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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Truth for Teoh Beng Hock ? - Check out this blog!

I came across this blog that sure has a lot of interesting details about how things are being done by the state government exco's as far as RM500,000.00 allocations per constituency is concerned?

Check out Truth for Teoh Beng Hock!

No wonder DAP Supremo Lim Kit Siang isn't too happy about the blog!

He claims it to be a 'dark blog'.

Quite peculiar isn't it when the so called 'dark blog' seems to throw just so much light onto the expenses of the allocations for the YB of the Sg.Pelek Constituency?

As the name suggests in Malay, ' Pelik sungguh!'

Peculiar indeed!


rz said...


Just wanted to say something…

A lot of Pro-PR supporters have been saying that the document is fake because of the date on the document which started sometime before GE12…i.e. Item 1 dated 28/01/08

HOWEVER if these people actually UNDERSTAND ENGLISH, they would have read the following :

” Documents containing 83 projects (item 89 to 172) in Sg Pelek constituency given to one Wong Chuan Chow. The constituency is under the purview of Ronnie Liu. ”

Items 89-172 all started AFTER GE12!!!

Stupid PR supporters!

MoneyMatters@Nizam said...

Salam Tuan,

Bila blogger tembak DAP dan kuncu2nya semua dikatakan takde kredibiliti. Tetapi blog2 mereka yg menghentam tanpa bukti kepada BN dikatakan perjuangan.

DAP memang sedang kepanasan. Saya sokong kenyataan RZ. Kenapa DAP melompat kepanasan pasal kes sg pelek.. ada yg tak kena ni...

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam gentlemen.

The reality that all's not well with the state of affairs of the Pakatan Exco's in power at the moment just comes to prove that no one is infallible especially when holding authority.

These people used to be the loudest in condemning graft and corruption by the BN governments when they were the opposition!

Looks like they are no different and can even be considered to be worse when the situation is reversed and they are now caught with their own hands in the till so to speak as exposed by the blogger 'Truth for Teoh Beng Hock".

Instead of just swallowing hook, line and sinker of any one political party's hype and propaganda, I suggest that we exercise a bit more care when faced with the choice of who we elect to be our representatives in the state assemblies and parliament.

We don't want to end up having ruthless robbers in place of stealthy burglars in power, do we?

In reality, no matter who the hell we have in power and authority over the governments and local authorities, it is they who get fat and enjoy the splurges of power and position whilst the average citizens suffer in poverty and hardships!

Case in example, the Kg.Buah Pala residents who are going to be homeless in just about a week whilst the DAP government they voted into office will be just wringing their hands saying that they have done their best in trying to save the village from Nusmetro Sdn Bhd demolishing the 200 year old village and replace it with a luxurious condominium @ The Oasis!

Talk about the reality of the Malay saying ' Ayam terlepas ! Tangan bau tahi!'

Either way, the citizens lose whilst the politicians get to lap it up in luxury!

No wonder these politicians go all out to grab power!

Same scenario with each and every party out there today.

All are just out to stuff themselves with wealth and luxuries at the expense of the common folks!

Isn't that the truth and reality?

Trashed said...

Mahaguru is correct to say that polticians get to lap it up in luxury at the expense of the rakyat.

Perhaps we should get the author of that blog to use his skills to uncover how Khir Toyo paid or is paying for his multimillion RM mansion, for one. We know Mat Tyson has lots of cash ... just don't now how much. And for conjecture, Tun Daim has many assets which are well hidden.

I think if anything smacks of corrupt practices especailly when it might involve public funds, it should be investigated. Hence, whether PR or BN side of the fence you sit on, let us get to the truth of the matter.

The only issue that I have is that the magnitude of potential "cases" involving BN politicians seem to be larger but somehow less priority to the MACC. That is not fair or just. Certainly, they should not be selective.

So which should be priority ? Teoh Beng Hock (RM 2,400) or Khir Toyo (RM24,000,000) ? (All sums are alleged sums based on internet reports and I certainly do not have the proof)

shukri ghani said...

hello Mr.Trashed.

Walaupun Khir toyo ada buat salah yang lebih besar dari orang lain tak semestinya yang buat kesalahan kecil mesti terlepas dari tindakan undang undang.Lagipun kalau u rasa Khir toyo buat salah....senang saja. u pergilah buat report polis.ok simple as that.buat apa u kecoh sna sini...
u guys talk only no action. Then u should be brave like MR teoh Beng Hock. he died because u guys are coward to step forward.because u guys know some DAP members are Gangster.

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OneYear12Topic said...

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