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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Surviving Blogosphere ~ Learning to deal with or to just ignore cybersnipers.

"It's what we decide today that determines our tomorrow!"

Zainol Abideen

I just coined that phrase as I was communicating with a friend online. Amazing what one can up with when in the right mood?

Moods can be affected by the kind of company one keeps or chooses to deal with?

Take for instance dealing with the multitudes of cowardly loudmouthed, brash dimwits who pass themselves off as the 'know it all's cybersnipers'.

People with egos so bloated that they would make the puffer fish feel so ashamed yet these cowards go around pontificating in blogosphere as if we are beholden to these despots who don't know nuts about decency and how to behave when visiting another's blog or webspace?

I am not known to entertain vile commenters and shysters online who think it's their right to go traipsing all over the blogosphere as they damn well please and expect people to kowtow to them and give them our web space to spread their filth!

One such troll even emails me almost daily without miss thinking that I read those crap mails.


The particular vermin's email has been marked as spam and straight to the rubbish bin it goes without me having to soil my mind reading the crap.

Same goes for those anonymous blighters out there who don't have one blooming article born from their own grey matter so to speak in their blog!

Spare us the drivel. We don't need it.

I welcome on topic decent feedback and will accord to those worthy of my attention the same courtesy they pay me. You want to talk trash? Go to the relevant sites.

I don't have to waste my precious time reading the crap that these cybersnipers thrash out without fail.

You don't have to either. Be with better deserving people out here in cyberspace.

There are good decent people online. We can learn much from them.

Among my favorites are Cikgu Aliya Yeoh's blog here, Empayar Islam Benua Siam Kedah here, and many others.

These bloggers are gifted with `Ilm and they share such `ilm with us wisely. Excellent writers and researchers.

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala reward them all. Ameen.

If you want to read blogs, please do so with some study about their contents and context. See if there are any good article worth our while in their blogs?

Always check and recheck with authentic sources such as the Holy Quran and Hadiths before accepting any such articles to be the truth and nothing but the whole truth!

Some blogs mislead ignorants with unfounded claims and allegations.

If you see just slander and cybersniping wholescale in them, just ignore such sites and don't approve any crap emails or comments from such vermin.

We don't need such kind in our life. We deserve better, don't you agree?

Cybersnipers will face the Almighty in the Hereafter and they will pay for it!

Read what Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala Says about such kind here?

1. Waylun likulli humazatin lumazatin

1. Woe to every (kind of) scandal-monger and-backbiter,

Verily life is what we choose it to be and why should we even bother to give room or space to these cybercowards in our life?

Choose who you spend your time with wisely.

We don't need such screwed up folks in our life, both online and offline. Period!

Peace be upon you.


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