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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Pro and Anti ISA demonstrations today ~ Consequences.

Today is the D-Day!

Demonstrations supporting and protesting the existence of the Internal Security Act of Malaysia.

The ones who are for the continuance of the ISA give their reasons that without the ISA, this country will go to the dogs so to speak for every instigator out there will have a field day provoking the masses or those who allow themselves to swallow hook, line and sinker any issue that is hatched by those who are the perpetual faultfinders against the current BN ruling coalition.

The Pro-ISA groups consist of organizations such as Pembela Negara Federation of Non-Governmental Organisations Council or MAGARAN representing 56 NGO groups, Majlis Pemuafakatan Ummah or PEWARIS, Persatuan Pribumi Perkasa or PERKASA have pledged to gather in support of the Malaysian Government to counter the Anti ISA groups.

The Anti ISA groups consisting of the Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI) or the “Abolish the ISA Movement is backed by the Pakatan Rakyat political parties coalition led by PAS, DAP and the PKR Opposition.

Caught in between these opposing forces will be the Police and Law Enforcement Agencies of the ruling government.

The FRU and Special Branch are reported to be now arresting scores of people at the areas where the protests are scheduled to be held.

Namely the area in front of the SOGO Departmental Store at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, the Masjid Jamek Bandaraya area, Masjid Negara area, Central Market area, Dataran Merdeka area and other parts of Kuala Lumpur.

Roadblocks are now in full operation at all roads leading to the city centre.

Demonstrators arriving via the LRT trains are being arrested by the police and Special Branch.

The Prime Minister Dato Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak is saying that the protests are all in vain for the BN Government of Malaysia is reviewing the Internal Security Act and will introduce changes to it soon.

The question is whether the PM will turn out to be a condescending fellow giving in to all the demands of the Anti ISA groups or will he be as the ex MCA Vice President Chua Jui Meng said to be an iron fisted tyrant wearing kid gloves ala the nation's 4th PM Tun Mahathir Mohamad?

I for one have blogged about asking for the ones who have been incarcerated under the ISA for so long without trial to be released on humanitarian grounds if they have not been found guilty of the assumptions that they had committed or taken part in any criminal activities?

The ISA ought to be used only against those who are clearly enemies of the state or proven to be terrorists, gangsters and crooks!

The way people have been arrested and held indefinitely for more than the time allowed by the laws of this country in the Constitution of Malaysia are the main reasons why the masses are up against the ISA and its continuing usage by the Malaysian authorities to detain people based on hearsay or faulty investigations?

We seriously need to come to an understanding that no one is above the law but at the same time there should not be any abuses by the government and its agencies to just throw anyone into jail just because he or she exercised their right to defend their rights as lawful citizens of this country?

I believe that people wouldn't protest if it was crooks and criminals who were arrested under the ISA but detaining those who are husbands, fathers and sons for so long without being charged in court is the main reason why many are now prepared to risk their own liberties and face harm to their own persons in protesting against the ISA juggernaut!

We need to have reasonable dialogues between the people and the government about such matters. The problem is that usually we have only rhetoric coming out from the mouths of those who promised us a fair and clean government.

Those who are out to create problems for the nation ought to be ashamed of themselves and held answerable for any of the protesters injuries or death as a result of the consequences of this Pro and Anti ISA protests!

Will they be willing to do that?

Be willing to pay for the consequences or run away when the going gets tough in the face of reprisals by the security forces out there today on the capital city streets?

Looks like it's gonna be another 'Durians against Cucumbers Day' again.

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