telah selesai..ini termasuk lah di SEMUA NEGERI DI MALAYSIA..

Perkara-perkara remeh seperti jauh daripada punca rezeki bukan satu alasan utk membantu mereka..hendak seribu daya.

Namun semua yang HAK ini telah di POLITIK kan oleh semua pihak termasuk UMNO/BN dahulu.

Harap tuan dapat membuat kajian yg mendalam terhadap cadangan saya ini.

Mintalah nasihat daripada MUFTI PERAK dan semua MUFTI-MUFTI dan semua ahli ULAMA' (jgn lama sangat) dan sediakan garis panduan utk dijadikan contoh kepada semua Pusat Zakat,dan kemudiannya minta PERKENAN ke SEMUA KEBAWAH DULI RAJA-RAJA MELAYU untuk melaksanakannya..

Buat kempen ZAKAT utk mengalakkan UMAT ISLAM berzakat..

Harap tuan sebarkan perkara ini kepada semua PEMIMPIN UMNO ISLAM,PEMIMPIN PAS ISLAM dan PEMIMPIN PKR ISLAM untuk memikirkan perkara ini tetapi BUKAN PEMIMPIN ISLAM YG MUNAFIK.


p/s: saya masih tak dapat menerima hakikat apabila melihat BANGUNAN PUSAT ZAKAT BERDIRI MEGAH BERJUTA RINGGIT tetap ramai UMAT ISLAM FAKIR MISKIN,IBU TUNGGAL tidak mendapat pembelaan sewajarnya..

p/ss: jgn la bila masuk TV macam program BERSAMAMU baru nak muncul kena lah pro aktif..Itu AMANAH yg BERAT.. dan sepatutnya semua KAKITANGAN PUSAT ZAKAT dan BAITULAMAL berfikir BAGAIMANA HENDAK memberi kapak atau jala kepada MEREKA bukan TERUS MEMBERI KAYU dan IKAN.

Tuesday, 26 May, 2009


Assalamualaikum Tuan tuan dan puan puan, saudara saudari seIslam dengan saya sekelian.

Itu adalah soalan soalan yang dikemukakan oleh saudara Mr.KETAM kepada kita semua.

Saya persilakan saudara saudari memberikan jawapan kepada saudara kita ini.

Di persilakan.

Kempen terancang menjolok 'sarang tebuan' @ PDRM.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Tuan tuan dan puan puan sewarganegara yang dihormati.

Saya ingin mengajak anda merenung sejenak akan satu perkembangan yang kurang sihat didalam negara kita sejak kebelakangan ini.

Perkembangan yang saya maksudkan adalah mengenai cara sesetengah pihak berperanan sebagai 'agent provocateur' @ pengadu domba didalam perkumpulan manusia manusia yang mempunyai agenda tertentu didalam mengadakan perhimpunan menunjuk perasaan terancang mengenai sesuatu isu atau perkara.

Cara penganjur demonstrasi ini beroperasi adalah dengan cara berkelakuan seolah teraniaya gila bila pihak berkuasa datang untuk menyuraikan mereka samada dengan cara aman atau kekerasan.

Bilamana saya menonton video video protes itu dan ini yang telah bermula sejak beberapa tahun kemudian, saya perasan satu kaedah kempen terancang memburukkan imej pihak berkuasa oleh pihak penaung dan penganjur protes protes tersebut.

Pertama kali saya perasan tentang modus operandi kumpulan ini adalah didalam peristiwa yang berlaku diantara pihak pelajar Cina di UPM bertindak seolah diri mereka dikasari oleh pelajar pelajar Melayu dengan berteriak ' Jangan gaduh! Jangan gaduh!'

Kalau tak salah saya pelajar Cina berkenaan turut muncul didalam beberapa protes anjuran aktivis Jerit dan juga beberapa siri demonstrasi jalanan lain.

Sila rujuk kembali kepada pendedahan saya tentang taktik pelajar pelajar ini cuba mencetuskan huru hara di kampus UPM dengan berlakun seolah diri mereka diserang para pelajar Melayu di universiti itu disini.

Cara mereka merancang semua kekecohan ini dengan menyediakan jurukamera Chew Siew Fong dari, sebuah portal media bebas Cina siap merakam video menunjukkan seolah mereka yang menjadi mangsa perkauman padahal semuanya sudah sedia menjadi sebahagian perancangan mereka untuk mencetuskan pergaduhan kaum diantara para pelajar UPM.

Kini keadaan serupa sedang dilakukan oleh pihak 'agent provocateur' yang terdiri dari pihak aktivis sosial dan parti DAP serta lain lain dengan cara berkumpul menyalakan lilin dihadapan balai balai polis mengujudkan suasana kurang selesa memaksa pihak polis mengambil tindakan keatas mereka dan bilamana arahan bersurai diberikan penguasa polis di balai berkenaan, mereka degil dan terus duduk mencabar arahan polis.

Didalam kes melibatkan Adun Teratai Jenice Lee kita boleh lihat kesamaan cara yang digunakan oleh pihak pendesak siap sedia menjemput wartawan Malaysiakini merakam video ini untuk menunjukkan bahawa pihak polis yang berlaku salah terhadap mereka?

Apakejadahnya semua ini?

Dah dirancang menyediakan kek harijadi kononnya menyambut harijadi salah seorang dari aktivis mereka!

Bila masa pernah orang menyambut harijadi macam gini dihadapan rumah kedai atau pejabat?

Bukankah ini terang terangan satu usaha mencetuskan suasana kurang selesa didalam negara ini dengan menjolok sarang tebuan dan bila tebuan menyengat menjerit memekak mengadu di aniaya?

Ini sudah melampau!

Saya tidak menyokong cara mereka ini membuat kacau didalam negara kita dan berharap pihak polis tidak memberi muka terhadap mana mana 'agent provocateur' seperti ini dan mendakwa mereka menimbulkan kekacauan dikhalayak umum!

Pihak media seperti yang bekerjasama dengan 'agent provocateur' ini harus mengambil kira akan natijah menjadi tali barut dan bersubahat didalam mengujudkan suasana tidak stabil didalam negara!

Cuba tengok cara seorang politikus DAP mendakwa kedudukan Ahli Parlimen DAP itu lebih tinggi dari OCPD Brickfields!

Betapa angkuh dan sombongnya mereka ini! Apa kah sudah merasa diri itu kebal dari undang undang bila menjadi Ahli Parlimen?

Boleh saja mengadakan perhimpunan haram sesuka hati mereka dan merasa diri itu 'untouchables?'

Saya merasa ada kemungkinan cubaan pihak pihak pengacau ini akan membawa kepada trajedi berdarah didalam waktu terdekat ini jika terus dicuba mencemar maruah pihak polis dan mengasak mereka setiap hari sejak akhir akhir ini!

Silap haribulan akan ada yang meninggal karang disebabkan kekecohan yang kini sedang cuba dicetuskan!

Apa dah kemaruk sangat untuk merasai zaman darurat kembali?

Pepatah lama 'Sarang tebuan jangan dijolok' bukan main main. Silap haribulan bukan muka saja yang membengkak, nanti ada yang tamat riwayat akibat keadaan tidak terkawal!

Jika di zaman British, sudah lama komandan balai akan memerintah anak buahnya menembak mati puak puak yang degil berkumpul sebegitu?

Nasib mereka ini agak baik sebab setakat ditangkap dan disumbat kedalam lokap sahaja! Entahlah!

Manusia didalam negara ini kekadang tak sadar diri di untung!!!

Berani buat ; berani tanggung lah!

Sendiri mau ingat aa! Jangan bila dah kena peluru sesat ke apa, baru nak menyesal!

Jika gatal juga hendak pergi jolok sarang tebuan, maka bersedialah merasai sengatnya!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Mountain Trekking and Climbing in Malaysia - The videos by samadyahaya.

If there is one thing that I love to do even at this age is to go trek or journey up into the hills and mountain areas of this blessed land of Malaysia.

When I was living in Penang, I used to go for jungle trekking in the hills of my home island. The usual destination was Penang Hill and the entry point was Moon Gate at Jalan Waterfall.

I didn't have the luxury of owning a camera back then nor did I own a video camera to capture all the sights and sounds of the natural tropical jungle wonderland of Penang Island.

It is just by chance that I came across these series of videos uploaded by samadyahaya, an avid mountain trekker and climber who has shot and produced such wonderful videos highlighting our precious jungles and mountain sceneries here for us to enjoy.

Thank you samadyahaya. You have done us all a great favour by sharing your videos here for those of us who might not even get a chance to climb those hills and mountains in our life.

Gunung Ledang Climb Part 1 of 3.

Part 2 0f 3 - Halfway up there...

Part 3 of 3 - The Summit!

After that exhilarating series of videos of his group's climb up Gunung Ledang @ Mount Ophir in the Malaysian Peninsular, samadyahaya shares with us these videos of his group's trek up the Gunung Datuk Rembau in Negeri Sembilan.
Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2.

Great company, good clean humor and an excellent record of the true Malaysian spirit!

Thanks samadyahaya for these excellent videos.

I truly enjoyed watching them.

Rembau Oh Rembau! Perjalanan lewat malam.

Assalamualaikum semua.

Baru baru ini selepas melawat Rayyan Iskandar, anak sulung pasangan anak saudara kami Azizul Azmi bin Abdul Mutalib dan isterinya Suraiza Abdul Razak, saya terus memandu menuju ke Negeri Sembilan bertujuan untuk jalan jalan cari makan.

Seperti biasa orang rumah saya terus menyokong dan setuju untuk ronda ronda mencari makan di kawasan luar bandar. Saya pun terus memandu menjelajahi lebuhraya PLUS menuju ke arah selatan tanahair.

Sebaik tiba di Seremban, saya pun memandu memusing musing di bandar itu mencari jika ada Nasi Minang atau Nasi Padang yang kelihatan. Tidak nampak satu restoran orang Melayu Nogori pun. Yang nampak hanya restoran dan bistro mamak. Dah cemuih dah makan makanan gitu.

Tergerak hati ini untuk menjelajah daerah pedalaman Negeri Sembilan. Rembau menjadi tempat tujuan. Saya terus memandu di kegelapan malam menuju ke destinasi pilihan.

Sepanjang jalanraya yang tidak berlampu itu, kelihatan berbalam balam susuk tubuh manusia berjalan di tepian jalan. Berbisik didalam hati, ' Takkan tidak boleh dipasang lampu jalan untuk kemudahan awam?

Bukan kah kawasan ini dibawah pengawasan menantu mantan Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang ke 5? Khairy Jamaludin! Ketua Pemuda UMNO!

Saya terus memandu dan melepasi beberapa pekan pekan kecil yang kelihatan lengang. Masih awal malam lagi tetapi suasana dikawasan itu sudah sunyi sepi. Tidur awal lah nampaknya masyarakat dikawasan sebegitu bisik hati saya.

Selepas memandu beberapa lama, akhirnya kelihatan papantanda menyambut ketibaan kami ke Daerah Rembau, Bumi Beradat.

Rupa rupanya Pekan Rembau ini tidaklah terbangun sangat. Ianya hanya sebuah pekan kecil dengan bangunan bangunan setingkat sederet yang nampak seperti peninggalan zaman British.

Balai Polis Rembau.

Di satu kawasan ada bangunan 2 tingkat yang menempatkan kedai kedai biasa.

Pada malam Sabtu itu sedang berlangsung Pasar Malam di Rembau. Itu sahaja tempat yang sedang aktif terang benderang dengan segala macam perniagaan. Saya serahkan kamera kepada isteri meminta beliau merakamkan suasana itu sambil saya memandu menyusur jalan sempit yang kiri kanan dipenuhi kenderaan.

Saya terfikir bahawa mungkin pasar malam itu sahaja perkara yang mengaktifkan keadaan di Rembau pada malam minggu begitu. Jika tidak sunyi lah Rembau seperti malam malam biasa.

Perut sudah mula berkeroncong tetapi tidak kelihatan mana mana tempat masakan Minang atau Padang yang saya hajati.

Kecewa sedikit didalam hati namun saya bersyukur sekurang kurangnya dapat juga saya sampai ke kawasan ini yang belum pernah lagi kaki saya menjejaki sejak lahir di bumi bertuah ini.

Saya kembali memandu keluar dari Pekan Rembau, hampa kerana ianya tidak seperti yang saya harapkan.

Didalam hati saya berkata memang amat sukar bagi Khairy Jamaludin untuk dapat merubah Rembau menjadi pusat ekonomi daerah kerana terlalu banyak peruntukan yang akan diperlukan untuk melaksanakan apa apa di situ.

Namun sekiranya Khairy mengambil iktibar mengujudkan satu kompleks makanan Nasi Minang atau Nasi Padang Negeri Sembilan disana, mungkin akan dapat mencetuskan semarak pembangunan disitu.

Orang orang seperti saya yang gemarkan masakan tradisi Minang sudah tentu akan datang menjamu selera disana. Orang awam Malaysia memang kaki makan.

Khairy perlu bijak menggunakan ilmu pengetahuannya untuk mengasaskan industri 'Pelancungan Masakan Nogori' untuk menggamit para pelancung tempatan dan luar negara singgah di Rembau merasakan masakan tempatan.

Hendak seribu daya ; tak hendak seribu dalih!

Saya cuba singgah di tepi Sg Rembau yang nampak seperti ada pusat makanan disana. Suasana suram dan hambar membuatkan hati ini tidaklah begitu bersemangat hendak makan malam disana.

Kemudahan tandas awam pun tidak disediakan. Yang ada tandas cangkung dibelakang sebuah gerai disana yang tidak menepati ISO hamba.

Lantas tak jadi singgah disitu lama lama. Batal program.

Saya terus mengambil keputusan untuk kembali saja ke KL dan mungkin akan singgah di R&R Seremban Arah Utara untuk menjamu selera.

Saya pun terus memandu mencari arah ke Lebuhraya PLUS balik. Setelah memandu menyusuri kegelapan malam dengan disuluh lampu kereta dari arah bertentangan yang kebanyakan pemandunya seolah kurang ilmu dan sifat bertimbang rasa sebab masing masing menggunakan lampu tinggi @ highlight dan tidak menurunkannya bila berselisih dengan kenderaan, saya dengan hati yang tidak berapa seronok terus memandu mencari jalan susur ke lebuhraya PLUS.

Akhirnya sampai ke persimpangan ke lebuhraya itu. Singgah sekejap melepaskan hajat di tandas PLUS yang disediakan ditepi tol. Alhamdulillah, keadaan ditandas itu amat memuaskan sebab diselenggara dengan baik oleh seorang pekerja Bangladesh.

Syukur Alhamdulillah dengan adanya mereka dinegara ini. Orang tempatan memang lembab nak mampos untuk bekerja sebegitu dah.

Selepas selesai urusan teramat penting itu untuk mengosongkan tangki kecil diri, maka kami kembali semula meneruskan perjalanan kami. Kali ini adalah menuju balik ke KL dan sudah merancang untuk singgah di R&R Seremban Arah Utara.

Sampai sahaja disana, saya meletakkan kereta dibawah pokok dilot yang disediakan dan kami terus ke ruang jualan makanan. Alhamdulillah, masakan disana boleh tahan. Selepas makan, kami menuju balik ke kereta.

Terkejut saya melihat bumbung kereta dan cermin depan habis dibom oleh burung burung yang memekak bising berciut ciut agaknya gumbira kerana telah melepaskan hajat mereka ke atas kenderaan kami yang tidak bernasib baik!!!

Hahahaha...dengan hati yang geram bercampor perasaan lucu kerana tidak memikirkan akan natijah meletak kenderaan dibawah pokok pada sebelah malam, saya terus mengubah kereta dan masuk ke lot yang terdedah, jauh dari rimbunan pokok pokok yang penuh dengan burung burung yang singgah bermalam disana sambil melepaskan bom bom pelbagai rupa dan warna.

Saya mengambil botol air 5liter yang ada didalam but kereta dan terus pergi mencari air paip. Pekerja Bangla yang sedang membasuh pinggan mangkok sudi mengisi botol air saya itu dan saya kembali membersihkan kereta kami dari najis burung burung itu. Dua kali saya terpaksa kembali mengisi botol 5 liter itu dan mencuci kereta sehingga hilang habis najis burung itu dan kereta kami kembali bersih dan berkilat. :)


Saya nampak ada dua kereta yang mengisi tempat yang saya kosongkan tadi. Pemandunya sedang leka menghisap rokok menikmati suasana riuh kebisingan burung burung itu. Tak sampai hati saya untuk membiarkan ia pulak menjadi mangsa hujan bom najis beburung itu.

Saya terus berteriak kepada mereka dan mengingatkan akan natijah meletak kenderaan mereka di bawah pokok itu. Hahahaha. Bingkas mereka terus berterimakasih kepada saya di atas peringatan terpenting itu dan segera memandu keluar kereta masing masing jauh dari zon pelepasan bom maha melekat dan membusuk itu. :P

Saya kembali memandu balik menuju rumah kami di KL dan walaupun agak kecewa dengan kehambaran suasana pekan Rembau yang memang tidak segah mana dengan pekan pekan lain di semenanjung tetapi bersyukur jua kerana akhirnya tertunai sudah hajat dihati untuk melihat keadaan di Rembau dengan mata kepala sendiri.

Khairy Jamaludin kini terpaksa melakukan perkara perkara yang luarbiasa disana seandainya ingin membuktikan kebolehannya untuk menjadi Ahli Parlimen Rembau yang boleh berbangga dengan kemakmuran yang dibawa olehnya atau bersedia untuk dikutuk 'bagai tanah pelempar balam ; kalau mujur tiba dibalam, kalau tidak surut ke tanah!'.

Maksud peribahasa di atas adalah : 'Usaha yang tidak bersungguh sungguh'.

Saya kira bukan mudah untuk Khairy melakukan perubahan di Rembau didalam tempoh terhad sepenggal menjadi Ahli Parlimen disana tetapi sekiranya ia betul betul ikhlas ingin berkhidmat kepada masyarakat Rembau dengan menjadi wakil mereka di Parlimen, maka mulakanlah dengan projek yang pasti membuahkan hasil seperti cadangan saya untuk mengadakan Pusat Makanan Nogori yang saya kira boleh sahaja dilaksanakan tanpa banyak halangan.

Mudah2an Rembau akan maju dan makmur seperti tempat lain di Malaysia ini.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rayyan Iskandar - Born to Suraiza Abdul Razak & Azizul Azmi bin Mutalib

In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen.
All praise be to Allah, Lord of all the Creation.

Rayyan Iskandar was born to Suraiza Abdul Razak and Azizul Azmi Mutalib on the 29th of Jamadil Awwal 1430 Hijrah ~ 22nd May, 2009 at a private hospital here in KL.

Both mother and child are doing fine. Alhamdulillah.

Rayyan Iskandar is one of our growing number of grand nephews and nieces.

We wish him and his proud parents well. Insya Allah!

Let's pray that he will grow up well as a fine Muslim and obey his parents who are so grateful to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala for this blessed gift.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Can converts to Islam revert back to their born beliefs?

In the name of Allah, (God), Most Merciful, Most Compassionate.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
(May) Peace be upon you with the Mercy of Allah and (His) Blessings!

Dear brothers and sisters.

The subject that I would like to broach on today is the question whether Islam allows those who were formerly Kaffirs and have embraced it officially to revert back to their Kufr beliefs?

This is a constant problem that crops up when those who are Kaffirs convert to Islam purely for the reason of marrying someone whom they love who happens to be a Muslim (male or female).

Such a conversion which is done not based on one's faith in Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala but more inclined towards legalizing one's union with his or her Muslim lover almost always ends in both a legal and religious wrangle when things go sour between them.

I choose to write about this matter concerning those of us Malaysians who come from many faiths and ethnicities and often hear of such cases cropping up now and then amongst our population.

Even as I start this topic, there is a raging thread of discussions in an online group of which I am subscribed to as a member.

This issue is being hotly discussed in the forum but the answers and views which are being submitted by those who are Non Muslims reflect a serious lack of understanding about what Islam has to say about such matters and many of the statements by the concerned ones smacks of gross misunderstanding and misinformation?

Now, let me start by emphasizing that there is no compulsion upon any Kaffir to embrace Islam!

The Holy Al Qur'an Al Karim which is The Last (Final) and Complete Testament of Allah (God Almighty) for all mankind has this to say about the matter :

256. La ikraha fee alddeeni qad tabayyana alrrushdu mina alghayyi faman yakfur bialttaghooti wayu/min biAllahi faqadi istamsaka bialAAurwati alwuthqa la infisama laha waAllahu sameeAAun AAaleemun

256. Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in God hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And God heareth and knoweth all things.

This is in Surah Al Baqarah ( The Heifer), Chapter 2 Verse 256.

In the verse above, Allah the Almighty stresses to us not to compel anyone into Islam. This is referring to those who are not born into Islam. Those who are born as Muslims shoulder the responsibility to study about their birthright and learn from authentic sources of the Knowledge of Islam in order to understand their obligations as a Muslim.

The next verse after the above warns mankind of the consequences that they will face in the Hereafter when they reject faith and refuse to submit to Him out of their choice.

257. Allahu waliyyu allatheena amanoo yukhrijuhum mina alththulumati ila alnnoori waallatheena kafaroo awliyaohumu alttaghootu yukhrijoonahum mina alnnoori ila alththulumati ola-ika as-habu alnnari hum feeha khalidoona

257. God is the Protector of those who have faith: from the depths of darkness He will lead them forth into light. Of those who reject faith the patrons are the evil ones: from light they will lead them forth into the depths of darkness. They will be companions of the fire, to dwell therein (For ever).

Allah makes it very clear to mankind of the consequences of our choices. Those of us who submit to Allah are promised salvation and those who choose to reject Him will face retribution. Plain and simple.

Those who choose to embrace Islam for whatever reasons must understand the reality that becoming a Muslim is a choice between Haqq and Batil. Right or wrong. Light or Darkness. Heaven or Hell. Between becoming a Believer or remaining as a Kaffir.

Becoming a Muslim is not something that you do at the spur of the moment. Just because you fall in love with someone who is a Muslim, doesn't warrant that you embrace Islam and utter the Kalimah Shahadah just like the pledge to be a Boy Scout or Girl Guide?

This is something that you do not take as an idle club membership or belonging into a college or university campus fraternity!

Uttering the Kalima Shahadah requires you to believe in Allah the Almighty God and Creator in the truest of sense, belief, faith, understanding and total submission of your entire being to be a true Servant of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala!!!

There is no turning back into Kufr after one chooses out of his or her own volition to become a Muslim @ Believer in Almighty Allah!

You do not have the right to rescind your submission to Him, the Almighty God and Supreme Master of all that there is!

This is the reality of becoming a Muslim.

Islam is submitting to Allah. Period.

It is not a club membership. Or is it a cult or whatever else that ignorants choose to spout or spew forth from their misguidance.

Becoming a Muslim is the birthright of each and every human being here on Earth.

Yet Islam does not compel any Kaffir to submit out of their own hidden agenda of just wanting to be with a Muslim or Muslimah for the sake of legalizing their union of marriage based not on one's true faith in Islam but more of a legal convenience.

Such a union of marriage is doomed to end up in disaster for the foundation of such a relationship was built on false pretenses.

Not really a true believer but more of being an insincere useless pretender.

Putting up an act of being a Muslim in order to dupe his or her spouse that they did so sincerely out of faith in Allah and accepting Islam for all that it is.

Thus, Islam discourages such a false conversion into it in the first place.

I do not wish to dwell upon other nation's legalities, practices and regulations concerning such conversions for it is not within my understanding of their foreign norms and cultures.

I speak based upon the situation here in our land, the Kingdom of Malaysia.

There are many cases of Malaysian Indians and Chinese embracing Islam just because they want to get married to the Malays, Indian Muslims, Chinese Muslims, etc.

Quite a number of them embrace Islam just for show.

They dishonestly utter their Kalima Shahadah out of the need to fulfill the religious and official regulations here in Malaysia and put up a great act of becoming a Muslim just to get that Certificate of Conversion into Islam to marry their chosen Muslim partner.

Remember the case of Siti Fatima Tan binti Abdullah and her Iranian husband?

That's a classic example of such false pretenses of one embracing Islam for one's practical needs.

Depending on the Aqeedah ( Bedrock of Faith) of their Muslim partner, chances are that if the Muslim spouse him or herself aren't really a true practitioner of Islam, the couple will live just a life devoid of Iman and Amals.

Iman being Faith @ Belief and Amals which are the Deeds @ Practices of Islam.

Failure to live according to the tenets and principles of Islam leads to a life prone to straying away of the couple's promise to be true to one another and almost often leads to a souring of their feelings towards each other.

Once the 'honeymoon is over' and the relationship is tested times and times again based upon the false beliefs upon which that union was made, the tendency to call it a day will rear its ugly head and the one who pretended to be a Muslim will just come up and say;

' Hey! It's been great knowing you but I guess it's time for me to wish you well and say goodbye!

No hard feelings but I think you know it as well that we aren't exactly made for each other till Kingdom come or Death do us part, so what do you say we call it quits, eh?

You know that I became a Muslim just because I loved you but now that we are no longer comfortable being together and I really don't subscribe to all this staying away from all that I used to enjoy is really becoming sort of a major headache for me, I'd really like to stop all these and go back to what I was before?

You know for sure that I have really not believed in all this and that I became a Muslim just to qualify marrying you!

So what do you say, huh?"

That my dear brothers and sisters is the likely conversation that usually takes place between these couples where one of them embraced Islam not out of faith in Allah but more to enable them to get married according to our Malaysian Islamic Authorities regulations and stipulations.

A marriage of convenience and a conversion based upon deceit and a hidden agenda of the one who is a great pretender.

My advice to those of you who are not really amongst those who truly believe in Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala is to spare all of us the misery and heartaches.

Please do not embrace Islam just because you have the hots for someone who is a Muslim.

Please! The nation does not need this kind of theatrics.

If we want to go watch a damn good kick ass play or what, we will head on over to Istana Budaya and enjoy that play well and not have to suffer further scandals and unnecessary legal mumbo jumbo from those who just so love to create and dwell on such controversies spiced with religious fervor and official tug of wars between those of us who champion and defend Islam and those who make a killing in legal fees whilst enjoy being mainstream media darlings!

Spare us the heartaches. I beg you.


If on the other hand, you really truly believe in Allah and Al Islam, know that it is your Fitrah @ Birthright to be one of us who are Muslims!

Then by all means, come and be with us in the Ikhwanul Muslimin na wal Muslimat.

Islam is your right as well as ours.

No one can stop you from becoming a Muslim except your own self.

Not wishing to stray away from the subject matter, I wish to remind those who are not sincere in wanting to be a Muslim and just want to put up a class act of being one, is to please stop the nonsense and please be as you really, truly are?

It's not a kind thing to do to someone whom you love or desire. To pretend loving them, giving them false hopes and once you have had your satisfaction of having them for a while, choose to turn your back on them and desert them for greener pastures or fresher 'meat'.

Treachery of such kind will come back to haunt you. This I promise.

For Life is just like a boomerang. It will come back to kick you in your ass or in your life. Just like a knife. It will cut you when you are careless.

You who leaves a bleeding heart behind will not be spared from suffering the same yourself.

What goes around comes around. This has been proven in so many cases since Time immemorial and Almighty God Who created us knows very well what is in our hearts and minds?

Do have a heart and stop creating unnecessary and needless problems for our fragile nation.

We do not need pretenders amongst us, believe me. We already have a fair share in the ummah.

Islam is for Believers ; not Deceivers!

You want to pretend?

Please go and join a theater.

Remain as you are if you lack the faith and spare all those who have come to trust and believe in you if you really are not up to it in living life as a true Muslim or Muslimah.

Those who have embraced Islam, be reminded that it is a solemn declaration of faith towards Almighty Allah and believe me you do not want to mess with Him.

He can be the Most Compassionate and Most Merciful if He so wants but if you incur His Wrath, then my friend, who is there that can spare you from what you deserve and coming to you?

Be a Muslim or remain as a Kaffir!

It's best that you decide well and be truthful about it.

There is no in between the two.

You either choose to live in Faith or Disbelief.

The choice is yours.

Have a blessed Jumaat O Muslims and to those who aren't, ' May Allah bless you with His Guidance!'


Wabillahi Taufik Wal Hidayah.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatulillahi Ta'ala Wabarakatuh.


Zainol Abideen @ Mahaguru58,
Bandar Tun Razak,
56000, Kuala Lumpur.

* Read this article as well. Cikgu Nur Aliya Yeoh is a Chinese Muslim schoolteacher. She writes from her heart and is a dedicated member of The Muslim Bloggers Alliance. May Allah bless her.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dunia Akhir Zaman - Darul Maksiat & Jenayah Tajaan Kerajaan

Assalamualaikum ya Ikhwanul Muslimin na wal Muslimat.

Apakah ada papan tanda peringatan sebegini di tempat anda?

Jika ada pun, apakah ada kekuatan prinsip didalam hati dan sanubari pemerintah daerah atau kawasan anda untuk menjalankan hukuman rejam yang di perintahkan Allah, Tuhan Rabbul Jalil keatas pesalah jenayah zina yang ditangkap dan dibuktikan sabit kesalahannya?

Sekiranya anda penduduk Malaysia, maka anda tidak usah khuatir kerana pemerintah disini ada rang undang undang jenayah syariah buatan sendiri yang boleh dibawa berbincang.

Ya. Macam pepatah orang Indonesia ' Bisa di atur pak! Ditanggung beres!'

Hukum bagi pesalah zina didalam Syariah Islam sebenar benarnya menurut Hukum Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala didalam Kitab Al Quranul Karim, Surah An Nur Bab 24 Ayat ke2 adalah :

2. Alzzaniyatu waalzzanee faijlidoo kulla wahidin minhuma mi-ata jaldatin wala ta/khuthkum bihima ra/fatun fee deeni Allahi in kuntum tu/minoona biAllahi waalyawmi al-akhiri walyashhad AAathabahuma ta-ifatun mina almu/mineena

Perempuan yang berzina dan lelaki yang berzina, hendaklah kamu sebat tiap-tiap seorang dari keduanya seratus kali sebat; dan janganlah kamu dipengaruhi oleh perasaan belas kasihan terhadap keduanya dalam menjalankan hukum ugama Allah, jika benar kamu beriman kepada Allah dan hari akhirat; dan hendaklah disaksikan hukuman seksa yang dikenakan kepada mereka itu oleh sekumpulan dari orang-orang yang beriman.

2. The woman and the man guilty of adultery or fornication,--flog each of them with a hundred stripes: Let not compassion move you in their case, in a matter prescribed by Allah, if ye believe in Allah and the Last Day: and let a party of the Believers witness their punishment.

Sadaqallah hal adzhim.

Tuan tuan dan puan puan,

Pemerintah di Malaysia ternyata lebih hebat didalam mengendalikan soal jenayah zina ini dan segala bijak pandai, alim ulamak dan mereka yang dipertanggungjawabkan menjaga urusan hal ehwal Agama Islam nan maha suci ini amat berani sekali dengan menggubal rang undang undang syariah versi mereka sendiri dan menidakkan Hukum Tuhan Semesta Alam!

Iya tuan tuan. Saksikanlah hukum Undang undang Syariah ala Mamluk al Malaisie dibawah :

Sila klik pada paparan imej imbasan Undang undang Syariah versi Kerajaan Mamluk al Malaisie ini untuk melihatnya didalam paparan lebih jelas.

Muslimin dan Muslimat sekelian.

Saksikan dan perbandingkanlah betapa bilamana manusia yang di amanahkan Allah menjaga urusan umat Islam didunia ini memandai mandai mengubah perintah dan ketentuan Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala dimuka bumi ini dengan ENGKAR TERHADAP HUKUM ALLAH dengan mendenda para penzina dengan jumlah wang ringgit sebanyak 5 ribu ringgit sahaja dan dikurangkan hukum sebatan kepada hanya 6 kali sebatan sahaja dari 100 sebatan yang terang terangan diperintah Allah Azza Wa Jalla, maka apalah hendak dihairankan bilamana didalam Mamluk al Malaisie ini, zina, liwat, rogol, persundalan, sumbang mahram dan sebagainya teramatlah subur menjadinya sehingga saya rasa kebanyakan rakyat Malaysia sudah naik mangli @ tidak sensitif lagi terhadap jenayah yang teramat keji ini?

Apa pernah saudara saudari mendengar mana mana penzina didalam negara ini dijatuhkan hukum sebat oleh Mahkamah Syariah mana mana negeri didalam Malaysia?

Saya tidak tahu samada Negeri Kelantan Darul Naim yang dibawah perintah Parti seIslam Malaysia sejak 1990 ada menjalankan hukum sebat keatas pesalah zina walau dengan satu sebatan sekalipun didalam tempoh pemerintahan mereka sekian lama ini?

Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala terang terangan memerintah hukum 100 kali sebatan keatas pesalah zina didalam Ayat ke2 Surah An Nur yang saya paparkan diatas.

Manusia yang mengaku menjadi Ketua Agama Negeri @ Sultan dan Raja Melayu boleh pula mendiamkan diri bilamana digubal undang undang yang engkar dan menghina Hukum Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala secara terang terangan begitu!!!

Apa kita masih dijajah British Kolonial?

Apa kita ini masih dibawah perintah Jepun?

Atau dibawah perintah Komunis Bintang Tiga?

Dimanakah erti kemerdekaan bagi kita yang mengaku berKerajaan yang diterajui Melayu Muslim sekiranya kita berani pula memandai mandai mengubah Hukum Allah kepada hukum ikut kepala otak raplah al jingga sebegini?

Sebab itu, minta maaf le ...saya memang tidak kagum tara mana terhadap institusi bijak pandai agama didalam negara kita kerana kebanyakan mereka bersifat dayus tahap gaban bilamana membisu, mendiamkan diri dan membiarkan jenayah pemerintah ini terhadap Amanat Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, Tuhan Maha Pencipta sekelian alam ini sekian lama ini.

Saya selaku seorang hamba Allah yang daif, tidak mempunyai kuasa apa apa hanya berupaya menyatakan ketidakpuasan hati dan jiwa saya ini didalam laman maya alam siber ini sahaja menurut apa yang saya mampu selama masih hidup ini.

Kekecewaan saya semakin menjadi bilamana saya menatap suratkhabar setiap hari yang melaporkan gejala sosial semakin menjadi didalam negara yang dilaung laungkan sebagai Negara Islam oleh para pemuka pengkhianat amanat umat Islam dan Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala sendiri!

Apa nak dihairankan bilamana ada rakyat dan warga negara ini sendiri menjadi petualang dan pengkhianat terhadap negara ini bila para penguasa dan pemerintah negeri dan negara boleh semberono sahaja engkar dan khianat terhadap Allah Tuhan Semesta Alam sendiri?

Segalanya berpunca dan bertitik tolak dari pengkhianatan akbar para `Ulul `Amri yang tidak sedar diri!

Kekadang hati kecil saya berkata, ' Buat apalah dok pening kepala dan raplah terhadap apa yang sedang melanda negara ini?'

Namun jauh didalam benak fikiran saya berbisik pula,' Bukankah berdiam diri melihat kemungkaran itu namanya bersubahat?'

Tidak sampai pula hati saya hendak bersama sama dengan segala mangkok hayon kelas 'arboq yang memang cakap tak serupa bikin!

Peduli apa dengan berapa banyak thanawi yang dia dok bangga tak sudah dengan pencapaian lulusan ilmiahnya jika ilmunya itu tidak dimanfaatkan didalam ertikata sebenar benarnya?

*arboq didalam slanga utara adalah ' tak boleh pakai' @ useless didalam bahasa Inggeris.

Dewasa ini para pelaku zina dan maksiat dipuja dan dipuji oleh media massa perdana dan cipisan seolah itu adalah satu benda yang memang teramat penting sekali dijadikan santapan nurani mereka yang memang sudah lah berpenyakit tahap kronik didalam peribadi songsang mereka tetapi sudah sampai ketahap tak boleh nak lapor benda lain jika tidak dijadikan tajuk berita utama suratkhabar dan majallah majallah dagangan mereka!!!

Didalam internet, taip saja perkataan 'gadis melayu' dan saksikanlah berapa banyak video video bukti nyata perlakuan zina oleh mereka yang kononnya Melayu Islam itu yang timbul?

Nisbah bukti pekerjaan terkutuk zina yang keluar didalam You Tube dan laman laman blog atau Yahhogroups, Googlegroups teramatlah tinggi dikalangan mereka yang berbangsa Melayu berbanding dengan kaum lain di Malaysia ini.

Semuanya berbalik punca pada siapa?

Siapa yang berkuasa didalam negara ini?

Siapa yang diberikan kuasa untuk menangkap dan mendakwa pesalah pesalah baik jenayah sivil atau syariah didalam Mamluk al Malaisie ini?

Siapakah yang menjatuhkan hukum didalam Mahkamah Syariah?

Mereka yang kononnya penjaga kepentingan Ad Deenul Islam di muka bumi Malaysia ini.

Siapakah yang mengaku kuasa tertinggi soal hal ehwal Agama Islam di dalam negara yang melabelkan Negara Islam ini?

Tampar kepala dan peringatkan diri balik!

Usah mengambil kira bahawa negara negara Arab sedunia pun mengaku bahawa Malaysia ini Darul Islam!

Kebanyakan orang orang Arab itu sendiri ramai yang bersikap dan bersifat 'Raplah Jingga'!

Kerajaan kerajaan Negara Arab Timur Tengah itu sendiri banyak yang sama sekepala dengan pemerintah dan pihak berkuasa Malaysia.

Hukum hakam Allah diambil dan di olah mengikut selera dan kehendak serta keperluan masing masing.

Tidak ada yang seratus peratus mengikut garis panduan perintah Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala dan anjuran Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.


Kita kini hidup di Akhirul Zaman yang disabda Nabi Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

Dimana Islam hanya tinggal nama dan para penguasa kita terdiri dari mereka yang khianat terhadap amanat Allah Azza Wa Jalla dan Rasulullah al Mustafa, Khataman Nabiyyi, Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

Darul Maksiat wal Jinayyah!

Susah hati saya tuan tuan dan puan puan.

Tidak nampak mana mana pihak atau puak yang berkuasa didalam negara ini yang sanggup dan mahu berani tampil kemuka mendaulatkan Syariah Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala seperti yang kita impi dan cita citakan?

Sudah semakin banyak kedengaran suara suara cabul dan kurang ajar mencemuh dan memperlekehkan Islam didalam negara ini.

Kebanyakan penguasa cuma sekadar menjadi setan bisu dan berkelakuan mata terjegil buka tetapi tak nampak apa apa. Telinga mencapang dengar tetapi tuli terhadap segala sumpah seranah, caci maki kaffir harbi laknatullah! Otak sadar tetapi koma terhadap apa yang perlu dilakukan seupaya kuasa dan kudrat yang ada?

Apakah lagi yang mereka sedang menanti?

Hendak tunggu Azab Allah turun dan menghancur binasakan negeri negeri dan negara ini?

Wallahu `alam?

Terpulang kepada mereka. Tanggung jawab memperingati `Ulul `Amri menerusi lisan dan tulisan sudah acapkali saya dan mereka yang sefikrah dengan saya laksanakan.

Tinggal menanti Malaikatul Maut sahaja membawa nyawa ini pergi kembali menghadap ke Hadhrat Ilahi.

Insya Allah.

Wabillahi Taufik Wal Hidayah.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Ta'ala Wabarakatuh.

* Sila baca blog ini untuk penjelasan lanjut tentang bahaya zina dan natijahnya pada ummah.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rising crime in Malaysia -Stricter law enforcement needed!

Dear brothers and sisters,

I am sure that you too are pretty sick and disgusted with the rising levels of crime in the nation especially when it concerns the unbridled crime spree of those who are called 'Mat Rempits'.

Frankly speaking, I feel that those criminals on two wheels are doing as they damn well please because there are so many of the freedom of this and freedom of that fighters trying to obstruct the Malaysian Police with accusations of police brutality, high handedness, etcetera!

Why the hell should these busybodies go and try to muzzle the police when it is the job of the police in the first place to whack these Mat Rempits and put them in their place?

When people go around trying to poke their noses into the police's business, they end up stifling the police from carrying out their duties which is to protect society from these murderous, rampaging bastards who rob, rape and even at times murder innocent civilians!!!

We have seen so many cases where the Mat Rempits have caused so much destruction and mayhem even to the very police themselves who are at times so hard pressed in trying to just do their duties as best as they can without the nitpickers sniffing down on their asses and baying for their blood!

Just look at how these menace endanger other road users and themselves when they try to escape police roadblocks?

Watch also how if there are no police around, anarchy sets in and criminals simply rampage and assault people as they damn well please?

When crooks run amok, people will simply rise up and take action on their own as shown here!

We need affirmative action from the Malaysian Police to eradicate the criminals now rampaging through the nation!

As my fellow blogger Achmed Rauff says, the Mat Rempit ought to be regarded as organised crime gangsters and treated as such!

The above picture shows a murdered part time Petronas cashier. I ask you as to whether the murdering robbers ought to be spared the death sentence? A life has been taken here...think of his grieving widow and children?

Robbers are getting more cruel and sadistic by the day! They kill unarmed people after robbing them! The police are right in shooting criminals like these dead. Take no prisoners!

Once the criminals are shot dead one by one, automatically the crooks will repent overnight!

I recall such a similar step taken by Indonesian police before in eliminating the gangs of Jakarta a few years back!

Within days, the crime rate went down like magic! Criminals only understand severe measures to curb them.

Jailing them just wastes precious resources that could be used for better purposes. Prison only hardens these bastards to come out and do more harm to society!

I read that the Australian police are now going to implement such shoot to kill policies in an effort to curtail their spiralling crime rate!

Let's support the PDRM to do the same here and see what happens? Whether there will still be Mat Rempits running loose here in Bolehland?

Here's a video of how Brazilian police solve their crime rate?

Here's a re-enactment of a snatch theft case in neighbouring Island Republic of Singapore!

Even here in KL, snatch thieves are very active especially in Suria KLCC!

A snatch theft case took place recently there!

Despite having numerous cctv's and security guards, snatch thieves rob innocent shoppers at will and when one goes to seek help from the security, you will just be asked to fill in a form!

Forget about getting the KLCC security's help to watch a playback of their bloody cctv's!

Nothing of the sort!

Even the Jln Tun Razak police could do nothing to trace the suspects! To this day!

So, it's either being extra careful on our part or whack the living daylights out of the criminals as witnessed in the videos above!

People will say this and that, give all kinds of cock and bull excuses, plead for leniency etcetera but wait until the crime happens to them!

They will be singing a different tune by then!

For now, be alert and when push comes to shove, natural instincts will prevail.

Power and authority given to police are useless until they are enforced!

I call upon the PDRM to go kick ass or shoot the bastards dead for all I care!

We need to clean up the country...if we are to survive to the next day!

Can we afford to ignore this?