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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lack of Enforcement of Laws & Order in Malaysia ~ Its causes.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Dear fellow Malaysians,

I would like to speak about the matter that many shy away from or only grumble and mumble in their hearts not willing to raise the subject for fear of reprisals or persecution from those whom they complain about?

It's not like our nation is lacking of laws and rules that cover almost every aspect of our lives.

Far from it. In fact laws are being drafted and enacted at almost every parliament or state assembly sittings.

It's mind boggling when one looks at the audacious zeal and vigor of the members of parliament or the various state assemblymen or women in wanting to call for the establishment of this law and that law to make their mark in the chapters in this nation's history or leave a legacy that their descendants can be proud of?

Now, I don't mind the enactment of all these man made laws if they are of benefit to society and help to improve the safety and security of our nation and its citizens.

The problem is the glaring lack of law enforcement on the part of those who are elected or appointed to see to its implementation.

There is a very serious lack of commitment on the part of almost the entire civil work force of the ruling governments, be they from the federal, state or local authorities.

Let me share with you some very sickening lack of law enforcement in several areas of our life:

Traffic laws.

Things as simple as enforcing traffic rules and laws are a daily headache for motorists whose path is narrowed by indiscriminate double parking of vehicles on already narrowed roads and driveways of the nation.

Malaysian motorists are notorious for parking as they please with total disregard for any of the traffic regulations in most city areas and its worse in the suburbs.

Most that the local authorities do is to write and issue summons and leave it under the car's wipers. The recalcitrant drivers seldom bother about these summons and just chuck it off.

The local authorities aren't synchronized with the Road Transport Department in making sure that the offenders don't get to renew their road tax and insurance until they settle their fines, etc. or are compounded with demerit points that will lead to the cancellation of their driving licenses for repeat offenders!

In the front entrance to my apartment, there is a large yellow box on the road forbidding the parking of any vehicles but almost without fail, there will be many cars parked right in the middle of that yellow box like nobody's business every night making it hard for us residents to drive in and out from our apartments.

Calls made to DBKL are usually not picked up or if they surprisingly do are often given cock and bull stories that the enforcement squad are not available, bla bla bla.


Vandals operate at whim and have no respect at all about public amenities or infrastructure. You will come across road signs that are almost hidden by all kinds of adverts and postings of loan sharks, satellite tv promotions, job vacancies, etc.

I wonder why the hell are the local authorities allowing all these to take place and why their officers are so bloody clueless in not being able to apprehend and charge these perpetrators?

The mobile numbers displayed obviously when traced can lead to the identities of those who post such notices as the nation's telecommunication service providers are now enforcing the registration of all telephone subscribers no matter whether they be land lines or mobile phone services.

All that the law enforcement personnel need to do is to call those numbers, fix an appointment with them under pretext of acquiring their services and go nail those buggers with all that the law provides by furnishing proof and evidence of such illegal posting of their notices by taking pictures or videos of such trespassing of the rules and laws governing such vandalism of public amenities!

Be creative! Do not waste precious time and resources by goofing away all day long and not do the job that they are paid for so handsomely together with all the perks and allowances that they are getting!

I can keep going on and on, listing the many areas of our life here that are being made to be so miserable by the serious lack of law enforcement by those who are employed and paid so well yet do nothing much to stop the rot taking place in this country.

I just hope that the ones who are in charge of this nation no matter that they be from the BN or the Opposition really do their jobs as the people have elected them to do so in the first place.

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