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Friday, June 26, 2009

Merantau ~ The Silat Film from Minangkabau, Indonesia

Looks like Silat is finally going to rock the world!

This soon to be released Silat oriented movie is jam packed with pure Silat action and will trigger a new awareness about the ancient Malay martial arts which highlights the Nusantara fighting skills that Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Siam, Philippines is famous for?

Iko Uwais will soon be a name to remember just like the Siamese fighter Tony Jaa of Ong Bak fame.

Congratulations to P.T. Merantau Films (2009).

Visit to learn more about this sure to be a blockbuster Silat Harimau featured movie!


Pak Anjang said...

Wow, fantastic...think it is good & can promote silat to the world...but maybe not that good yet as Ong Bak & Tom yang Goong (by Tony Jaa).

Anyway, where is Malaysian silat? After the History Channel's (which I hadn't the chance to watch it...anybody has a copy?) debut,& many local films & dramas ...what have we done to promote Malaysian Silat worlwide?

We have abundant resources - good actors, world-class silat exponents, interesting history (which we can adopt into films & novels),beautiful sceneries & rich clture.

Bela Diri(self defence) magazine ( & many Silat organizations have a long time to promote silat, but why not others - government agencies? malay millionaires? Malay companies/corporates?

What will happen 10-20 years later when all our great masters of silat perish - then only we will feel sorry for not having any Malaysian hero as good as Jacky Chan, Jet Li,Steven Seagal,John statham, & Tony Jaa. Why not do it NOW?

MAHAGURU58 said...

The Malays are busy practicing political silat, Pak Anjang!

It's a shame!

People here are simply too occupied with political ambition and mudslinging against their fellow Muslims to bother about the wasting away of precious resources and the gradual extinction of ancient Malay martial arts and culture.

Malays seem too be too busy aping the decadent ways of the world than to be aware of what they have inherited from their forefathers.

Silat masters like yourself do have the potential to preserve your silat skills from disappearing altogether.

If you are interested, I might be able to put you in contact with others of the Silat world here and network to bring about a revival of the Malay Silat before its too late.

Email me at to find out more.

Insya Allah.