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Sunday, August 23, 2009

When masjids were but just an open space in the desert.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

A clearing in the desert with nothing but the open skies above,

When servants of Allah prostrated with their faces touching the barren earth.

Would there have been an iota of pride in the hearts of the Mukmins back then?

I doubt very much such a situation would have even existed?

Compare the state of the early masjids which housed the true believers back then during the Prophet's time when they risked loss of limbs or even their lives with the decorated masjids of today?

Imagine how you would feel if you stood there in place of the Bedouin Arab with nothing but the burning Iman in your heart and your Aqeedah as solid as steel, ready to worship Allah Azza Wa Jalla with the best of your faith in Him?

No fancy robes, no rich material for your clothes.

Just brimming with Iman and ready to perform your amals.

No fancy titles. No pompous certificates, degrees, masters or doctorates stating that you are from this university and that to strut and puff about thinking that you are so much better than the rest of mankind to corrupt your Tawadhuk @ Humility and Humbleness before Allah.

Do you still remember the 72 Signs of the coming of Doomsday prophesied by Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam?

Well, here they are just as a reminder to those of us who are living in the Age of Fitnah today:

The Prophet Muhammad (Salallaho Alaihi Wassallam) foretold 72 signs that would appear near Doomsday:

1. People will leave prayer or be lackadaisical about it.
2. People will usurp Amanat @ Trust.
3. Lying will become an art
4. There will be murders on the slightest of disagreements
5. Interest will become common
6. There will be very tall buildings
7. People will sell Religion for the world
8. People will treat relatives badly
9. Justice will become a rarity
10. Lies will be considered truth
11. Clothes will be of silk
12. Persecution will become common
13. Divorces will become common
14. Sudden deaths will increase
15. The usurper of Amanat will be considered honest and honourable
16. The keeper of Amanat will be called an usurper of things given to him for safekeeping
17. Liars will be thought of as honest
18. Honest people will be thought of as liars
19. False accusations will become the norm
20. It will be hot in spite of rain
21. Instead of wishing for children, people will pray that they not have children
22. People from bad backgrounds and with bad
upbringing will live a life of luxury (material, not peaceful)
23. Good people, when they try to practice, will be cut off from the world
24. Previously good people will also usurp Amanat
25. Leaders will become persecutors
26. Ulama and Qaris will commit adultery
27. People will wear clothes of animal skin
28. But their hearts will smell and will be dead
29. And will be bitter
30. Gold will become common
31. Demand for Silver will increase
32. Sin will increase
33. Peace will become rare
34. Ayaats from the Quran will be decorated and calligraphy will become common
35. Mosques will be decorated
36. And will have tall minarets
37. But hearts will be empty
38. Alcoholic drinks will be consumed
39. Punishments ordered by the Shariah will be revoked and will no longer be implemented
40. Women will order their mothers around
41. People who are with naked feet, naked bodies and against religion will become kings
42. Women will trade along with men
43. Women will imitate men
44. Men will imitate women
45. People will swear by things other than Allah and the Quran
46. Even Muslims will be prepared to give false testimony, without being incited to it
47. Only people one knows will be greeted with the salaam
48. The knowledge of the shariah will be used to earn worldly things
49. Acts which earn the Akhirat, will be used to earn the world
50. Assets belonging to the nation will be considered and treated as personal treasures by the rulers
51. Amanat will be considered ones personal asset
52. Zakat will be considered a penalty
53. The lowest and the worst man in the nation will become its leader
54. People will not obey their fathers
55. And will mistreat their mothers
56. And will not hold back from harming their friends
57. And will obey their wives
58. And the voices of men who commit adultery will be raised in mosques
59. Women who sing will be treated with great deference
60. Instruments of music will be kept with great care
61. Alcohol will be drunk on the highways
62. People will be proud of their acts of persecution
63. Justice will be sold in the courts
64. The number of men in the police force will increase
65. Instead of music, the Quran will be used to gain pleasure for its tune
and style (qirat), not for what it preaches, its meaning or for rewards in the Akhirah
66. Animal fur will be used
67. The last of the Ummat will curse those before them. (clearly seen today in people who call the Prophet's companion's names)
68. Either Allah will send a Red Storm upon you
69. Or Earthquakes
70. Or your faces will be changed
71. Or a rain of rocks from the skies. Asteroids, Meteors
72. Lies will become a habit of the rulers and the rich

The Prophet Muhammad Sallahu alayhi wa sallam also said:
1. Alcohol will be called Sherbat, and will be considered Halal
2. Interest will be called Trade, and will be considered Halal
3. Bribes will be called Gifts, and will be considered Halal
4. Women will be naked in spite of wearing dresses.

(This Hadith has baffled the Ulema for a very long time until now)

The 3 kind of naked women are:
(1) Those who wear see-through dresses
(2) Those who wear tight dresses and
(3) Those whose dresses are so short,that they expose the body
5. Women will have hair, like the hump of a camel.

(This hadith too, had baffled the Ulama for quite a long time till they saw current hairstyles.

It came into fashion in the 50s and 60s.)

Jihad is fast approaching every corner of the world.

We have to reinforce our inner strength with the help of ALLAH s.w.t. by dzikr in abundance to always remember ALLAH s.w.t to seek protection, sincere in our action, solat , read Al-Quran, Dakwah al Islamiyyah and Jihad fi sabilillah.