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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kampong Lorong Buah Pala, Bukit Glugor, Penang facing demolition tomorrow?

Kampong Lorong Buah Pala, Bukit Glugor,Penang.

Another century old traditional village back in my home island that faces demolition and which is being contested by its villagers who claim to have the right to stay put based upon the verbal deed given to their forefathers by the land owner, Margaret Helen Brown that they whose forefathers were her workers have the right to live there as long as they wish!

Today, the village is being threatened with eviction by developer Nusmetro Group which has plans to develop the land upon which the village stands into a plush condominium project, The Oasis.

As usual, it is always those who are poor and weak who become the victims of those who have the means and the connections to power and authority.

In the video above produced by Citizen Journalist Jimmy Leow who has interviewed the Kampong Lorong Buah Pala residents and highlighted a meeting between the villagers and 'Pakatan Rakyat' PKR State Representative for N35 Batu Uban YB Raveentheran V. Subramaniam, a difference of opinions prevails.

As you can see the residents and the State Representative aren't exactly seeing eye to eye about the matter where the villagers want to stay put but the State Representative is talking about moving out compensation dollars and cents as if that is the issue?

The Penang 2nd Deputy Chief Minister Professor P.Ramasamy is warning Nusmetro not to bully the residents by bulldozing them off the land as reported here but I am afraid that at the end of the day, it is the villagers of Kampong Lorong Buah Pala or the High Chapparral cow rearers who will be on the losing end if they become disunited in the process of fighting to save their century old trust village!

The Star Online has also reported about this case here.

The villagers had won their case in the Penang High Court in October, 2008 but Nusmetro successfully appealed against the court decision and now the D-Day for the villagers to move out looms nearer!

The Court of Appeals had given them 30 days to vacate the village on May the 11th last month!

The D-Day is tomorrow, the 11th of June, 2009!

What is the fate of Kampong Lorong Buah Pala, Bukit Glugor, Penang?

Will the DAP top guns as stated by one of the irate villagers in the video above who had promised the villagers that their eviction will take place only over the DAP politicians dead bodies come to be or will it as always just be another 'political opera'?

Let's see what happens, eh?

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