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Thursday, July 02, 2009

PAS Youth invites UMNO Youth for an 'intellectual discussion'

Congratulations to Ustaz Nasarudin Hassan Tantawi, the PAS Youth Chief for being gentleman enough to invite UMNO Youth to an intellectual discourse between them in the near future.

He has the leadership quality in him that many young political leaders nowadays lack and I believe that he means well by this overture to UMNO Youth to at least start discussing about matters that are of concern to the nation.

Read Ustaz Nasarudin bin Hassan At Tantawi's blog here to learn more about him.

At least, he's got more spine to meet up and face those from the other side unlike others who choose to hurl abuses and curse incessantly their political foes without being proactive and looking for the answer to solve the nation's problems as true professionals and as the future leaders of Malaysia.

He has it in him to be a trendsetter in breaking the taboos and demolishing the archaic fossilised mindsets of the recalcitrant ones in the nation.

Both UMNO and PAS Youth might be able to learn from each other as to how best to solve the decades old stalemate between them and abolish whatever obstacles and hurdles that need to be removed for the betterment of the ummah and the general Malaysian public.

I wish Ustaz Nasarudin Hassan At Tantawi all the best in his efforts. Same wish goes to the UMNO Youth leaders.

Discussing towards coming to a clear cut understanding as to where each party stands as far as upholding the true tenets of the Islamic faith here in Malaysia.

For far too long, unnecessary enmity between the nation's two largest Muslim political parties has been dragging on and needs to be settled once and for all.

May Allah strengthen, guide and bless all those who will be taking part in this discussion.


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