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Monday, June 15, 2009

McDonalds Drive Thru at Cheras Bt 3 Shell Service Station 'polluting it!'.

For all the McDonalds Restaurant's hype ads featuring 'I'm Loving it!' etc., I doubt as to whether many of us ever bother to spend even a second to think as to what happens to all the heavy oil containing waste water that flows out of the restaurant's kitchens all over the country and practically the whole wide civilized world?

This morning I came upon a Cheras Bt 3 Shell service station employee looking stumped as he came across a foul smelling stinking blocked up drain full of the toxic sludge blocking up the fairly new service station's drainage system courtesy of their attached McDonalds Drive Thru restaurant !

I almost wretched as the awful pong hit my nostrils and gagged from the toxic fumes emanating from the blocked up drains full of oil sludge choking up the entire drain system of the service station.

I did a study on the fast food restaurants waste water problem and this is what I found?


Waste water from restaurants and other commercial food service facilities differs significantly from residential waste water.

In addition to higher surge volumes during busy periods, and generally higher temperatures, restaurant waste water is typically higher in strength than residential waste water.

This is due to higher levels of oil, grease and foods which cause a higher biochemical oxygen demand (BOD).

Oil and grease frequently cause problems for both on site sewage disposal systems and public sewer systems.

The problem occurs when oil and grease liquefy at the high water temperatures used to wash dishes and later solidify in sewer lines or sensitive soil interfaces in the leaching facilities of on site systems.

The problem is exacerbated when highly efficient detergents are used to emulsify the oil and grease, keeping them in suspension until they enter the leaching field.

Although conventional grease traps are supposed to prevent grease from entering the septic tank or sewer line, high grease loads, emulsified grease, and surge waste water loads often cause grease to bypass the grease trap and enter the leach field.

When grease reaches the soil absorption system it can physically clog the soil pores preventing both water infiltration and the free transfer of oxygen necessary to digest waste.

The high BOD present in grease also promotes excessive bacterial growth which causes the formation of a thick anaerobic biomat that has less ability to actually treat the waste.

The result is premature failure of the soil absorption system.

Data suggests that if soil absorption systems at restaurants are to function in the long term, design modifications must be made which take into account the much higher waste water strength, flow variations, and oil and grease constituents found in restaurant waste water.


Frankly speaking, I find most of our country's food selling outlets seriously lacking the care and concern for our environment.

They simply do not bother to ensure that whatever effluents and waste water flowing out from their kitchen sinks and outlets into the drains are treated first to trap the grease and oil before it coagulates and blocks up the entire drainage systems of the area.

The back alleys and restaurant service areas of this country are often so polluted that health conscious customers will truly give them a miss if they were to ever get a glimpse of how filthy most restaurant cooking areas are?

Here are 3 scenes that I came across recently at Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras, KL.

Look at the blackened greasy road due to the untreated cooking waste simply being swept onto the road. The whole place stinks like hell! This is a Chinese restaurant close to the Hero Supermarket at Bandar Sri Permaisuri.

Just opposite the Chinese restaurant is the back area of a Mamak restaurant there. Click on to the photos to see for yourselves the filth present all around the place!

Here is a shot of the whole area. Filthy and stinking like hell.

Do you think that the DBKL @ Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur's Health Division has even bothered to come conduct a spot check at this area?

Even if they had done so, it will usually be a case of 'Bisa di atur pak!'

Close one eye and all that shit!

No wonder the country is in reality going to the dogs!

Err...let's correct that!

Even dogs won't hang around such foul stinking areas!

I wonder if McDonalds would consider a new tag line along with all these irresponsible restaurateurs who foul up our nation with their equally ecologically devastating acts of stinking up the drainage and sewage systems of our countries towns and cities?

Instead of 'I'm loving it!' they have to admit that they are fouling it!

I have no quarrel with any restaurant service operators. I just hope that they will take care of what they pour out into our drainage systems.

At the end of the day, when everything gets blocked up and backs up, overflowing the sinks and gushing out onto the restaurant floors, then it is these very restaurateurs who will have to face the sludge!!!

Stop the rot! Solve the pollution and free our drains or just wait and see what happens?

Please do not turn our rivers into open sewers!

All the drains lead to where?

Surely our country's rivers right?

Here, have a look at what has happened to rivers of other countries?

Do we want to see our rivers end up like this?

It all starts from that kitchen sink, no matter whether it is a home kitchen or from fast food restaurants such as McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, Shakeys, Wendy's or what the bloody hell ever?

Stop the rot! Treat your waste water before you flush it down the drains to our rivers!!!

This is an environmental awareness posting from Mahaguru58.


fahmi said...

salam Mamu... bagus post Mamu ni, berkaitan alam sekitar kita yg makin lama makin teruk sedang kita mencapai kemajuan.. ni semua sikap ignorance/tidak ambil peduli telah memenuhi hati2 kita.. cuba kalau fikir dalam2, sblum bertindak, mesti kita x sanggup nk buat jahat.. harap kerajaan betul2 la tegakkan undang2.. alam sekitar ni ada 1 je.. xde dua tiganya.. kita pinjam dr anak cucu kita alam sekitar ni, bukan mewarisi dr datuk nenek kita.. semoga Allah memberkati kita semua

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Fahmi.

Mamu memang tidak suka melihat pencemaran alam yang sedang berleluasa di muka bumi tanahair kita ini.

Restoran restoran di Malaysia memang tidak ambil peduli dengan apa yang mereka buang kedalam longkang dan sistem perparitan kita.

Akibatnya sungai sungai kita menjadi parit yang tercemar terok!

Lama lama tak akan ada lagi sumber air bersih untuk kita semua minum, mandi dan guna sebagai bahan masakan.

Ramai rakyat Malaysia yang buta terhadap segala pencemaran ini.

Pihak berkuasa tempatan dan kerajaan kita memang tak boleh pakai langsung didalam bab penguatkuasaan undang undang alam sekitar.

Tengok sahaja berapa banyak kawasan pergunungan di gondolkan demi kayu balak?

Lojing Highlands di Kelantan sekarang Gondol Highlands!

Banyak bukit bukit seluruh negara sedang dimusnahkan demi nafsu rakus politikus !@#$%^&!

Hancur lah tanahair ini!