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Monday, July 06, 2009

Abdur Raheem Greene in KL! One Day Intensive Da'wah Course!

This is England's # 1 Da'ee Extraordinaire!

The most articulate sock it to you Da'ee
from the UK!

Subhanallah! May Allah bless him for his awesome efforts since becoming a Muslim from being a Roman Catholic Christian!!!

He is going to be here care of the Young Muslims Project!

I have been a big fan of Brother Abdur Raheem Greene since way back when I first started getting involved in Da'wah with Brother Kamaruddin Abdullah and Haji Yassin of the IPCI Kapitan Keling Masjid in Penang!

He's going to be here in Kuala Lumpur to speak about Islam together with other dynamic Da'ee's !

The itenary is here. If you have any questions about Islam, well here's your chance to get the answers from the man himself!

Come well prepared for he will surely give you the answers to whatever it is that has been needling you in your heart and soul! Insya Allah! You will be enlightened!

We never know when we will get a chance to be with such a Da'ee as inspired as Brother Abdur Raheem Greene!

Don't miss it!


a kl citizen said...

harap-harap tuan dapat buat ntri khas lepas hadiri program ini ya..utk dikongsi bersama

kalau ada video lagi best...

MAHAGURU58 said...

Insya Allah Cikgu.

Memang dah tanam niat nak hadir.

Mudah2an Allah SWT makbulkan.

Kalau boleh nak wawancara dia sekali melalui video.

Doakan saya.