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Monday, August 10, 2009

7 Eleven and other convenience stores are liquor stores!

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Blogger anakbukitgantang has a point when she says that there seems to be a growing trend lately by some parties to desensitize the nation into accepting certain decadent ways of lifestyles that go contrary to the official religion of this nation.

Whether one realizes it or not, all the recent brouhaha over the Selangor MBSA confiscation of beer being sold at the Shah Alam 7 Eleven store and the subsequent political backlash unleashed by the Selangor DAP Exco top gun Ronnie Liu when he protested against the beer raid does fall into the category of attempts to desensitize the masses into accepting that the selling of alcohol without a license is permissible in the State of Selangor.

Why am I not surprised?

Hello!!! Isn't South East Asia's largest brewery operating at will in Selangor for all these years?

Carlsberg Brewery is also headed by 3 prominent Malays and amongst them is a royal chap from Negri Sembilan who missed being appointed as the State's Yang Di Pertuan Besar by a whisker recently!!!

We even have a Selangor Chief Minister who says that it's okay to sell beer in the state!

No worries Ronnie! You and all the Pakatan fellows can Yam Seng as you please because the YAB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, your favorite can do guy is all for beer to be sold and consumed at the people's own discretion!

As long as Pakatan rules Selangor, you guys can hic hic your way as you please! :)

MBSA has to know that you and all those who are the Executive Councillors of the Kerajaan Negeri Selangor are way up above all local councils and No One can Say No to whatever you guys wanna say or do?

The earth must shake as and when your Excellencies trod upon it and flower petals must be strewn before your Gracious Ones when you pass before the quivering civil servants!...

Why the hell am I starting to blabber fairy tales and fables here?

Ahhh...getting desensitized lah....

Aiyaa....look at what the Pakatan Taikors have made me do?

Start seeing mirages because of their awesome powers and extraordinary high stations!!!

Have to cut down reading all these self pompous anonymous cowards hiding behind these socio-political blogs claiming to speak for the people?

Yeah right!

Cowards who spew filth and venom as they please but when the going gets tough, they delete their blogs and hide!!!

To hell with these vermin of the cyberspace!

We would be wasting precious time catering to their bloated egos when we can devote the remaining moments of our life to something better like improving ourselves in precious`Ilm and our Amals.

May Almighty Allah give these cowards their dues here on Earth and in the Akhirat as well!

Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen.