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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Uyghur Muslims being massacred by Chinese communists!

What is the UN doing? Where are the Muslim armies? What's the OIC doing?


Sightseeing in Europe and the USA?


For those who would like to know about the Uyghurs who were formerly citizens of East Turkestan destroyed by the Chinese Communists, watch this historical footage compiled video:

The genocide taking place upon the Uyghur people is state sponsored murder and the world needs to stop this and get the Chinese government to compensate the families of those killed! The atrocities against the Uyghurs must be stopped now!

Watch these Al Jazeera news reports :

Chinese authorities are controlling what is being shown on their official media channels and just showing the Han Chinese casualties.

The Chinese government massacred Falun Gong practitioners, bludgeoned Tibetan protesters and now its the turn of the Muslim Uyghurs to face the brunt of the crackdown!

As usual, you will face a deluge of denial coming from those with blood on their hands! The internet today however breaks through all the facade that these mass murderers are putting up!

Do not rely upon official propaganda media being churned out. There are various You Tubers out there who are uploading raw actual footage of what's going on there.

Anyone denying what we are seeing with our own eyes of all these actual footage's ought to do us truth seeking bloggers a real favor.

Go jump into the nearest sewer you can find and drown! He or she would really truly save us the trouble of having to uncloud their demented sorry excuse of a mind!

For those who want to know what's really going on, I suggest you check out :

1 comment:

MoneyMatters@Nizam said...

Salam Tuan,

Inilah dia perangai sebenar Etnik HAN yg juga terdapat di Malaysia ini. Mereka akan membuat kacau di mana sahaja mereka pergi di dunia ini. Ingin mendominasi setiap tempat yg mereka pergi walaupun ianya bukan hak mereka. SIngapore juga salah satu drpd manifestasi perbuatan etnik HAN seperti mana mereka lakukan juga di Xinjiang.

Harap pemimpin Melayu Islam celik mata dgn hal ini.. Pertahankanlah hak kita yg masih tinggal sebelum apa yg terjadi di Xinjiang berlaku di dalam negara kita ini.