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Friday, August 28, 2009

Protes umat Islam Seksyen 23, Shah Alam membantah pembinaan kuil Hindu disana!

Nampaknya kemarahan penduduk Islam di Seksyen 23, Shah Alam sudah tidak dapat dibendung lagi bilamana mereka berkumpul membantah perancangan Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat Selangor untuk membina kuil hindu dikawasan berhampiran perumahan mereka!

Dari cara dan gaya mereka berucap dengan tegas dan memberi amaran kepada Kerajaan Selangor dibawah perintah Khalid Ibrahim, nampaknya akan berlaku perkara yang tidak di ingini sekiranya Khalid Ibrahim yang meluluskan pembinan kuil industri arak terus berkeras juga dengan perancangan tersebut!

Penduduk Islam yang berarak ke Bangunan Sekretariat Kerajaan Selangor di Shah Alam memberi amaran bahawa sekiranya Khalid Ibrahim dan Khalid Samad terus berdegil hendak membina kuil disana, akan berlaku pertumpahan darah!!!

Buat masa ini, yang berdarah adalah kepala seekor lembu yang membawa makna tersurat dan tersirat! Bagi mereka yang faham dan kenal akan gaya bahasa dan isyarat orang orang Melayu sudah pasti dapat mencium apakah maksud sebenarnya disebalik pembawaan kepala lembu itu?

Soalnya sekarang, apakah kedua Khalid itu dapat menangkap maksud simbolik yang dibawa umat Islam Seksyen 23 itu atau mereka akan terus buat buat tak nampak dan dengan itu membiarkan polemik merbahaya ini terus mencetuskan pergaduhan diantara kaum disana yang mungkin melibatkan kehilangan nyawa dikedua belah pihak nanti?

Sejak mengambil alih pemerintahan Kerajaan Selangor dibawah Khalid Ibrahim nampaknya kedudukan orang orang Islam didalam negeri ini semakin terancam dan pelbagai kemelut politik serta sosial telah tercetus disana.

Soal arak masih terus berkudis dan mulai bernanah di Selangor Darul Ehsan. Khalid Ibrahim dengan semberono terus mempertahankan keujudan kilang arak terbesar di rantau Asia didalam negeri dibawah pemerintahannya dengan menjanjikan penerusan aktiviti breweri bir dan arak disana.

Saya menyesal mengundi Khalid Ibrahim di Parlimen Bandar Tun Razak dan menyokong pencalonannya dikawasan saya. Pisang takkan berbuah dua kali Lid!

PRU ke 13 nanti jika panjang umur kita, tak akan hamba Allah ini mengundi saudara lagi.

Sudah terantuk maka mahu tak mahu saya terpaksa tengadah!


Rigwarl said...


I am rather appalled that instead of condemning this inciteful act of hatred and malice, you expect the government to take heed of the warning posed by some truly horrendeous individuals that I pray never to meet.

These people, are threatening bloodshed, over a temple being built. The man on the mic is shouting, don't challenge section 23, this is all far too hypocritical. In Malaysia, people are arrested citing the ISA for far less, these people, they need to be arrested.

I am glad that the Prime Minister has issued a swift order to the police for taking action against these hateful people.

Zainol, I expected more from someone who uses his blog as an intellectual medium to advocate Islam. Instead, here you are from your words, supporting these people.

Perhaps you're right, the Indians don't deserve a temple in section 23. Instead, let us demolish one more temple, there's far too many for them anyways.


mynameisnotimportant said...

Salam wbt

I'm really surprised that you did not condemn such demonstration. Not becuase it's a demo, but because they were ridiculing othe religion and I'm sure you know what I mean. What will this gonna bring to Islam's reputation today (or the lack of it).

Regarding the temple, I think the explanation by YB Khalid Samad in his blog is good enough for sensible people to accept the logic behind RELOCATION of the temple.


MAHAGURU58 said...


First and foremost, I am not totally in support of the demonstrators using the cow head as a symbol of 'inferred threat' against the Selangor Government under Khalid Ibrahim.

As a blogger, I share my views as to the latest developments within our nation and elsewhere.

Religious sensitivities must be taken seriously by the authorities in their land development and town planning programs or projects.

Do you gentlemen remember the religious confrontation case of Masjid Jamek Kampong Rawa and an illegal Hindu temple in Penang back when Anwar Ibrahim was still the DPM?

I was there and I know how volatile the situation was when we have the encroachment of illegally built Hindu temples into the territory of the Muslims residential area!

I see the same exact scenario looming before us in the disputed residential area of Section 23, Shah Alam.

Maybe you gentlemen have yet to get the relevant info and feedback not only from the Muslims here in Malaysia but also the general law abiding Malaysian Indian Hindu population who themselves do not support the irresponsible setting up of temples everywhere by those who have other vested agendas than religious fervor in their hearts and souls.

I on the other hand am privy to such information because I am subscribed to such feedback involving highly educated and responsible patriotic Malaysians from all walks of life and includes Malaysian Indian professionals amongst such forums.

My publishing of the report is no different from what Malaysiakini, the owner of the video has done.

Do you see me supporting violence implied by the speakers in the demo here?

I am just stating and expressing my personal regret of having voted for Khalid Ibrahim in my Bandar Tun Razak Parliamentary elections in the last GE.

You need to know me in depth before concluding anything dear sirs.

Just reading someone's blog ought not merit anyone to conclude anything about the concerned blogger.

Bloggers report based on their own personal viewpoints and principles.

Unless you see me openly advocating harm and bloodshed against anyone, please spare me from their labellings when I do not do so against you gentlemen in the first place.

Thank you.

Zanie said...

You have declared a supporter of UMNO BN a few months ago. So with this article of yours I don't find it odd. You are one of those bloggers who work for BN survival in the blogging atmosphere.

I'm 100% sure that this has got something to do with UMNO plan to bring PR government down in Selangor. If they are really sincere, why provoke? Why bringing the cow head if not to stir racial sentiment among the muslims and the hindus?

If they want to potest, just say it out loud minus the cow head. But for those who want to achieve other purpose, something dramatic must be added to insulting the other side and provoke their beliefs. They do this to create another May 13th and when Selangor looks chaotic they can declare emergency and take over Selangor. This had happened once when UMNO lost.

And don't tell me that you voted PR. You are lying!

MAHAGURU58 said...


I usually would not even dream of entertaining anonymous cowards like you but when you start issuing fitnah against me by calling me a liar I am forced to prove to my readers here that you are a no good useless airhead who has no credibility in the first place of accusing anyone anything!!!

Open your eyes WIDE and see for yourself my proof that I had voted for the dimwit in Bandar Tun Razak.

Please visit :

Believe me Zanie, I have no wish of acknowledging airheads like yourself after this.

I leave you to Almighty Allah to deal with for its useless to try and talk sense to blinkered ones like yourself.

Have a more meaningful life.

I mean it.

Rahman Hariri said...

I have to agree with many of the comments expressed by your reader, and in many ways I was disappointed with the demo, and especially the fact that they would bring the head of the cow to signify their intention.

It was not necessary and totally uncalled for.

I have experience a community's dismay over the building of a mosque in Sydney. On the other hand, I have frequented many mosques built within the mainly non-Muslim Australian neighbourhoods and communities in Melbourne during my student days and we weren't harassed by the non Muslim communities when we go congregating there.

In Houston, we have many mosques within the shopping complexes, and no one make any noise when we go the for our Friday prayer. At least not that I am aware of.

I am quite sure many would prefer not to have the mosques within the neighbourhoods but in general they have been tolerant lots.

There are many illegal temples through out the country and to be honest they need to be allocated land for their needs. The question is more of finding suitable piece nearer to their community, perhaps.

There is a need to have a more systematic allocation of lots for temples and the likes.

Then again, in places where the Muslims are a minority, where on earth would we be able to build a mosque to fulfill our religious' needs if the majority non-muslim community were to oppose our mosques?


anonymous said...

first and foremost.
1. the area is PKR/PAS/DAP area.
2. pls tell local ADUN to sort this out. don't blame other parties.
3. those people who do the demo are the same peole who vote for PKR/PAS/DAP.
4. those people also are angry at their PKR/PAS/DAP.
5. pls have PAS/PKR/DAP condem their voters and teach them
6. since ISA is not favor in their constituency, don't ISA them.

Emmanuel said...

Anon- any evidence? As far as I know only Ibrahim and Mahyuddin are behind this and they have,for all intents and purposes been doggedly fighting YB Khalid Samad from day one.

Bro MH58, I really appreciate your distancing yourself from this insenstive act.Our Hindu friends is outraged but very very thankfully restrained from what I can see yesterday at a memorial service for the late TBH.

I may be mistaken, but the way I understand is

a) a temple has been in existence before Shah Alam was formed.
b)The temple has been an eyesore as its in the middle of PKNS developed land, a 99% Muslim community.

c)The PR state government relocated that temple for the sensitivities of the PKNS area people.

d)The new area is in an industrial land, 200m away from the nearest house and 300m from the nearest house of worship.

e)Selangor has been in consultation with all parties involved.Construction have not yet begun.

So why not speak up at the proper forums?