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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Muslim Unity in Malaysia? Cross their dead bodies first!

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Ta'ala Wabarakatuh.

So ends the question as to whether the Muslims of this country can be united at least politically?

The final decision by the coalition of PAS-PKR and the DAP mustered about the 'unity government' poser with the UMNO led BN and hammered in the last nail into the 'Unity Government' coffin yesterday and ended the unprecedented squabble amongst PAS top most leadership.

PAS Deputy President Dato Nasharudin Mat Isa had earlier clarified that PAS has not shied away from having dialogues with any party with regard to the good of the nation :

Nik Aziz who had asked PAS Deputy President Nasharudin Mat Isa to resign from his position and quit being the Bachok MP if he still insists in holding unity talks with UMNO, yesterday announced his retraction of such demands and issued a statement saying that no more of such intended talks will be mentioned and the issue is now settled.

Such a decision comes not purely from Nik Aziz's own conclusions for behind his stand is the insurmountable pressure from PAS's coalition partners namely the DAP and PKR.

Both parties will lose their present political gains if ever PAS decides to merge with UMNO, which will seriously undermine the pact and cause DAP and PKR to crumble from their present political achievements since the last GE.

The intention of PAS President Dato Seri Abdul Hadi Awang to see a united Muslim ummah here in Malaysia will have to wait for a while pending the return of those who oppose such a unity politically back to the Almighty's presence.

Nik Aziz is not alone in his objection to the union between PAS and UMNO. Former Prime Minister and 4th UMNO President Tun Dr.Mahathir bin Mohamad equally detests the idea of such a union between UMNO and PAS.

He openly objects to such an idea for it will bring about the Islamisation of UMNO which will clearly be a big no no to his ideals of what UMNO should be?

Thus Nik Aziz can breathe easy now that he has managed to decapitate the proposal for such a union between the nation's so called Malay political party and his so called purely Islamic party.

Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh can return to sleeping soundly now that the unity government 'Sword of Damocles' which was hanging over their heads has been removed and the political status quo here in Malaysia back to what it was and in a way has always been!

The wish of all those who wanted to see the Muslims of this land be united under one entity is now over and all those infallible ones with a halo over their heads can now settle down to their routine of hurling curses and abuses at their favorite political enemies.

Karpal Singh, Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim, Nik Aziz, Mahathir Mohamad and all those who hate the very idea of Malaysian Muslims forgiving each other in the spirit of Ukhuwwah Islamiyyah and establish a unity government of Muslims can now jointly issue a challenge to cross their dead bodies to whomsoever wants to unite the Muslims here in Malaysia?

All the above detest the very idea.

Didn't think that I would live to see such a united stand between all of the above in a joint understanding that no Muslim Government true to its name would ever be given a chance to be forged here in this so called 'Islamic nation'?

It is as I have always suspected.

A nation almost full of two faced shysters pretending to be the leaders of the Muslim Ummah here in Malaysia but who actually hate living up to the true tenets of the faith which calls for the establishment of a Darus Salam where all Muslims will be united under one Amirul Mukminin?

I for one do not care about these recalcitrants who think that they will live forever and get to mess up the lives of the Muslims as they damn well please.

Verily Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala is observing all that they do and what they are planning?

I believe that there will come a time in the future as prophesied by Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam when the Muslims will be united as one and the banner of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala will be lofted up high and the Kuffars will be put in their place.

The enemies of Islam here in Malaysia may have succeeded in delaying the establishment of the unity government between Muslims which would be the starting stage of returning the Khilafah here in Malaysia but this is just a temporal postponement of the inevitable.

I can sense that the majority of the Muslim ummah here in Malaysia as a whole, deep down in their hearts have an ardent wish to see Islam prevail here in this Mamluk al Malaisie.

I reiterate, the majority of Malaysian Muslims. Not all.

Many of the nation's so called Muslim leaders love to project a false front to the public when they are before the mass media by calling for frugality, living modestly, etcetera but in private they live a life of opulence and frankly speaking not in any way resemble that of how Muslim leaders should be?

Antares has described such a dynasty as a 'Dodo Dynasty' in his blog's article here.

Go on, have a read.

Discover for yourselves how the leaders of the Muslims here in Malaysia party all the time?

Eddie Murphy would surely be proud, huh?

Anyway, worry not my fellow Muslims!

Insya Allah we will see Allah's promise come into being here in the near future.

Watch the videos below and realize that it is only a matter of time before what Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala promised us will come into being?


puteripencinta_islam said...

Islam sudah menjadi suara yang lemah yang tidak mampu untuk berteriak membela ummah. Betapa keldainya pemimpin-pimmpin politik yang bertopengkan agama sebagai alat untuk berpolitik. Akhirnya untuk mengadakan perbincangan demi kebaikan pun sudah menjauh. itu kerana demi untuk menjaga kepentingan pakatan kafir. TUNGGULAH KEBINASAAN DAN KEKACAUAN AKAN TIBA.

Azman said...

Salam Tuan,

If the very tenet of the faith has been "toyed" and "tossed" around, for the sake of politics and what not, the only thing that I could expect is the wrath of Allah onto all of us. Bala' menanti ni...

True, that a day will come for Islam rules the world again, but to me, before that glorious day would come, we would suffer the bala' like we never suffered it before.

Although it is also true that the ummah of Muhammad S.A.W would never be desecrated by any direct bala' like the ummah before Islam (e.g. di telan bumi atau laut and etc, etc), the other 'form' of indirect bala' is inevitable.

Or, it could be a 'direct' one but we could not simply comprehend and equate it to the misdeeds that we've committed (because we have the attitude and preference to put blames onto other people).

The poor thing is, bala' Allah doesn't favor anybody -- those who do not "toyed" and "tossed" around the tenet of faith would be desecrated too!

Na'uzubillah min zaa lik....

Azman Mohd Isa

Ibrahim said...

Have you ever asked why Muslims like Anwar or his PKR Muslims which has 67% Muslim MPs were never called into the "Muslim unity" talks in the 1st place if these things is about Muslims? Mukhriz said only PAS and Umno, is that's Muslim or Islamic? Where are the Muslims in BBP or SAPP? And why now? Why not yesterday? And do you think Nik Aziz hates Muslim unity and that Najib likes it? Emotional wrecks who thrive in tribal based emotions always get misty eyed and easily fooled. And what was the unity about? Having one party, then? What would happen? PAS has been there for 55 years, did Umno feel to unite Muslims even when it lost Malay vote in 1999? Who has imposed sanctions on PAS led states till today? Umno Muslims! Now they talk of unity. You think pple can't see through! And do you think if some PAS leaders want to join Umno, PAS members will follow them? They will easily join PKR and some will set a new party or remain with the majority who reject such hypocricy and shenanigans. PKR which is led by Muslims on all fronts is a result of Muslim persecution (Anwar's persecution by the good Muslims of Umno). The same hypocrites talk of unity. Did they demand forgivenes from the pple they lynched and continue to lynch. I guess humiliating Mohd Nizar was part of the Muslim unity you hallucinate about.

MAHAGURU58 said...


Tuan puteripencinta_Islam, Saudara Azman dan Saudara Ibrahim.

Ini semua adalah proses evolusi alami sepak terajang politik tanahair kita yang senantiasa bergejolak dengan perebutan kuasa oleh manusia yang mencari makan diatas tiket siyasah sekular.

PAS yang kononnya memperjuangkan negara Islam kini sudah berubah paksi dan tidak lagi memperkatakan tentang Daulah Islamiyyah atau perjuangan menegakkan hukum hakam Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

Hudud Allah yang dahulunya menjadi asas perjuangan parti politik PAS kini sudah dicairkan menjadi bahan sampingan.

Kononnya PAS hendak merebut kuasa dahulu memegang Kerajaan Persekutuan dengan kerjasama DAP dan PKR.

Apa PAS fikir DAP begitu mudah hendak membenarkan PAS menegakkan Syariah Allah?

Sudah berkali kali Pemimpin DAP seperti Karpal Singh mencabar sesiapa sahaja umat Islam atau pemerintah Melayu Islam di bumi Malaysia ini supaya melangkah mayat mereka di DAP dahulu sebelum bercita cita sedemikian!

PKR adalah sebuah parti politik sekular pelbagai kaum, pelbagai fahaman agama.

Walaupun mereka ada yang terdiri dari umat Islam berbangsa Melayu tetapi mereka tidak ada cita cita langsung untuk menegakkan Hukum Hakam Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

Tidak ada seorang pun dikalangan pemimpin Melayu beragama Islam PKR yang sekian lama ini bercakap hendak bersama dengan PAS menegakkan Syariah Islam sekiranya mereka berjaya mengambil alih Kerajaan Persekutuan Malaysia daripada Barisan Nasional!!!

Cuba Ibrahim tunjukkan pada saya mana mana artikel atau rakaman video dimana ada mana mana pemimpin PKR beragama Islam berkata akan bersama sama dengan PAS menegakkan Hukum Syariah Allah!!!

Saya sedia memohon maaf secara terbuka di sini mahupun dimedia massa sekiranya ada Anwar Ibrahim, Saifudin Nasution, Din Marican atau siapa sahaja di dalam PKR berjanji atau bersumpah akan menegakkan Hukum Hakam Syariat Allah sekiranya mereka memerintah Malaysia kelak!!!

Sila kemukakan bukti dan nasihat saya 'stick to the bloody topic and do not accuse me of being hallucinating any thing'!

You want to discuss ?

Do so as a gentleman and not as any idiotic scum out there.


MoneyMatters@Nizam said...

Salam tuan,

Maka berakhirlah impian untuk kita lihat penyatuan ummah. Memanglah bangsat apabila org Melayu Islam yg berpaksikan Parti Islam, tetiba takut untuk hanya berjumpa dan berbincang mengenai masalah ummah dgn 'musuh' yg sebangsa dan seagama. Terbuktilah sudah, memang org2 yg memakai kopiah itu takut dengan si kulup dan turban singh. memang haram jadah.... ke manakah nasib umat melayu islam ini selepas ini..

puteripencinta_islam said...

Salam tuan,

Angin politik sekarang sudah kacau bilau, tunggu masa untuk meletup, saya sebagai rakyat biasa jadi takut dan bimbang dengan situasi begini, jadi apa yang harus kita lakukan?

aliya said...

Grieve not over them nor distress yourself because of their plots

Jeffry said...


Reza Pahlavi said...

Hakikatnya kalau setakat perpaduan umat, ia telah terlaksana apabila PAS menyertai Barisan Nasional pada saat penubuhannya. Sebagai 'ganjaran', 4 tahun kemudian PAS kehilangan negeri yang diperintahnya sejak sekian lama.

Sesungguhnya nilai-nilai murni itu adalah untuk diambil kesempatan, betul tak? Bila kecemasan je, gunalah istilah perpaduan umat dan sebagainya demi mengembalikan sokongan politik yang hilang akibat salah laku pemimpin-pemimpin parti. Macam penagih dadah di KL, kalau tak ada duit, berlakonlah sebagai musafir yang hilang beg duit atau baru dirompak dan mintalah duit kat mana-mana pak lebai yang tengah berjalan di kota.

Nik Adli bin Nik Aziz berjuang menentang komunis Soviet Union, negara asal fahaman komunis yang bertanggungjawab membunuh ramai orang yang tidak berdosa di negara kita. Sebagai 'ganjaran', dia ditahan di bawah akta yang pernah digunakan untuk menahan pengganas komunis. Agaknya apakah bangsa dan agama polis yang menahannya? Ukhuwah Islamiah? Memang tepat!

Agaknya apakah 'ganjaran' PAS jika berjaya membentuk kerajaan perpaduan dengan UMNO?

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam puteri.

Usah lah khawatir akan sandiwara dunia mereka ini.

Tak ada siapa yang boleh menghalang kita sekiranya kita mahu hidup seboleh mungkin mengikuti tuntutan Islam.

Tumpukan pada usaha memahami ajaran ajaran Islam dan amalkannya sebaik mungkin.

Biarlah pelakon pelakon sandiwara ini dengan wayang mereka.

Bila sampai ajal mereka nanti, pasti akan kurang sedikit penghalang kepada amanat Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

Insya Allah.

MAHAGURU58 said...


As I said, I do not care much about these spoilsports.

Whatever Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam prophesied will come to pass.

Insya Allah.

MAHAGURU58 said...



Kekadang saya terpaksa menghadapi manusia manusia sebegini dengan nada dan cara yang senada dengan gaya mereka.

Seboleh mungkin saya mahu berinteraksi dengan rakan blogger serta kaki komen dengan berhemah tetapi kadangkala kena juga demah membalas tohmahan atau kenyataan terlampau dari mereka.

Syukur, Jeffery telah nampak keberkesanan timbal balas sebegini.

' A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!'


MAHAGURU58 said...


Menyedihkan bila manusia yang mengaku Muslim memikirkan ganjaran demi usaha menegakkan perintah Allah dan saranan Rasul mereka.

Seandainya ganjaran duniawi yang menjadi matlamat perjuangan PAS, sia sia sahaja usaha sebegitu kerna ianya tidak ikhlas fisabilillah!

Saya harap ini cuma pendapat Reza secara peribadi sahaja.

a kl citizen said...

i agree with you.. not for the sake of agreeing..

to me.. the coalition party between PAS n DAP is ridiculous..

macam padang hijau yang dicelah2 nya ada duri semalu...dari jauh memang nampak hijau, macam boleh diguna oleh semua orang.. tapi bila gi dekat, nak pijak untuk main bola pun pkir 2/ 3 kali