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Friday, June 26, 2009

Merantau ~ The Silat Film from Minangkabau, Indonesia

Looks like Silat is finally going to rock the world!

This soon to be released Silat oriented movie is jam packed with pure Silat action and will trigger a new awareness about the ancient Malay martial arts which highlights the Nusantara fighting skills that Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Siam, Philippines is famous for?

Iko Uwais will soon be a name to remember just like the Siamese fighter Tony Jaa of Ong Bak fame.

Congratulations to P.T. Merantau Films (2009).

Visit to learn more about this sure to be a blockbuster Silat Harimau featured movie!

Manohara sure suffered living with her prince, huh?

Watching this video, one can surely understand how hard life must have been for Indonesian teenage model Manohara Odelia Pinot living with the Kelantan prince Tengku Temenggong Tengku Fakhry?

So hard that if he advertised looking for a replacement bride throughout the world, there sure must be hundreds of thousands if not millions of other applicants making a beeline to suffer the same in this materialistic world?

My sympathies for poor Mano.

Bad prince...very bad, huh?

Micheal Jackson is dead. Al Fatihah!

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji`un. From Allah we come ; to Allah we shall return.

Just saw this news on New York Times.

The King of Pop Music Mikaeel @ Michael Jackson has returned to the Almighty's presence.

Al Fatihah.

He performed in Kuala Lumpur in 1996 during his worldwide tour. Here are a couple of videos showing MJ doing his thing and how Malaysians went wild over the gloved one.

For the latest updates on worldwide responses and his billions of fans reactions on hearing about his death, click here.

A cause for concern. Michael Jackson is reported to have embraced Islam recently. His brother Jermaine Jackson is a Muslim for many years now.

Wonder how his janazah is going to be handled? Is it going to be interred in the Muslim or Christian section of the cemetery?

Let's see what transpires?

A few minutes earlier, film star Farah Fawcett died of cancer as reported here. She was a major star back in the 70's to 80's.

That's how it goes. One day so will we. Return to Him, the Most Supreme, Most High.

Insya Allah.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Disabled Palestinian Mahmoud Mujahed builds his own electric car!

Its good to see this. A disabled Palestinian, 64 years old Mahmoud Mujahed who got tired of waiting for taxis built himself an electric car using a computer aided system powered by a 12 volt battery.

Mr.Mahmoud's electric car can reach speeds up to 80 km per hour.

There are many good brilliant Palestinians like Brother Mahmoud who are suffering unnecessarily due to the world being silent about the Israeli Zionist regime's atrocities on the owners of the stolen and now occupied Palestinian lands.

When will the Muslim nations regrow their spine and help the Palestinians reclaim their lands?

When they find their cajones, eh?

Till then, go on and read what Windows into Palestine has to share here?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Muslim Unity in Malaysia? Cross their dead bodies first!

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Ta'ala Wabarakatuh.

So ends the question as to whether the Muslims of this country can be united at least politically?

The final decision by the coalition of PAS-PKR and the DAP mustered about the 'unity government' poser with the UMNO led BN and hammered in the last nail into the 'Unity Government' coffin yesterday and ended the unprecedented squabble amongst PAS top most leadership.

PAS Deputy President Dato Nasharudin Mat Isa had earlier clarified that PAS has not shied away from having dialogues with any party with regard to the good of the nation :

Nik Aziz who had asked PAS Deputy President Nasharudin Mat Isa to resign from his position and quit being the Bachok MP if he still insists in holding unity talks with UMNO, yesterday announced his retraction of such demands and issued a statement saying that no more of such intended talks will be mentioned and the issue is now settled.

Such a decision comes not purely from Nik Aziz's own conclusions for behind his stand is the insurmountable pressure from PAS's coalition partners namely the DAP and PKR.

Both parties will lose their present political gains if ever PAS decides to merge with UMNO, which will seriously undermine the pact and cause DAP and PKR to crumble from their present political achievements since the last GE.

The intention of PAS President Dato Seri Abdul Hadi Awang to see a united Muslim ummah here in Malaysia will have to wait for a while pending the return of those who oppose such a unity politically back to the Almighty's presence.

Nik Aziz is not alone in his objection to the union between PAS and UMNO. Former Prime Minister and 4th UMNO President Tun Dr.Mahathir bin Mohamad equally detests the idea of such a union between UMNO and PAS.

He openly objects to such an idea for it will bring about the Islamisation of UMNO which will clearly be a big no no to his ideals of what UMNO should be?

Thus Nik Aziz can breathe easy now that he has managed to decapitate the proposal for such a union between the nation's so called Malay political party and his so called purely Islamic party.

Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh can return to sleeping soundly now that the unity government 'Sword of Damocles' which was hanging over their heads has been removed and the political status quo here in Malaysia back to what it was and in a way has always been!

The wish of all those who wanted to see the Muslims of this land be united under one entity is now over and all those infallible ones with a halo over their heads can now settle down to their routine of hurling curses and abuses at their favorite political enemies.

Karpal Singh, Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim, Nik Aziz, Mahathir Mohamad and all those who hate the very idea of Malaysian Muslims forgiving each other in the spirit of Ukhuwwah Islamiyyah and establish a unity government of Muslims can now jointly issue a challenge to cross their dead bodies to whomsoever wants to unite the Muslims here in Malaysia?

All the above detest the very idea.

Didn't think that I would live to see such a united stand between all of the above in a joint understanding that no Muslim Government true to its name would ever be given a chance to be forged here in this so called 'Islamic nation'?

It is as I have always suspected.

A nation almost full of two faced shysters pretending to be the leaders of the Muslim Ummah here in Malaysia but who actually hate living up to the true tenets of the faith which calls for the establishment of a Darus Salam where all Muslims will be united under one Amirul Mukminin?

I for one do not care about these recalcitrants who think that they will live forever and get to mess up the lives of the Muslims as they damn well please.

Verily Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala is observing all that they do and what they are planning?

I believe that there will come a time in the future as prophesied by Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam when the Muslims will be united as one and the banner of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala will be lofted up high and the Kuffars will be put in their place.

The enemies of Islam here in Malaysia may have succeeded in delaying the establishment of the unity government between Muslims which would be the starting stage of returning the Khilafah here in Malaysia but this is just a temporal postponement of the inevitable.

I can sense that the majority of the Muslim ummah here in Malaysia as a whole, deep down in their hearts have an ardent wish to see Islam prevail here in this Mamluk al Malaisie.

I reiterate, the majority of Malaysian Muslims. Not all.

Many of the nation's so called Muslim leaders love to project a false front to the public when they are before the mass media by calling for frugality, living modestly, etcetera but in private they live a life of opulence and frankly speaking not in any way resemble that of how Muslim leaders should be?

Antares has described such a dynasty as a 'Dodo Dynasty' in his blog's article here.

Go on, have a read.

Discover for yourselves how the leaders of the Muslims here in Malaysia party all the time?

Eddie Murphy would surely be proud, huh?

Anyway, worry not my fellow Muslims!

Insya Allah we will see Allah's promise come into being here in the near future.

Watch the videos below and realize that it is only a matter of time before what Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala promised us will come into being?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Attributes of Allah - Facts that every humanbeing needs to know. Introduction.

In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
May peace be upon you with the Mercy and Blessings of Allah!

Dear brothers and sisters,

My topic for today's article is learning about the Attributes of Allah, Rabbul Alamin.

In Malay, we call this knowledge as 'Sifat 20' @ '20 Attributes' of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala that the Blessed Messenger Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam has shared with us.

In the world of Islam, seeking of knowledge is very much encouraged and there are plenty of revelations in the Blessed Holy Qur'an that enjoins us to seek such knowledge in order to add value and guide us in this earthly life to prepare us for the hereafter.


Knowledge in Islamic teachings in general can be divided into 3 major categories, namely :
  1. Usuluddin (Aqeedah @ Bedrock of Faith)
  2. Fiqh ( Shari`ah )
  3. Tasawwuf ( Spiritual Knowledge & Practices)
Each and every Muslim, male or female who are capable of reason or rational thought and have passed their stage of puberty are obliged to learn and put to practice all three forms of `Ilm @ Knowledge stated above.

Every Muslim worth his or her name and faith must learn and understand the basics of Usuluddin, Fiqh and Tasawwuf in order to equip his or her self to live life as a true Servant of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

Without knowing or understanding any of the above mentioned fields of knowledge in Islam rends the believer incomplete or ill equipped to live as a Muslim or Muslimah in the truest sense of the word.

Whether one likes it or not, one will grow up from being a helpless baby into being a child, then become a teenager and from that stage of one's life to becoming an adult.

The young adult will eventually grow or age into being a mature person and finally reach the pinnacle of one's existence as an old man or woman ready to die and his or her soul return to Almighty Allah Azza Wa Jalla!

This is the reality of our existence here in the 3rd stage of our life. The earthly life. Yaum Al Duniyya.

It's important for each and every one of us who are Muslims to strive our level best to learn about the 3 branches of `Ilm @ Knowledge.

We can't afford to ignore any one of these 3 branches of Islamic Knowledge for that will render ourselves ignorant of the realities and needs to understand what we need to know of such basics of living life as per what Almighty Allah commands us to live our life according to His Decrees.

Usuluddin falls under Fardhu `Ain @ Compulsory Practices and is a must for any Muslim to learn about and be put to practice.

It is considered to be a major sin for any Muslim who chooses to ignore it. One can also be in danger of falling into Kufr @ Disbelief if one willfully chooses not to learn about it or denies it.

Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam is reported to have said : ' The earliest stage of faith is learning about Allah!'.

Anyone who tries to live life disregarding any of these aspects of the required understandings will only be living life incomplete and his or her deeds will be lacking the necessary qualities or merits.

One can even be in danger of turning into a Fasiq for denying any of the 3 branches of Islamic Knowledge. So, it's important for those who are Muslims to study and learn about all these important aspects of our Faith.

In Verse 29 Surah Al Kahf, Chapter 18 of the Holy Al Qur`anul Karim, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala reveals :

29. Waquli alhaqqu min rabbikum faman shaa falyu/min waman shaa falyakfur inna aAAtadna lilththalimeena naran ahata bihim suradiquha wa-in yastagheethoo yughathoo bima-in kaalmuhli
yashwee alwujooha bi/sa alshsharabu wasaat murtafaqan

29. Say, "The truth is from your Lord": Let him who will believe, and let him who will, reject (it): for the wrong-doers We have prepared a Fire whose (smoke and flames), like the walls and roof of a tent, will hem them in: if they implore relief they will be granted water like melted brass, that will scald their faces, how dreadful the drink! How uncomfortable a couch to recline on!

Brothers and sisters,

From what I have come to learn and realize about the importance for any Muslim or Muslimah to understand the basics of Islamic knowledge, Usuluddin is the bedrock of faith and from it, stands the other two aspects of religious knowledge of Shari`ah and then Tasawwuf.

You can liken Usuluddin to be the foundation of faith. Just like erecting a building, the builder has to make sure that the bedrock of foundation upon which he drives in the piles for the structural layout needs to be on solid grounds to prevent a collapse of the infrastructure.

Same concept here. A Muslim needs to build up his or her faith upon solid beliefs and firm understandings of what he or she believes in?

There are just so many today amongst the Ummah who if questioned about the basics of his or her faith will stammer, fumble and mumble about what it is that they believe in?

They will be clueless as to what are the attributes of Almighty Allah that they swear they believe in?

The failure stems from their ignoring the importance of learning about Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, God Most Almighty, Most High whom they swear upon their life.

This is the reason why I am attempting to share what I myself have come to learn and am still learning to equip my own self better as to live the rest of my remaining life with a bit more understanding of my faith, Al Islam, Deenul Haqq.

Usuluddin is likened to be the bedrock of Islam. Shari`ah and Tasawwuf are the walls and fixtures of the infrastructure of our faith.

To strive and learn about all these important aspects of Islamic religious knowledge is fard' upon every Muslim capable of thought and understanding.

Do not worry about your not being a scholar of Islam or whatsoever for Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala knows best as to what we are capable of according to our own capabilities.

This is not an exercise to decorate oneself with worldly certificates or whatever but more of a personal quest to master or at least understand what it is that is expected of us to know about our faith?

Insya Allah, you will be able to appreciate Islam more when you start to understand at least the basics of why Islam allows this and forbids that?

It is all for our own good. To be able to live life with a bit more knowledge and understanding than just to blindly get up in the morning, live life without a purpose or know what the hell is going on, etcetera?

Let's get back to our study.

Usuluddin my dear brothers and sisters is the foundation of our faith. One's practices of Syari`ah and Tasawwuf would have no merit on their own if one does not have a solid bedrock of faith that is Usuluddin.

Matters concerning Usuluddin are :

1. Our trust and faith in Allah and His Attributes whether they concern His Attributes that are a must or those which are impossible or those that are considered as 'should be'.

2. Our trust and faith in the Prophets of Allah and their characteristics.

3. Our trust and faith in the Revelations of Allah such as the Kitabs of Zabur, Taurat, Injil and the Holy Al Quran Al Kareem which abrogates and replaces all those earlier revelations to becoming the Last and Complete Final Testament of Almighty Allah for all mankind.

4. Our trust and faith in the Malaikats @ Angels of Allah.

5. Our trust and faith upon the `Qada and `Qadar of Allah. `Qada and `Qadar is the destiny or fate decided by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala upon His entire creation.

6. Our trust and faith upon the existence of Paradise and Hell and other matters concerning the Spiritual Realm created by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

In the process of learning about `Usuluddin, one must make sure that one's heart is free from syak, zan and waham @ suspicions and doubts.

If there exists even an iota of such suspicions or doubts, the consequences of one's entire amals @ deeds being rendered obsolete comes into being.

One would have lost one's entire life's deeds due to the emergence of any of those characteristics of doubts which would have been seeded by either one's own ignorance or as the result of following or paying heed to another who chooses to plant such seeds of deviance and false teachings into the ignorant one.

We see this happening often here in our nation where false eachings or deviant sects come to be because there exists amongst the populace or the ummah of today, many who become easy prey to the designs and dictates of those who victimise the ignorants by pulling a fast one on them due to their failure to learn the basics of our faith here.

I seriously recommend those who feel that they are not that sure of what their faith is to go and learn from the many religious classes being carried out in the masjids of this nation for free.

I myself learned from such classes and also study from the many sources of Islamic knowledge here in Malaysia.

I ask the ulamaks and consult with them about matters that I need further clarifications.

Alhamdulillah, I am now able to be in direct contact with those who are the top scholars of Islam in our nation and am blessed to have their counsel and advice.

Dear brothers and sisters,

No matter how beautiful and disciplined one's ibadah @ act of faith is that is presented to Allah, if there exists an iota of doubt or suspicion in it, that act of faith or deed is thrown back at it's offerer for it does not pass the requirements of Allah.

Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala does not need false pretenses. He sees us through and knows exactly as to the stage of our faith and understanding when we are 'praying' to Him.

Have you not seen those who utter the Takbir in solah and then drop down their arms again and repeat such act again and again in order to streamline their physical act of raising the arms in At Takbir and try their level best to focus and coordinate their inner self towards being in tandem with what they are carrying out in prayer?

Just like that. He knows whether our ruuh is in line with what we are saying or thinking during our prayers?

This is just the same as in the acts of faith that we carry out within our lifetime.

Just proclaiming that we are Muslims without us following through with learning and understanding exactly what we profess is tantamount to putting up an act or theatrics!

Even if our prayers or religious practices come across as being perfect or look so, the deeds or amals rests upon the validity of one's Aqeedah @ Bedrock of Faith.

If one's Aqeedah is correct, then one's Shariat and Akhlak @ Tasawwuf will be the same. If however one's Aqeedah is not firm and correct, one's other deeds or acts of faith becomes void and obsolete.

Just like a tree. If it is healthy and is growing well, that is a sign that the tree has very firm roots and entrenched well in a fertile ground. The tree would be having healthy leaves, flower frequently and bear fruits that would attract all to it and be appreciated by every insect, animal or mankind if that tree's fruits and its other parts are of the edible kind?

The same goes for those amongst the Ummah who possess a firm and solid Aqeedah. Their syariat and akhlak would also be perfect and admired by all. They would be enjoining towards the good, advice towards the acceptable and forbid against the forbidden. Such a well grounded Muslim or Muslimah will be sought by all and their examples be taken as a standard to be observed and followed.

Amongst those whom I respect and ask for advice regarding Al Islam here in our nation is :

Professor Dato' Dr.Harun Din whom I respect very much for his tremendous levels of Islamic knowledge and who teaches about Islam like no other Malaysian ulamak.

He is very articulate, not prone to throwing tantrums and pontificate unlike many others who think that they are infallible.

Professor Dato Dr Harun Din would be my preferred Khalifah here in Malaysia if we ever get to establish it within his and our lifetime?

He is my preferred ulamak to rule over us for he is both a solid `ulul `amri worthy of my allegiance and support and a worldly wise scholar who knows how to conduct himself in the company of his peers and the ummah.

Professor Dato Dr.Harun Din is not one who is prone to making caustic remarks and condemn anyone unlike others who think that they hold the key to the doors of Paradise and can promise such entry to whoever votes for them?

Such is the importance as to why I support Professor Dato Dr Harun Din as my preferred leader?

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala bless him with the best of this life and in the Yaum al Akhirah.

Ameen Ya Rabbal Alamin.

Dear fellow Muslims,

The importance for us who call ourselves as Muslims is to continuously learn and study about our faith of Al Islam.

I will share more about this subject for the benefit of all those who value `Ilm and appreciate it to enrich their life's and add value and quality to it.

Insya Allah, we will be amongst those whom Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala will shower us with His Taufik and Hidayah.

Ameen. Ya Rabbal Alameen.

To be continued. Insya Allah.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Filthy nauseating KL suburbs ~ What is the DBKL doing?

Yesterday morning, I went on a fact finding mission to Jalan Pasar Pudu, in the heart of 'old' KL.

Along the way, I walked past dirty, uncleaned areas and rubbish filled drains that you can be excused if you think that you are not in the capital city of Malaysia, home of the Petronas Twin Towers and the Smart Tunnel, bla bla bla?

I came across such miserable sights that only the camera can do justice to avoid my displeasure in seeing such filthy, nauseating scenes that fit the description of some gone case banana republic!

A roadside stall all dirty and looking so unlike what you would find in a nation's capital like Kuala Lumpur?

You can find this stall at the corner of the road off Jalan Pasar Pudu heading to Jalan Beruang, opposite the Shell service station close to the overhead bridge which you can see in the background.

How long do you think it has been since the DBKL or Alam Flora roadsweepers and drainage cleaners have visited this part of the area?

For that plant to be able to germinate, take root and grow to that height, it must take more than a few weeks! The rubbish are slowly becoming compost!

Wonder what the DBKL cleaners have been doing all these while that even the drains are becoming filled with plants?

Makan gaji buta?

Where are the mandores or supervisors of Kuala Lumpur's City Hall?

Drinking teh tarik and chit chatting about politics in the nearest kopitiams?

Who the hell is in charge of these areas?

Does DBKL still have health inspectors in its payroll?

If they do, do these guys ever work and carry out their jobs to the letter?

Has anyone even bothered to check the hygiene situations of these roadside stalls or does such things no longer come into their job specifications?

Look at the oil soot filled filthy roofing of such stalls by the roadside of Jalan Pasar Pudu?

Who is in charge of the area here?

Tan Ting Tong or Mat Kelabu Asap?


Has any DBKL officer ever wondered as to what would be the case if any sight impaired person were to come across these bulging tree roots now breaking up the road pavements along Jalan Pasar Pudu?

Or is it not their concern?

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow Malaysians, behold the new Banyan tree growing nicely in the drain off Jalan Pasar Pudu, Kuala Lumpur.

The DBKL believes in preserving the environment as naturally as can be by emulating the way Angkor Wat has become.

Let nature take its course and soon we can all look forward to having a jungle within the Pasar Pudu areas.


Kingdom of the House of Saud in Arabia - The Historical Videos

To those who would like to learn about the circumstances which led to the formation of the 'Kingdom of the House of Saud' in Arabia sponsored by the British and American governments who were the Imperial Colonialists occupying the Middle East back then, well here are a series of videos produced by Ali_La_Pointe, a prolific videographer focusing on Middle Eastern issues in many websites.

These are what he has uploaded in

Thanks to Brother Abdylas Tynyshov for sharing the link in our MBA Googlegroup.

Part 1 of 6

Part 2 of 6

Part 3 of 6

Part 4 of 6

Part 5 of 6

Part 6 of 6

Please use your commonsense in concluding anything from these videos for they are produced compiling views from those whom you might not agree with but the historical parts shown here are the facts derived from actual footage in black & white film documentaries which Brother Ali_La_Pointe has successfully acquired and produced here for our viewing pleasure.

There are many folks amongst the Muslim ummah worldwide who do not know how the 'Kingdom of the House of Saud' came to be the rulers there today in Arabia?

These videos might help give them a glimpse into the windows through the folds of history and who were and still do remain as the major players in 'Saudi' Arabia?

My take on this is that as long as the Saudis remain as the pawns of the American and British powers, there will not be much that they can do to solve the Palestinian situation there which continues to bleed and destroy a nation and its peoples who have been robbed of their rights to live honorably in their own lands but now usurped by a rogue illegitimate regime of Zionist Israelis who in turn are the offspring of the British and American colonialists.

If the 'Kingdom of Saud' remains, the Khilafah al Islamiyyah which should be the legitimate rulers of the Islamic world will not come to be and the plight faced by the Ummah worldwide
will worsen and deteriorate by each passing day.

Muslims ought to know and study all these.

These videos here offer you a whole new eye opening platform as to what really happened?

Learn about how the Americans and British powers ensured that they get to enjoy a huge slice of the oil wealth that Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala created there beneath the burning sands of the Arabian deserts for Muslims to use but which are now blatantly being enjoyed by Islam's nemesis!

No doubt that the Saudis have assisted some Muslim nations with this and that but their continued reliance on America and UK patronage to help prop up their rule over Arabia has also victimised the rest of the Muslim nations who face Israeli aggression over the last 6 decades there in the Middle East.

Study and learn about the facts before coming to any conclusion as to the legitimacy of the 'Khadamul Haramain'?

The sad thing is that there are many amongst the Muslims of today who live in a 'Pollyana' kind of thinking that the Saudis can do no wrong and that everything wrong that is taking place in the so called Muslim world today is but the work of the Kuffars alone!

Utter poppycock I say! These blinkered chaps know nuts about the real powerplay being orchestrated by the Brits and the Americans over there in Arabia where the oil wealth is being enjoyed not solely by the Arabs but by their patrons over there in 10, Downing Street, London, England and at the White House, Capitol Hill, Washington, USA.

I doubt as to whether such myopic ones can ever see what's really happening today as far as the Saudis are concerned and as to why they can't do nothing to help the Palestinians who are being ethnically cleansed by the Zionists of Israel right under the very eyes of the whole goddamned bloody world?

May the truth prevail. If it ever shall?

Que sera sera, huh?

Communism ~ Socialism - Does Malaysia need it?

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Calls for the return of Chin Peng to Malaysia.

Recent calls by certain parties in this multi ethnic, multi faithed nation of 27 over million Malaysians for the return of the then Secretary-General of the Communist Party of Malaya, Ong Boon Hua alias Chin Peng has sort of opened up a Pandora's Box of emotions and feelings that were kept pent up and willfully forgotten in order to move on with the matter of nation building which should be the number one priority of every true Malaysian.

Yet there are amongst us, those who so fervently are pursuing this matter to the degree that they are now working in tandem with those who harbor and ferment the seeds of socialism and communist ideals amongst the masses of today.

Writings, articles, speeches and books produced and published by these socialists amongst us are today sowing the seeds of discord amongst Malaysians who on one hand are not that happy with the powers that be for all the social and civil injustices that are prevalent amongst this multi ethnic, multi faithed nation and on the other slowly getting a rude awakening that those whom they thought would be their saviors turn out to be more around the same as the ones whom they despise!

There are now so many who seem to be willing to dance with the devil in order to get what they want disregarding the high costs that such a gamble on their part with making such a pact with the ones who seek to destroy and demolish all that our forefathers had built up at the cost of sacrificing their properties and life's to gain independence for this motherland of ours.

Personally, I am very cautious as not to make any conclusions just yet as to who deserves my support and who needs to be kept under official scrutiny for the very reasons that if left unchecked, these parties may just unleash a civil uprising over which neither the government of the day or they themselves would be able to keep in check the forces or the emotions that such an out of control crowd or mob might spark off?

The risks and dangers of such arousing of passions:
I recall the way things got out of hand in Indonesia during the May of 1998, Anti Chinese Riots took place in Jakarta and Surakarta when poverty and misgovernment met head to head resulting in a tragedy that took a turn for the worse!

The affluent Chinese population of Indonesia were made scapegoats for the inefficiency of the ruling regime of the then President Suharto and led to so many life's to be lost, thousands of Chinese girls and ladies systematically gang raped, massacred and had their properties destroyed, looted and robbed at will by the marauding mobs!!!

The way sentiments are being instigated today by way of incitive comments, articles and writings in blogs and websites, one just shudders to contemplate as to what all these is going to lead to and unleash a frenzy of hatred and communal violence that when it takes place is not going to differentiate between the innocent ones amongst us and those who are guilty of mismanagement and embezzlement of all that they were entrusted with in the first place?

Take a good look at the way things turned out after the people of Indonesia were goaded to a state of dementia and lost all counts of self discipline and descended into uncontrolled anarchy brought about by the injustice against them in their own nation then?

No doubt, some of the demands made by the socialists and the communists are valid and ought to be taken into consideration by the ruling government, yet there are accompanying implications of ceding to their many requests that will scuttle the basic principles of our religious ideals and faith that will lead to a breakdown of all that we hold sacred and valuable for us as Believers in Almighty Allah and Al Islam.

Those who label themselves as Muslims but support communism are akin to denying Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala as God Almighty!

They need to have their aqeedah @ bedrock of faith checked to confirm their religious status!

Socialism might be appealing to those who want to see equality between the masses but in reality even those Communist leaders of the Soviet Russian governments and those in China put up a false front and enjoy themselves at the expense of the common folks in those so called socialist societies!

The many dachas of the Soviet Presidents hide the reality that the elite amongst the politburo enjoyed all the trappings of capitalism whilst the poor peasants who contribute the fruits of their hard labor scrape by with almost nothing and exist in a life full of suffering since their countries fell to the hammer and sickle propaganda!

Read here and here to find out for yourselves what the socialist 'ruling caste' enjoyed after supposedly getting rid of the capitalistic way of life?

Sure, the elite of our land are living it up over there in Putrajaya where the former 5th PM had that infamous 'Merdeka Soiree' where the cream de la creme of Malaysian socialites 'wined and dined' at the expense of the rakyat and had superstar entertainers flown in to croon the partying ruling elite and all the ones who had business connections with the PM's inner circle.

Read 'Monsoon Cup' players. The ones who were said to have utilized or diverted the Terengganu Petronas petroleum honorariums for themselves instead of using the money to develop the oil producing state, etc.

I really don't relish digging into all those scandals for it is just not something that I would want to dwell upon.

I shall leave that to the growing number of investigative bloggers of our land. The 'Sherlock Holmes' of Malaysia. We do have quite a number of them, believe me.

The way I see it, things are not quite right here in our beloved country. That's the truth. Yet I do not relish the thought of communism or socialism taking root in this land. It's just the same kind of injustice where the ruling elite just put up a bloody masquerade of being so righteous and just when in actual reality they are not!

I recall the case where the present Opposition Coalition had a couple of its Assemblymen get involved in 'charity sex scandals' @ 'sedekah seks'!

Where the hell did those chaps ever get the idea or inspiration to come out with that kind of bullshit defense or excuse?

It just beats me!

If only the Malay Sultans and Raja could be a bit more proactive and really start to take care of their respective states and subjects, we wouldn't have so many problems cropping up every now and then in this nation?

If only those who are elected or appointed really do their jobs as they are supposed to, we will not see so many criminal breach of trusts take place here in Bolehland?

I could go on and on with so many 'If only's' that might put you to sleep so I won't!

Let's clean up the country and get rid of all the shysters both sides of the political playing field and try our level best to put this country back on track.

Easier said than done, huh?

Well....someone's got to start somewhere...and I'd rather it be here, in our homeland.

Socialism and Communism have had their days in the Soviet Union and China. Look at what has happened there in the birthplace of such ideas and ideologies?

Same old shit with a pretentious label. That's all.

Yet here we are facing the scenario of Chin Peng lovers all lining up to garland the notorious communist a huge welcome home.

The PKR Supremo Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim is rallying actively for the Communist leader to return home from Thailand.

Wonder whether Anwar or the PKR can guarantee Chin Peng's safety if he ever gets back?

I am sure that there are many aggrieved parties here who would just love to see Chin Peng blasted to bits for all his Communist Party of Malaya's atrocities back then during the Emergency!

This calling for allowing Chin Peng to return home might just be a ruse to throw the public off from the media attention to all the various political scandals that are rocking the nation recently?

Whatever it is, I hope Malaysia stays clear from all the dogmas and propaganda of those two evils.

Insya Allah.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Are Malaysians patriotic? What? U don't know what patriotic is? Haiyya.....

Frankly speaking, I guess that there are many amongst the current population of our country who think that life here sucks, this and that and dream of living overseas.

The average non Malay well to do Malaysians are prone to speak as if living here in Bolehland is really the pits and can't wait to fly away to some foreign land where he or she feels that life might be so much more better than this homeland of ours.

Well, it is as they say that one has to go and experience life in a faraway place before he or she will realize the truth of the famous saying that the 'grass always looks greener from the other side until you come and look back at what you have left in seeking greener pastures?

There are many Malaysians who left our shores seeking a better life who lament missing his or her kampong and all that Malaysia is famous or infamous for?

Click onto the video above and read the comment from one Malaysian living in the USA saying that he misses home. Hehehehe...usual story, huh?

We won't know what we have till its gone or taken away from us? God Forbid!

I sure would like to travel and see the world but Malaysia is the only home for me and despite the thousand and one faults that we usually find in it, it's the only place where we were born and where I'd want to be buried in.

For those who are now living in exile out of their own choice, I'm sure that they are hurting like hell, missing this land where you can find every faith under the sun and almost every ethnicity on Earth living here in relative peace except the odd news every now and then of some incident involving certain nationalities who run foul of the law or become victims of racial profiling due to the notoriety of some of their compatriots who somehow think that they can have it their way here in Bolehland?

Take for example two infamous Malaysians now on the run from the laws of this land.

HINDRAF Chairman in exile Mr. Waytha Moorthy now said to be living in England!

The other Malaysian on the run is the Malaysia Today Editor in Chief and Blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin @ RPK who is said to be living in Brisbane, Australia, the Land Down Under for his articles pinpointing current PM of 1Malaysia Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak and Najib's consort Rosmah Mansor as responsible for a Mongolian model's being blown to bits in one of the nation's longest running murder trials that the PM and his wife have pooh poohed as rubbish!

No more teh tarik for you guys!

You can drool as you look at the roti canai, tosai, mee goreng, mee bandung, nasi lemak, char koay teow, rojak, cendol, ABC, etc. flashing before you in full color in the various You Tube videos uploaded by us. :)

We may have our crazies amongst the local politicians, each thinking that he or she is the gift to Malaysia ; we may have those who think that they are infallible ~ quite a number there actually ; we even have those who can promise us a ticket to paradise @ as long as you vote for them ...

Malaysia has all kinds. It may not be perfect ~ but it's home!

Malaysia Bull ~eh!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Failed attempts to instigate racial riots in Kamunting.

Dear fellow Malaysians,

Not many of you might be aware of the recent attempts by Mr.Waytha Moorthy, the Chairman of the banned Hindu Rights Action Force or HINDRAF as it is called to try and stir up another racial unrest amongst the citizens of this nation namely the people of Kamunting, Taiping, Perak through his call to the Malaysian Indians to rise up against the local Malays who are said to be from the 'underworld' there following what he claims to be a racist attack against the Indians of Kamunting on June the 8th, 2009.

I reproduce herewith the exact words of HINDRAF's Chairman, Mr.Waytha Moorthy for your attention.



HINDRAF have obtained reliable information from members of the public including sympathisers from the Malay Community that the underworld “3 Line and Mat Rempit ” gang are mobilising a large number of superbikers into Kamunting on Saturday, June 13, 2009 to “teach” the Indians a lesson as a result of the racial clash that sparked on June 8, 2009.

HINDRAF wishes to stress that we do not condone to any form of violence let it be from the Indians, Malays or any race for the matter.

The racial attacks in Kamunting on June 8, 2009 and the ongoing unrelated, unprovoked attacks on innocent Malaysian Indians in Kamunting are being perpetrated by outsiders in gangs of superbikes believed to be members of the underworld Malay “3 Line and Mat Rempit” gangs.

Over the last 2 days Indians in groups (in Kamunting) of more than 3 are told to disperse by the police or face arrest but they seem to deliberately ignore the large groups of the underworld superbikers who are patrolling and intimidating the Malaysian Indian folks in Kamunting.

A Hindu Temple namely the Madurai Veeran Temple in Batu 4, Kamunting was also torched by members of these underworld and Police is yet to investigate the report lodged by members of the said Temple.

The impartiality of the Royal Malaysian Police Force is questionable as they are fully aware of these gangs’ activities in arousing racial clashes in Kamunting and it appears that they are colluding with these gangsters in continuing their activities for motives only known to them.

HINDRAF calls upon the IGP to act in accordance to the oath he had taken in providing protection to all citizens of the country and prevent Kamunting from turning into another Kg. Medan massacre that took place from 8/3/2001 to 23/3/2001 (15 days in a row without any interference from the Police Force to restore law and order) where hundreds were seriously injured and 6 lives were lost.

We call upon the IGP to take a pragmatic and realistic approach particularly in mobilizing his men on 13th June 2009 to prevent any untoward incident planned by the underworld gangs which could lead to unnecessary cost to innocent lives.

There has to be more patrols and protection to the people of Kamunting and those culprits who have been attacking innocent people over the last four days must be arrested immediately and charged in Court, failing which the confidence of the people in the Royal Malaysian Police Force would be eroded further.

P. Waytha Moorthy.

HINDRAF – Chairman


Now, if what Mr.Waytha Moorthy has claimed to have taken place is true, I am pretty sure that the mainstream media would have published the related news through their media channels and the whole incident would surely have been reported by our Malaysian bloggers network without fail?

I have also come across counter responses by concerned Malaysian Indians who deny the said happenings as being nothing more than mere exaggerations on Mr.Waytha Moorthy's part and have advised him to please be more careful when posting such unfounded allegations in the Malaysian online groups and forums for such a serious allegation might just spark off a nasty unnecessary confrontation between the masses here in our multi ethnic. multi faithed nation.

I sincerely appreciate the presence and courage of such rational fellow Malaysians here amongst the Indian Community of Malaysia and thank them for their maturity and patriotism for nipping these instigation's in the bud, so to speak.

Here are a series of responses that I am reproducing here for the sake of our mutual contemplation as to the actual situation about the matter.

I will just publish the content of the response without disclosing the details of the forumers for their security's sake. I am publishing them exactly as they appear in the online forum leaving out the names and emails of the participants.

1st response:

Please get the facts right before making such statements . The whole incident was started by 4 Indian guys . All the people in Kamunting know about it . A person sitting somewhere in overseas should not make statements like this without properly investigating the incident . Hindraf should stop creating hatred among the Indians .

2nd response:

Hi Sir,

I just do not understand from where you got this source on Kamunting issue. I'm from Kamunting and when all the incident happens I was still there. I know what actually happened, who and why?

What is there that has to do with what you say as 'HINDRAF have obtained reliable information from members of the public including sympathizers from the Malay Community that the underworld “3 Line and Mat Rempit ” gang are mobilizing a large number of superbikers into Kamunting on Saturday, June 13, 2009 to “teach” the Indians a lesson as a result of the racial clash that sparked on June 8, 2009.'?

There is nothing racial there, no Malaysian Tamil died due to the issue above or no Malays died and no clashes happened as you mention.

Who is the reliable Hindraf members who had given you the information? Did you see anything personally?? Any proof?

We are all staying in Kamunting and my family staying there for 3 generations and we are staying in Malay area for almost 36 years where we do not have any racial clashes as you mention.

Every one is going to work and daily activity per normal.

Do you know that among the 40 houses there we are the only Tamil family, 3 Chinese families and the rest are Malays.

What racial clashes are you talking about??

I agree there is gang fights among the youth but not due to racial basically with actions and words.

The youths I mean not only Malaysian Tamils but Malay youth too. Every Kamunting resident knew this.

Why should you call upon IGP to take a pragmatic and realistic approach where you, yourself have not spoke to him for the actual picture?

People of Kamunting Malaysian Tamils and the Malays understand all the details happen during that days.

Please DO NOT MISLEAD the PUBLIC over the net and create another unproductive

Please do not make this another page where we do not want the Malaysian Tamils to be treated like the Sri Lanka Tamils due to some misleads.

Be reasonable, Sir!

Find out the root cause, get precise details, do some post mortem over the incidents happen. Guide and change the youths who are involve and get them be a value add citizen but do not misguide the public for something which did not take place.

The funny thing is your Hindraf member did not say how many Malaysian Tamil youth and Malay youth were caught and in Taiping and Kamunting lock up?

How many youths had out patient treatment?? How many are still in hospital?? What was their actions and why?

IGP had spoken to the public of Kamunting, how come your member did not inform you that??

Please do not start another book with new chapter in the name of Kamunting.

3rd response :

Dear @@@@@@ ,

Hat off to you . I wish I could have written better . It is good to hear from a person whose is exactly staying in Kamunting area .

The President of Hindraf has finally shown his true color . It also begin to show his lack of leadership . His own coordinators began to split up and went on their way to form their own party .

It is sad to see he too began to take the common course of common leaders taking opportunity of petty issues to play the racial card . I am beginning to have doubts about his sincere intentions to help the Indians .

Last I remember was Uthaya was saying that he had drawn out some plans to present to the prime minister and so on and till today there seems to be no news.

Anyway to me Hindraf has chartered its course to its own destruction the very moment the team began to split .

The so called the Hindraf leaders have slowly began to vanish into thin air . The current one has already began to show his own weakness in his judgment and clearly indicates he has no vision.

Whatever it maybe , I hope in future Hindraf should change its ways to improve its service to the community and not make use of this kind of opportunity to get themselves recognized .

Kindly try to refrain from sending provocative emails which further aggravates the public anger . Many have families there and are worried about their well being.

As a community leader , one should be more responsible and sensible in making statements to the public .

I am still very surprised as to why Waytha Murthy has not even bothered to answer all the questions imposed to him?

4th Follow up response from same forumer above :

HINDRAF CHAIRMAN P.Waytha Morthy as an educated man and as a responsible man who cares about the Indian society has to be careful with the statement he makes.

One should think and analyze first on why Malays would suddenly turn violent and start attacking all the Indians.

Your statement sounds like as if the Malays have no other work and they have suddenly gone crazy and they decided to attack the Indians . Your statements also instigates Indians to retaliate.

First of all your reliable information is not reliable at all .

What do you mean by racial attacks in Kamunting and the ongoing unrelated , unprovoked attacks on innocent Malaysian Indians.

The whole provocation was started by a bunch of Indians who sold drugs . Some things went wrong when the attacked the wrong guy and fight broke . They used this event to turn it into a racial issue by sending sms to others and the whole thing broke out of proportion.

Many effort was taken to keep the matters under control so that this issue does not spread like a fire and cause racial crisis . Efforts was taken to control both sides and to try to solve the issue amicably .

Your statement is a disgrace . You try to use this issue to make Hindraf look popular again. After you brother's famous gangrene leg which by god's blessing suddenly turned out to be well after being forcibly thrown out of ISA camp .

Your move brought the Indians together and aware of their rights but you have further created few monsters who took the opportunity to make money in the name of HINDRAF and further divided the community by forming their own parties.

Everyone one of your coordinators are suddenly the champions of the indians and are on the move to form their own party .

I looked highly upon you as my hero once upon a time . Soon I realize that you are a leader with a hidden agenda . You are a leader who as no vision for the future of the community . Your aim is to take out you frustration on the government and our community have to pay the price .

There many individual heroes in this society who have contributed immensely to the society . They are a lot better of then you are.

Men like you with evil in heart will soon fall and be disgraced.

5th response is one of support to Mr.Waytha Moorthy :

Dear @@@@@@@@@,
I read the statement issued by Mr. Waythamoorthy and it was clearly stated he received this information from a reliable source which in this scenario turns out to be unreliable source. And I do agree with you and the rest that he as a leader should have clarified the validity or the authenticity of the information before issuing a statement like that...period.

Since he is not physically here at Malaysia and as usual he depends on his reliable sources for feed and update him on any issues or current situation taking place in this country.

Unfortunately he was fed with wrong info.

Every human makes mistake and no one is perfect. Are you telling me that none of our leaders have committed any mistakes?

Are you telling every single leader in this country are saints..? Do I have to give examples to prove this theory to you?

Even our top leader has been connected to many controversial issues and will you dare to question him?

Will you even have the guts to post an article questioning him over @@ @@@@?

You as a Malaysian Indian easily pick on another Malaysian coz you know he wont retaliate.

We Malaysian Indians are always the easy target. You are blasting him as though he has committed murder. He made a wrong statement and you commented that's it.....but yours sound more like personal attack.

We Malaysian Indian are the real enemies and we are the one who back stab our own race. Not the Malays or the Chinese.

I hope in future your posting will be more sensible and not a personal attack.



PS..: Dear @@@@ hope you allow this message to go thru. TQ

6th response in response to the 5th forumer :

Dear @@@@@@ @@@@@ ,

You light a candle in darkness instead of cursing the darkness but you also don't go around burning the neighborhood to create light .

For you information , i have written many articles criticizing practically every leader whom I felt were doing something wrong but unfortunately it never appeared in @@ @@@@ but it always appears in Malaysian Hindraf .

The punishment is said to be more severe for the person who provokes or motivate others to commit murder and not the murderer himself .

Waytha Moorthy claimed it was a reliable source . He is a lawyer . He must know that he has to get the facts right first. When I got the sms , I was angry too.

I wanted to forward these sms to others too . However , I spent the whole day calling everyone I know to get confirmation .

Wathya Moorthy's message was very provocative and dangerous . This is not a child we are dealing with.

He is an educated man and dangerously a lawyer who can think in different angle . If it was any other man , I would not have been very critical . I would contribute it to lack of education .

What you see is very superficial which is in your level of thinking .

Let me see if I recall it well .

In Mahabharata , Yudhistra and Dhuroyodhana were tested in various ways to determine who makes a better king?

In one of the test they were presented with a 3 prisoner who were guilty of a murder .

Dhuryodana sentenced all three to their death.

Yudhistra sentenced each one differently. One prisoner was a soldier, a farmer and a priest .

The priest was sentenced to death , farmer to life in prison and the soldier was given a stern
warning .

Wathya Moorthy's words were very cleverly formed. At a glance the message is plain.

When you read it carefully you will feel and urge of anger sipping through. This is how a mind works? An educated mind will form its own reasoning but a simple mind will see it as it is .

If you do not mind , ask a psychiatrist to analyze the letter . Ask him his view?

I do not go around attacking people on personal grudge.

Waytha Moorthy made a wrong statement, you said . Where is his apology?

Never mind. He is overseas . Good for him.

Each have their own opinion based on what their minds allow them to see.

To me, Waytha Moorthy is just a coward hiding somewhere overseas taking advantages of
situations here to create further unrest .

If you are a person who cares for the people then you should be down in the playing field and see matters for yourself.

We are responsible for our actions and every action has its own equal and opposite reaction .

7th response in general :

Respected Sir ,

I usually analyze peoples writing . I missed this one since I was in a hurry and was bit upset about this issue as I was worried about my family in Kamunting .

If Mr.(Moderator) allows , I will try to analyze this letter . Let us not look into the subject of this letter but the intent of this letter as a case study .

They are many mails sent to @@ @@@@ , sometimes I think it is very difficult for the moderator to really decide.

Some of us read in details and some of us do not waste time in things like this . Your point about the effect on peoples mind is true . Our subconscious mind works on a different level .

If there is are lawyers in @@ club who could read thru Mr.Wathya's statement and tell us their point, that will be good .

Do not use this opportunity to personally attack anyone . We use this letter as a sample to analyze and educate ourselves .

I leave this matter to Mr. (Moderator).


I am ending the series of responses to the call by Mr.Waytha Moorthy to the Kamunting Malaysian Indians to take action against those who are said to be the assaulters or attackers of the Indians there to share with you what I make of this situation?

From the responses above, we can all see that today's Malaysian Indians are much more rational and take their time to study and assess the truth of the matter before coming to any conclusions?

Recently, there has been a spate of police lock up deaths etcetera involving those suspects from the Indian community who had been arrested for various crimes.

The truth of the matter that some of them sustained physical injuries during their arrests can't be denied by anyone for the marks and wounds are there for all to see.

The circumstances leading to such deaths and the often ridiculous reasons being given by the police need to be investigated.

But then again, as in many other police forces all over the world, does anyone really expect the police force to go against their own members in the truest of sense?

'Esprit de corps' always takes precedence because that's how uniformed forces work. All for one and one for all, etc.

Those who died are said to be criminals. They were arrested for crimes that they were accused of committing?

In the process of law enforcement, it is a matter of life or death for the police officers who risk their life's and limbs to apprehend the criminals and lately many of the police force have themselves been injured in their course of duty and some have died at the hands of the criminals themselves.

Who mourns for them?

Who cares about the wives and kids left to fend for themselves when the father died for his country at the hands of criminals?

Robbers who mercilessly hack to death their victims during the course of their robberies at petrol stations, convenience stores, etc?

Think I am bluffing?

Watch this and judge for yourselves as to the ruthless barbaric ways of the robbers here?

Did the convenience store workers put up a fight against them to merit such a hacking using the long parangs by these criminals?

Who amongst the Malaysian public gives a second thought about the dangers and plight of the men in blue?

Not that many, right?

Most of us get to live in relative safety because of the presence of these police officers who work their butts off to ensure we get to sleep in peace.

Yes, there are some black sheep in the police force but aren't there the equal number of such vermin amongst society as well?

Hell! Some families are cursed to have such criminals torturing their own lives by endangering even their own flesh and blood to satisfy their drug addiction or other forms of abuse.

Some rape even their own siblings and beat to death their own wife, parents, siblings or even their own children!

We read about these criminals daily in the papers and mass media.

If not for the presence of the police force, our safety at large will be just not there and we will all be at the danger of falling victim to the crazy, demented ones out there.

I for one truly respect and appreciate the ones who have spoken up here denouncing the man who is at large overseas who instead of using his knowledge and skill to improve the lives and future of his community has chosen instead to pit them against the rulers of the land by driving them nuts and goad them every now and then to confront the juggernauts of the Malaysian law enforcement agencies and Government of the day.

What good does that do for the Malaysian Indians?

Who has benefited from being tear gassed and baton charged by the FRU?

Do we not have the power to choose our government through the ballot box every few years?

Why jeopardize our life and limb just to satisfy the humongous egos of those who only dare to instigate the masses to face the FRU and so on but run and hide when the situations gets too bloody hot for them to handle?

I have seen the same take place in all the protests and demonstrations that have been orchestrated in this country.

I have even been involved in some myself but with age and experience, I too have come to realize that life is much more than that?

I for one have decided to make sure that the remaining moments of my life goes towards helping my fellow Malaysians live a better life and get to co exist in relative peace, safety, harmony and progress with one another.

Instead of wasting our precious remaining moments of our short temporal lives here on earth in useless petty quarrels, etcetera..I'd rather we spend it to seek our livelihood and prosper ourselves and our neighbors, Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sikhs, Orang Asli's, Caucasians, whatsoever!

To Mr.Waytha Moorthy,

If you truly love the Malaysian Indians, you'd do better to come home and help them here in getting better living standards using the smart proven ways than to pit them against the ones in power unnecessarily.

He who puts his own self interest above others, usually ends up losing it all at the end of the day.

Be wise and let Malaysians live in peace as one brother and sisterhood.

To the ones whom I have quoted, may Almighty God bless and guide you all to success and a better tomorrow, free from harm and danger.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tired of Malaysian Politics? Come relax with P.Ramlee's 'Nak Dara Rindu'.

Dear fellow Malaysians,

I don't know about you but I find all the latest political theatrics here in Malaysia just a bloody bore and long for some peace and quiet.

Peace and quiet that I am sure those my age and senior enjoyed during the times of the late Allahyarham Tan Sri P.Ramlee.

'Nak Dara Rindu' is one of the many soothing songs sung by our nation's best ever superstar that calmed many of us when times were tough just like the current situation in this changing nation.

Forget the idiots antics for a while and come disappear back into an era when life here in Malaysia was just simple and beautiful.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Malaysian Political Circus is in session.

Why am I not surprised at all to hear of the theatrics that took place at the Dewan Rakyat in our Malaysian Parliament this morning?

It's not like we have not seen the way those whom the Malaysian voters trusted and voted to power started utilizing gutter political tactics since lately.

First we had a group of Opposition MPs pull a stunt by cycling to Parliament supposedly in protest against the fuel price hikes.

Then we had the infamous 'under the raintree Perak State Assembly' stunt carried out by the ones who were betrayed by 3 of their comrades causing the balance of power to swing from the DAP-PKR-PAS loose coalition to the BN.

We then saw a 'hunger strike' being carried out by the same fellows there in Ipoh.

This morning, the same old chap pulled a stunt after being sworn in as an MP!

Sorry to say, the Speaker of the Malaysian Parliament on duty is no pushover!

Thus he kicked out all those who tried to pull a circus act in the Malaysian Parliament.

What a bloody waste of time, precious resources and effort that the public have done in electing these jokers into position?

It's been nothing but political theatrics and stunts being pulled by all these troublemakers since the last election and I believe that there are now millions of Malaysians like me who are getting fed up and sick of all these political buffoonery!

Stop all the bullshit and get to work you clowns!

Yang Berhormats?

More so being Yang Bingai! Yang Berengsek! Yang .. (you may fill up the blanks as you please)!

Where's the credence for the Malaysian public to respect these jokers when they who are supposed to be the people's representatives start misbehaving in Parliament itself?

Either start being the people's representatives and conduct yourselves with decorum or just resign from your posts so that those who can do the work step in and fill your roles.

What have all those who have been elected done for the rakyat since March, 2008?

Let's be rational and stop wasting the nation's resources in getting stuck in these endless by elections!!!

Sheeeshh! Damn all these political clowns!

May they get their comeuppance soon!

Fancy a D.I.Y. helicopter? Check out this Chinese guy!

I've always been fascinated by air flight. Used to marvel at the way, helicopters can lift off and remain hovering above ground.

I'm really awe struck watching this Chinese farmer taking flight in his own home made D.I.Y. gyrocopter!

Simply amazing!

McDonalds Drive Thru at Cheras Bt 3 Shell Service Station 'polluting it!'.

For all the McDonalds Restaurant's hype ads featuring 'I'm Loving it!' etc., I doubt as to whether many of us ever bother to spend even a second to think as to what happens to all the heavy oil containing waste water that flows out of the restaurant's kitchens all over the country and practically the whole wide civilized world?

This morning I came upon a Cheras Bt 3 Shell service station employee looking stumped as he came across a foul smelling stinking blocked up drain full of the toxic sludge blocking up the fairly new service station's drainage system courtesy of their attached McDonalds Drive Thru restaurant !

I almost wretched as the awful pong hit my nostrils and gagged from the toxic fumes emanating from the blocked up drains full of oil sludge choking up the entire drain system of the service station.

I did a study on the fast food restaurants waste water problem and this is what I found?


Waste water from restaurants and other commercial food service facilities differs significantly from residential waste water.

In addition to higher surge volumes during busy periods, and generally higher temperatures, restaurant waste water is typically higher in strength than residential waste water.

This is due to higher levels of oil, grease and foods which cause a higher biochemical oxygen demand (BOD).

Oil and grease frequently cause problems for both on site sewage disposal systems and public sewer systems.

The problem occurs when oil and grease liquefy at the high water temperatures used to wash dishes and later solidify in sewer lines or sensitive soil interfaces in the leaching facilities of on site systems.

The problem is exacerbated when highly efficient detergents are used to emulsify the oil and grease, keeping them in suspension until they enter the leaching field.

Although conventional grease traps are supposed to prevent grease from entering the septic tank or sewer line, high grease loads, emulsified grease, and surge waste water loads often cause grease to bypass the grease trap and enter the leach field.

When grease reaches the soil absorption system it can physically clog the soil pores preventing both water infiltration and the free transfer of oxygen necessary to digest waste.

The high BOD present in grease also promotes excessive bacterial growth which causes the formation of a thick anaerobic biomat that has less ability to actually treat the waste.

The result is premature failure of the soil absorption system.

Data suggests that if soil absorption systems at restaurants are to function in the long term, design modifications must be made which take into account the much higher waste water strength, flow variations, and oil and grease constituents found in restaurant waste water.


Frankly speaking, I find most of our country's food selling outlets seriously lacking the care and concern for our environment.

They simply do not bother to ensure that whatever effluents and waste water flowing out from their kitchen sinks and outlets into the drains are treated first to trap the grease and oil before it coagulates and blocks up the entire drainage systems of the area.

The back alleys and restaurant service areas of this country are often so polluted that health conscious customers will truly give them a miss if they were to ever get a glimpse of how filthy most restaurant cooking areas are?

Here are 3 scenes that I came across recently at Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras, KL.

Look at the blackened greasy road due to the untreated cooking waste simply being swept onto the road. The whole place stinks like hell! This is a Chinese restaurant close to the Hero Supermarket at Bandar Sri Permaisuri.

Just opposite the Chinese restaurant is the back area of a Mamak restaurant there. Click on to the photos to see for yourselves the filth present all around the place!

Here is a shot of the whole area. Filthy and stinking like hell.

Do you think that the DBKL @ Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur's Health Division has even bothered to come conduct a spot check at this area?

Even if they had done so, it will usually be a case of 'Bisa di atur pak!'

Close one eye and all that shit!

No wonder the country is in reality going to the dogs!

Err...let's correct that!

Even dogs won't hang around such foul stinking areas!

I wonder if McDonalds would consider a new tag line along with all these irresponsible restaurateurs who foul up our nation with their equally ecologically devastating acts of stinking up the drainage and sewage systems of our countries towns and cities?

Instead of 'I'm loving it!' they have to admit that they are fouling it!

I have no quarrel with any restaurant service operators. I just hope that they will take care of what they pour out into our drainage systems.

At the end of the day, when everything gets blocked up and backs up, overflowing the sinks and gushing out onto the restaurant floors, then it is these very restaurateurs who will have to face the sludge!!!

Stop the rot! Solve the pollution and free our drains or just wait and see what happens?

Please do not turn our rivers into open sewers!

All the drains lead to where?

Surely our country's rivers right?

Here, have a look at what has happened to rivers of other countries?

Do we want to see our rivers end up like this?

It all starts from that kitchen sink, no matter whether it is a home kitchen or from fast food restaurants such as McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, Shakeys, Wendy's or what the bloody hell ever?

Stop the rot! Treat your waste water before you flush it down the drains to our rivers!!!

This is an environmental awareness posting from Mahaguru58.