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Friday, June 12, 2009

Dig two graves for the DAP leaders ~ Lawyer Darshan Singh advises villagers!

It gets even better!

Lawyer Darshan Singh Khaira has added some punch to the predicament faced by the villagers of Kampong Lorong Buah Pala, Bukit Glugor, Penang by awakening them to the realities facing them in their case where they are resisting forced eviction from their centuries old village by developer Nusmetro Group!

Lawyer Darshan Singh reminded the villagers that all the 'cross my dead body' promises by the DAP top leadership is nothing but 'bullshit' spewed by politicians in the heat of the election campaign moment and which almost always dissipate into hot air when things go contrary to what they had envisioned?

Lawyer Darshan Singh advised the villagers to start digging two graves for the DAP top honchos! He even gave them the estimated grave measurements! Hehehehehehe....

So I for one am with Lawyer Darshan Singh with his stand here for he is speaking the truth where soon the villagers will be facing the FRU, get teargassed and beaten to the sides, followed by the developers bulldozers all because some judge is going to award a court order in favor of the ones who have the money and the political clout!

The DAP might now be the Penang State Government but just like the BN, they too will be singing the same old song that the courts have decided! There's nothing more that they can do?

I sure would love to be proven wrong on this conclusion of mine. :)

Kg Buah Pala residents!

Just start preparing yourselves for the realities coming your way. Start safekeeping and packing your important documents, heirlooms, etc.

The durians in power always win no matter how many lawyer cucumbers promise you that they will die for your sake!

As far as I know, no DAP lawyer or politician has done as promised ~ died for the sake of the villagers like Kg Buah Pala?

Please advise me if there has been any DAP martyr who has died for the sake of the Malaysian public that has escaped my knowledge and attention?

Kg Memali massacre survivors who were promised justice by Kingg Karpal Singh Maharaj Jai Ho are still waiting for him to deliver his promises to them that he did at the 1999 Dewan Sri Penang ' Justice for All ' Forum.

Anil Netto and R.K.Surin had covered the forum. Check it out here.

You might also want to read what Anil has to share about this case here?


MoneyMatters@Nizam said...

Salam Tuan,

Bila melibatkan kampung2 Melayu di Penang, tiada bezanya di antara DAP dan BN. Kepentingan puak2 pemodal harus dijaga dahulu. Begitulah nasib rakyat marhaen.. Org politik memang lidah bercabang. Bila kena ke batang hidung sendiri, dia pun 2x5, 5x2. Saya bukannya RASIS, tapi siapakah pemodal dibelakang mereka itu semua. CA YA NUN ALIF..

fahmi said...

salam Mamu.. hmm.. pelakonnya saja yg bertukar, tp skrip nya masih sama juga... xkan lari jauh, mesti ade sikit2 sama gak... hmm.. kpd yg dizalimi, berdoalah.. semoga Allah membalas dgn setimpal

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam sahabat sahabatku,

Pandangan tuanhamba berdua memang tepat dan hakikat realiti semasa.

Mana dia hero hero mereka di Kg Buah Pala?

Mana dia MIC? PPP? atau apa saja?

Bila pemaju datang nak meroboh kampong bersejarah ini, politikus taik kucing semua cabut lari!

Mahaguru58 dok tunggu Maharaja Karpal Singh turun padang pergi membela orang kampong ini!

Kita tengok samada kampong ini akan selamat atau sejarah kisah mereka ini akan tamat?

MoneyMatters@Nizam said...

Karpal, Lim Kit Siang hanya pandai bermain kata2 shj. Hanya pandai menempelak Islam seolah2 mereka tuan punya dunia ini. Tapi dgn pemaju dan pemodal, semua kecut teloq, atau ada $$$ menanti..