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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Teo Beng Hock's death ~ Suicide, Accident or Murder?

First and foremost, my deepest condolences to the family of the late Teo Beng Hock, 30, political secretary of a Selangor DAP Exco member who was found dead atop the roof of the MACC Selangor HQ!

What a tragic way for a young man to die like this!

How can a corruption investigation result in a death of a person who was supposed to be there as a witness and not as a suspect?

Not to say that it's okay for corruption suspects to be killed or what but this death is just out of the ordinary!

Really unexplainable!

Picture shows a healthy Teo on the phone while a MACC officer is seen speaking to Selangor Exco member Ean Yong Hian Wah during the MACC raid at the Selangor Exco's office yesterday.

It's a real mystery as to the real causes which has led to his death!

Police are investigating. Let's all hope that the truth is revealed very soon for this is a very unhealthy development in our nation's political arena.

It's too soon for anyone to point fingers at who we think is responsible?

Maybe there would have been security close circuit television recordings in the building which might shed a clue?

This is a real case of whodunit? Was it a misadventure on his part or what? God knows....

I feel sad because I hear that Teo is supposed to be married today but then this tragedy has snuffed his young life out!

Really sad for his betrothed. My sympathies to her, whoever she might be?

Justice must be done and the truth be made known to all, no matter what!

We can't accept that he simply jumped off a building when he had so much to live for?

Cases concerning corruption are said to be tied to all kinds of people including word going around that the Chinese triads are involved in the running of the Selangor Government of the day, etc.

People can say anything but where's the proof?

Without proof, such words turn into Fitnah @ Slander and slander is said to be more terrible than even murder!

So, my advice to those saying things which they aren't too sure about is to be aware of one's words for they might just lead one to a situation one wouldn't be too glad or happy to be in!

Let the police handle the case proper but at the same time, all parties involved would do best not to stoke the fires of dissent to the state of triggering off something that none would be proud of starting?

Teo Beng Hock died tragically. We don't need to see further loss of life or bloodshed in our nation!

Justice must be upheld and the true causes of Teo's death be determined but please avoid stoking the fires of hate and racism amongst the masses in our moments of grief and despair over his death!

Teo wouldn't want that. Let his soul rest in peace. Find the cause! Spare no one!

The truth behind his death must be told, no matter what!

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Trashed said...

To ascertain the proof, we need to have the facts.

The facts are that Teo was released by MACC at 3.45 am (a strange time?) and body discovered around 1 pm).

We need to find out if there was anyone with him after 3.45 am and if so, who?

Or was he standing too close to the balcony to get a breath of fresh air after that long session and slipped and fell all by himself? Possible but if I was a person who was going to get marriage registered the next day, I would just get out of there as soon as possible.

Mahaguru is right - get the facts & proof. However, we still don't know the outcome of Kugan's case despite the facts/observations of a 2nd autopsy and there is another ongoing court case where 4 doctors have dismissed any proof of an illegal act being perpetuated on the complainant.

Will justice be served if there is proof ? Will justice be served for the lack of proof ?

Stay tuned for this current BN administration's version of justice.

Alizul said...

Let's not jump the gun. Consider this:

1. Report indicates his body was found in the premises of MACC building.

2. It was also reported that he was released at 3.45am, yet he was seen loitering in the building.

It's the wee hours of the morning. Why was he still in the building? Has he any reason to stay on at such hours? Why didn't he go home? After all, he's supposed to get married today.

Of course, the authorities have to get to the bottom of the matter, although there are people who are already pointing fingers at MACC/BN. But considering the known details, is there something fishy here and which may not have anything to do with MACC?

a kl citizen said...

a tragic death...
time will tell..

Maha Adil Allah...

The Unspinners said...

Tulisan RPK adalah usaha untuk memutarbelit dan menyalahkan SPRM.

Baca artikel kami yang di hiperlink dan tanya diri sendiri. .

Adakah MACC sanggup hingga toreh pergelangan tangan seseorang dan terkoyak seluarnya?

RPK kata ini satu kesilapan. Adakah ini satu kesilapan?

RPK baik tanya kawan baiknya, Ronnie Liu apa sebenarnya yang berlaku?

Goku said...

good riddance

he is a well know womeniser and a corupt guy in seri kembangan. everybody knows he is the right hand mad to a famous TRIAD member. u remember the cristal gem triad gang case in SK a few months back. the one with the people jailed in shop houses

he got a hand in that just so you know

ask any dap member in SK and they will tell you what a tow faced this guy is

i dunno why people blaming BN for this. I am a DAP member in SK and i must say his death is welcomed by all. he is a SMUDGE in DAP. too bad he wasnt brave enough to expose his taiko.

stop blaming MACC.. start looking inside DAP. they sent a death squad to silence this pansy.