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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Balok Kids - Enjoying life as it unfolds by the day.

Life ladies and gentlemen is what we make of it?

The simple pleasures of life sometimes does not require us to spend that much to enjoy it.

Nevertheless the irresponsible actions of a few can at times destroy these simple pleasures that most of us take for granted and do not pay heed to the flora and fauna that exist within our realm of temporal existence here on Earth.

What may seem irrelevant to those who are fated to live in opulence and free from want is on the other hand a matter of life or death to those who are affected by the consequences of disturbing the fragile balance of nature that Almighty Allah the Creator has seen fit to Will into being?

I invite you to take a look into the fragile ecosystem that we still are fortunate to be able to perceive and enjoy for now within our midst.

I give to you 'The Balok Kids' ~ Enjoying life as it unfolds by the day.

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