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Monday, June 01, 2009

Zee Avi & Yuna ~ Malaysian International You Tube New Age Artistes

The world changes and the music scene everywhere gives birth to new interpretations of the human tendency to engage and indulge with the rhythm of life.

As a Malaysian, who grew up in the 60s and experienced life where the elders were grooving to the tunes of Malaysian Supremo the late Allahyarham P.Ramlee, the A lompak Agogo gang, the 60's Pop Yeh Yeh icons , Western luminaries such as the Bee Gees, Beatles, the Shadows, Cliff Richard, Paul Anka, Carlos Santana, Freddy Fender, John Denver, Hard Rockers ~ Deep Purple, Bad Company, etc. I had no choice but to listen to the sounds and tunes of my youthful times and reflect back as to how things were back then whenever any of such songs came on air or were being performed on the television.

The availability of such classics online through You Tube surely caters to the needs and wants of mankind worldwide to enjoy listening to sounds and sights of their time like the incomparable black & white movie classics of the Cathay Keris and Shaw Brothers blockbusters featuring Allahyarham Tan Sri Dr.P.Ramlee and all other legendary superstars of an age gone by.

Life now is in the 21st Century and with it comes a new set of music makers and singer song writers who strum their way into the hearts and minds of the musically inclined folks both here in Malaysia and the global scene.

I came across this Malaysian lass who goes by the nickname of Zee Avi hailing from Sarawak, who has made quite a name for herself here in You Tube and who is now living in the United States of America having been discovered by Brushfire Records & Monotone Records and now on a whirlwind tour there.

Then there is this other Malaysian singer who has quite a following herself on You Tube called Yuna.

Life is but a continuously changing kaleidoscope of events, norms and tendencies that evolve from one generation to the other bringing with it new forms and manners of human behaviour and customs that take a life of their own through general acceptance and adherence to the society's free will and submission to the forces of change that take place practically throughout the world.

These New Age singers cropping up from within Malaysia reflect that change and whether one likes it or not one has to accord to each their choice of expressions carried out through the present world of music.

No matter how we look at it, music continues to reverberate in rhythm and harmony just as the regular thump thump thump of our heartbeat.

He who put it there knows best as to where the heart and mind of Man can be best utilized towards His Remembrance?

For now, just reflect and ponder as to what is being sung here by these Malaysian stars?

1 comment:

fahmi said...

salam Mamu.. saya suke karya2 mereka..mereka naik secara perlahan2, buat lagu sendiri.. xperlu masuk realiti tv atau dibantu kompeni2 besar.. berjaya atas usaha sendiri... harap mereka lebih mndapat smbutan pd masa akn datang