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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Filthy nauseating KL suburbs ~ What is the DBKL doing?

Yesterday morning, I went on a fact finding mission to Jalan Pasar Pudu, in the heart of 'old' KL.

Along the way, I walked past dirty, uncleaned areas and rubbish filled drains that you can be excused if you think that you are not in the capital city of Malaysia, home of the Petronas Twin Towers and the Smart Tunnel, bla bla bla?

I came across such miserable sights that only the camera can do justice to avoid my displeasure in seeing such filthy, nauseating scenes that fit the description of some gone case banana republic!

A roadside stall all dirty and looking so unlike what you would find in a nation's capital like Kuala Lumpur?

You can find this stall at the corner of the road off Jalan Pasar Pudu heading to Jalan Beruang, opposite the Shell service station close to the overhead bridge which you can see in the background.

How long do you think it has been since the DBKL or Alam Flora roadsweepers and drainage cleaners have visited this part of the area?

For that plant to be able to germinate, take root and grow to that height, it must take more than a few weeks! The rubbish are slowly becoming compost!

Wonder what the DBKL cleaners have been doing all these while that even the drains are becoming filled with plants?

Makan gaji buta?

Where are the mandores or supervisors of Kuala Lumpur's City Hall?

Drinking teh tarik and chit chatting about politics in the nearest kopitiams?

Who the hell is in charge of these areas?

Does DBKL still have health inspectors in its payroll?

If they do, do these guys ever work and carry out their jobs to the letter?

Has anyone even bothered to check the hygiene situations of these roadside stalls or does such things no longer come into their job specifications?

Look at the oil soot filled filthy roofing of such stalls by the roadside of Jalan Pasar Pudu?

Who is in charge of the area here?

Tan Ting Tong or Mat Kelabu Asap?


Has any DBKL officer ever wondered as to what would be the case if any sight impaired person were to come across these bulging tree roots now breaking up the road pavements along Jalan Pasar Pudu?

Or is it not their concern?

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow Malaysians, behold the new Banyan tree growing nicely in the drain off Jalan Pasar Pudu, Kuala Lumpur.

The DBKL believes in preserving the environment as naturally as can be by emulating the way Angkor Wat has become.

Let nature take its course and soon we can all look forward to having a jungle within the Pasar Pudu areas.



a kl citizen said...

i think we have to see who are populating the area concern... if the area is in setiawangsa or ttdi,whereby, the datuks or datins can do their rounds of joggings or have their tea break in one of the kopitiams there, then,i think the people of dbkl are doing all their best...
but the area you mention is not in these datuks and datins list of places to go.. so why bothered? all the manpower of dbkl are doing their best services in other areas...


MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum Cikgu.

That's a very sobering view of the situation at hand.

I remember seeing how it was in Singapore back in the 80s.

They had all these large billboards along the roads to cover up all the unsavory sights.

This was way back then.

Today, Singapore has changed so much due to the armies of foreign workers it employs to clean up the island republic.

DBKL is doing the same thing I guess.

Just focusing on areas where the VVIPS, VIPS and tourists frequent whilst letting the back parts of the city rot.

Guess that we just have to live with it, huh?

Malaysia's authorities are just never gonna change.

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Anonymous said...

Great work.

Please take some photographs at the Lorong Hj Taib. That area also need to be clean up.

We need to help the Mak Nyah and the Prostitutes by getting them a better job and by preventing continuos sin to the local authorities, JAWI, JAKIM and all Malaysian.

Allah knows best

MAHAGURU58 said...


You must be kidding me eh?

Try and clean up the oldest sinspot in KL?

How do you reckon we can do it?

By me taking photographs of prostitutes and transvestites of Lorong Hj Taib?

You need to wise up arah!

What JAKIM, JAWI and all the other JA's out there failed to do since God knows when, you expect Mahaguru58 to do what?

There are things I'd have no problem in dealing with but this is truly out of my blogging league.

Let's leave that to those who are supposed to be in power, eh?

Sheeesh....just passing by that area gives me the ijjeebees, gijjeebeess....!!!

Hahahahaha!!! What a joke!

Anonymous said...

Well, you wrote the following statement

" The truth must be told; so that justice can live"

I don't know what that mean if you keep one eye close of what happened in Lorong Haji Taib.

Maybe the rubbish is more serious that the ongoing maksiat.

MAHAGURU58 said...

No offense meant to you personally Arah but there are things which we need to consider first before we come out with statements like yours when we handle certain issues.

Complaining about the apathy of the local authorities in dealing with the environment is one thing but when even the Inspector General of the Royal Malaysian Police is asking DBKL to stop issuing licenses to the establishments there in Lorong Haji Taib because the police have no powers to enforce the law in that jurisdiction, that ought to tell you what limits bloggers like me have in tackling issues like that?

No one's closing an eye over anything.

It's just that people expect too much of us bloggers when they themselves do nothing about it in the first place!

There are things which we can get involved in and certain matters which are best left to the authorities.

The way you speak about it is as if bloggers are a force of their own?

If and when you start a citizen's action group to cleanse up the sin spots of KL, update me and I will come assist you.

Insya Allah.

Anonymous said...

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