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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Malaysian Political Circus is in session.

Why am I not surprised at all to hear of the theatrics that took place at the Dewan Rakyat in our Malaysian Parliament this morning?

It's not like we have not seen the way those whom the Malaysian voters trusted and voted to power started utilizing gutter political tactics since lately.

First we had a group of Opposition MPs pull a stunt by cycling to Parliament supposedly in protest against the fuel price hikes.

Then we had the infamous 'under the raintree Perak State Assembly' stunt carried out by the ones who were betrayed by 3 of their comrades causing the balance of power to swing from the DAP-PKR-PAS loose coalition to the BN.

We then saw a 'hunger strike' being carried out by the same fellows there in Ipoh.

This morning, the same old chap pulled a stunt after being sworn in as an MP!

Sorry to say, the Speaker of the Malaysian Parliament on duty is no pushover!

Thus he kicked out all those who tried to pull a circus act in the Malaysian Parliament.

What a bloody waste of time, precious resources and effort that the public have done in electing these jokers into position?

It's been nothing but political theatrics and stunts being pulled by all these troublemakers since the last election and I believe that there are now millions of Malaysians like me who are getting fed up and sick of all these political buffoonery!

Stop all the bullshit and get to work you clowns!

Yang Berhormats?

More so being Yang Bingai! Yang Berengsek! Yang .. (you may fill up the blanks as you please)!

Where's the credence for the Malaysian public to respect these jokers when they who are supposed to be the people's representatives start misbehaving in Parliament itself?

Either start being the people's representatives and conduct yourselves with decorum or just resign from your posts so that those who can do the work step in and fill your roles.

What have all those who have been elected done for the rakyat since March, 2008?

Let's be rational and stop wasting the nation's resources in getting stuck in these endless by elections!!!

Sheeeshh! Damn all these political clowns!

May they get their comeuppance soon!