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Friday, July 17, 2009

Mirage of Justice in Malaysia ~ The harsh realities.

What do you see in the videos above?

A gathering of fellow Malaysians who are both sad and enraged about the unexplained death of Teo Beng Hock, political secretary to one of the Selangor Exco members who was taken to the MACC @ Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission's Selangor HQ at Plaza Massalam in Shah Alam and subsequently found dead atop the roof in the next morning!

I don't see why the citizens who have gathered to express their sorrows and frustrations over the death of Teo Beng Hock can't be left to express themselves to vent their anger over the way a young man who was due to be married yesterday is now dead and the MACC denies any involvement in this unnecessary loss of life!

Why do the authorities need to arrest and roughen up people who are naturally affected by the death of their colleague?

Are Malaysians not free to express ourselves anymore?

Are we supposed to swallow our tears and stick our head between our thighs and pretend that this death didn't take place?

Does it make any difference that Beng Hock was a Chinese and Non Muslim so we who are Muslims are supposed to ignore this killing and to be deaf, dumb and blind to something as horrible as this death of a fellow Son of Adam Alaihis Salam?

Hell No!!!

Teo Beng Hock did not deserve to die! What was his crime???

He was brought to the MACC to be grilled overnight purposely! His person was taken into custody by the MACC!

The MACC is to be held responsible over his safety yet here we are looking at the way a witness has died and no one accepts responsibility over his death!!!

Why the hell is there no CCTV at a government agency!

You have CCTV's all over shopping malls and every imaginable building in this so called developing nation but some idiot conveniently 'forgets' to install CCTV's at a building where our nation's Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission operates!!!

Don't tell me we have no funds for such an important part of an important government agency to record and monitor the comings and goings of people being brought in for questioning or does that only take place in Hollywood movies?

We have funds to explode fireworks up in the night sky for every imagined celebrations possible but the MACC building does not have money to install CCTV's!!!

Totally unacceptable!

Now back to the matter of all these arrests taking place at every gathering of civilians who have the right to make their voices heard when a tragedy or injustice such as this takes place!

Why are Malaysians being arrested for no rhyme or reason? Is it because they opened their mouths and cursed the police gathered there?

They were cursing the MACC, right? They have the right to do so, don't they?

After all, Teo Beng Hock was there under orders of the MACC, wasn't he?

If someone in the gathering says something unlawful against the police around them, then the PDRM will have grounds to take action against him or her according to the provisions of the penal code but this is a gathering of sorrow?!!!

A gathering to express the people's outrage over the death of Teo Beng Hock who was so alive the day before and suddenly be found dead overnight after spending the entire night and early morning hours of being interrogated for so bloody long???

Surely Beng Hock's family and friends have the right to be outraged over his 'sudden death'?

What hell kind of a justice system do we have or are purported to have?

I am sad to say that after all that has happened and is happening, the Justice System of Malaysia is just a mirage!

The Malaysian citizens are exposed to all kinds of danger and the authorities almost always never fail to live up to the accusations that they can not be trusted!

Those in power and authority might think that they can get away with even murder but for a Muslim like me, I know for sure that Almighty Allah is watching every move we make and we will all be answerable for all that we do!

The Malaikats Raqib and Atid on our right and left shoulders record each and everything that we do and we will be brought to face Allah Azza Wa Jalla in the Yaum al Mahsyar!

Teo Beng Hock will have his justice then.

For the time being, all I can ask is that you my fellow Malaysians to please watch out for yourselves and your loved ones.

Do not take your safety and freedom for granted for there is no guarantee that what happened to Beng Hock might not befall us no matter who or what we are?

Take all precautions and don't trust anyone! I really mean it!

Get legal protection and have your lawyer's contact number in your cellphone and inform him or her if you are arrested or taken in by any agency or what the hell ever!

May each and everyone of you be safe from harm!



Zanie said...

Finally.. you have come to your senses.

Thank you.

MAHAGURU58 said...


I have always been sane.

I may not speak what you and others like you wish me to state according to your ideals all the time but I am my own man and stated my opinions as I saw fit.

Sometimes I just wait for the hullabaloo to die down before raising my points because Malaysians tend to be like the proverbial geysers.

They never fail to shoot off their mouth before taking into consideration the rights from the wrongs.

I am all for true Malaysian solidarity but at times I find both sides of the fence too egoistic for my taste hence I will speak up against whoever is getting too big for their breeches.

That said, I thank you for your comment.

Take care.

onn said...


Sebagai orang Islam sudah semestinya kita mesti berlaku adil walaupun musuh kita sendiri.

Apatah lagi orang yang ada pegang kuasa.

Rasanya semua orang yang ada KUASA sebelum pergi kerja... perlu tonton Video Ajal Maut...!!!

puteri_islam said...

Assalamualaikum tuan Mahaguru58...

Saya terpanggil untuk memberi sedikit respond atas kematian toe beng hock, dari sudut pandangan kacamata saya yang tidak seberapa tentang dunia politik Malaysia ini, saya dapat merasakan kematian beliau adalah satu campur tangan TANGAN KETIGA.iaitu campur tangan KUASA KUASA JAHAT DUNIA yang menjadi penyebab berlakunya kucar kacir di Jakarta, bagaiman kita melihat jatuhnya Soharto oleh kuasa Mahasiswa, kekalutan di Selatan Thailand,huru hara di China dan banyak lagi.

Saya tidak dapat menolak bahawa TANGAN KETIGA ini memainkan peranan yang besar untuk melaga-lagakan kita rakyat Malaysia yang kita telah tahu rakyat Malaysia kini berpecah kepada banyak golongan dan ideologi.

Pada hemat saya TANGAN KETIGA ini telah lama menanti keretakan dari pertelagahan sesama kita rakyat Malaysia yang dahulunya hidup aman.

Dan kenapa sejak akhir2 ini apabila pembangkang memenangi byk kerusi, kejadian demi kejadian berlaku seperti yang dirancang dan seolah-olah segala kejadian itu adalah menggambarkan betapa jahatnya kerajaan, polis dan SPRM, zalim sangatkah kerajaan yang sedia ada ini untuk melakukan konsprasi membunuh? kalau benar kerajaan ini zalim, mana mungkin kita dapat hidup aman dan tenteram? dan saya pasti keamanan dan kesejahteraan negara kita ini menyebabkan TANGAN PIHAK KETIGA rasa cemburu dan tercabar.

Sayugia di ingatkan, apabila usaha2 PIHAK KETIGA ini berjaya, hidup kita sudah KIAMAT...

Sesungguhnya orang kafir itu tidak pernah senang melihat orang islam hidup aman...

Semoga hidup kita terus aman dan diberkati ALLAH selamanya...