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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rising crime in Malaysia -Stricter law enforcement needed!

Dear brothers and sisters,

I am sure that you too are pretty sick and disgusted with the rising levels of crime in the nation especially when it concerns the unbridled crime spree of those who are called 'Mat Rempits'.

Frankly speaking, I feel that those criminals on two wheels are doing as they damn well please because there are so many of the freedom of this and freedom of that fighters trying to obstruct the Malaysian Police with accusations of police brutality, high handedness, etcetera!

Why the hell should these busybodies go and try to muzzle the police when it is the job of the police in the first place to whack these Mat Rempits and put them in their place?

When people go around trying to poke their noses into the police's business, they end up stifling the police from carrying out their duties which is to protect society from these murderous, rampaging bastards who rob, rape and even at times murder innocent civilians!!!

We have seen so many cases where the Mat Rempits have caused so much destruction and mayhem even to the very police themselves who are at times so hard pressed in trying to just do their duties as best as they can without the nitpickers sniffing down on their asses and baying for their blood!

Just look at how these menace endanger other road users and themselves when they try to escape police roadblocks?

Watch also how if there are no police around, anarchy sets in and criminals simply rampage and assault people as they damn well please?

When crooks run amok, people will simply rise up and take action on their own as shown here!

We need affirmative action from the Malaysian Police to eradicate the criminals now rampaging through the nation!

As my fellow blogger Achmed Rauff says, the Mat Rempit ought to be regarded as organised crime gangsters and treated as such!

The above picture shows a murdered part time Petronas cashier. I ask you as to whether the murdering robbers ought to be spared the death sentence? A life has been taken here...think of his grieving widow and children?

Robbers are getting more cruel and sadistic by the day! They kill unarmed people after robbing them! The police are right in shooting criminals like these dead. Take no prisoners!

Once the criminals are shot dead one by one, automatically the crooks will repent overnight!

I recall such a similar step taken by Indonesian police before in eliminating the gangs of Jakarta a few years back!

Within days, the crime rate went down like magic! Criminals only understand severe measures to curb them.

Jailing them just wastes precious resources that could be used for better purposes. Prison only hardens these bastards to come out and do more harm to society!

I read that the Australian police are now going to implement such shoot to kill policies in an effort to curtail their spiralling crime rate!

Let's support the PDRM to do the same here and see what happens? Whether there will still be Mat Rempits running loose here in Bolehland?

Here's a video of how Brazilian police solve their crime rate?

Here's a re-enactment of a snatch theft case in neighbouring Island Republic of Singapore!

Even here in KL, snatch thieves are very active especially in Suria KLCC!

A snatch theft case took place recently there!

Despite having numerous cctv's and security guards, snatch thieves rob innocent shoppers at will and when one goes to seek help from the security, you will just be asked to fill in a form!

Forget about getting the KLCC security's help to watch a playback of their bloody cctv's!

Nothing of the sort!

Even the Jln Tun Razak police could do nothing to trace the suspects! To this day!

So, it's either being extra careful on our part or whack the living daylights out of the criminals as witnessed in the videos above!

People will say this and that, give all kinds of cock and bull excuses, plead for leniency etcetera but wait until the crime happens to them!

They will be singing a different tune by then!

For now, be alert and when push comes to shove, natural instincts will prevail.

Power and authority given to police are useless until they are enforced!

I call upon the PDRM to go kick ass or shoot the bastards dead for all I care!

We need to clean up the country...if we are to survive to the next day!

Can we afford to ignore this?


fahmi said...

salam... ternyata gejala merempit semakin berleluasa.. diharap dptla semua pihak terutamanya pemimpin, masyarakat, keluarga bersatu padu.. jika semua main peranan dgn betul, tidak melakukan penyelewengan & tidak berlaku zalim, pasti walau apa jua masalh boleh kita selesaikan bersama.. persoalannya bukan apa yg perlu dilaksana tetapi bila ianya hendak dilaksana??
p/s terima kasih mamu kerana melawat blog saya & mendoakan kejayaan saya..

Attiq Ur Rehman said...

You highlighted a very valid point in your post. The videos are shows their are need to be enforcement of law which help to control this immediately.