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Sunday, September 06, 2009

A Blogger's Dilemma - Running out of Image Bandwidth?

Dear fellow bloggers,

I am sure that those of you who blog regularly using images hosted by online image hosting services would have faced a situation where suddenly you find your images replaced by a 'bandwidth exceeded notice' asking you to upgrade to the host's premium services!

Well, I have become a victim of such a situation where Photobucket slammed me with just that recently.

Image hosting by

Luckily for me, I had the clarity of thought in searching for alternative free image hosting online.

I found such an unlimited free image hosting with

Thank God for them.

Yes, you do have to be a bit skilled in first processing your images by using the Microsoft Office Picture Manager in compressing your images and then save them in a separate file first.

Now, I have to painstakingly trace back each and every image that I uploaded using the Photobucket service and replace them with the hosted unlimited bandwidth files.

It's gonna be a slow process for sure but its worth not having to see that sickening Photobucket 'bandwidth exceeded notice' again!

Once you have signed up for your free account with, you can then upload your images using their manual upload system one by one.

Yes, it isn't as advanced as what Photobucket and other image hosting services 'provide' you but you have to be aware of their hidden bandwidth limit trap.

As prolific bloggers who posts articles containing images on a regular basis, one does tend to forget just such a hidden trap and finds ones articles missing the relevant graphics once one goes over the bandwidth limit which is not announced clearly by services such as Photobucket!

So, to those of you who have found themselves in the same predicament as myself, you now have a choice.

Free unlimited image hosting by

For free unlimited video hosting, I still prefer You Tube. If you are a 'Director' account holder like me for producing my own original videos, the size limit for video files has been increased from just the run of the mill 100mb to 1Gb and now upto 20Gb per file upload!!!

Thanks You Tube!

The internet is just like a vast ocean of opportunities. Once we find ourselves in a spot due to all those hidden tricks and traps set up by the so called free image hosting services with their undeclared bandwidth limits, all you have to do is to just search for others who really provide unlimited bandwidths for bloggers and website owners like us.

To and You Tube, my heartfelt gratitude and sincere appreciation.

You guys rock!!!


Jeffry said...


MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Tuan Jeffery!

Esprit de Corps bro.

Why should we be stingy with sharing info and skills with one another?

My principle has always been to keep on learning and to share what I have learned with others before I drop dead.

No point in carrying all that knowledge and experience to the grave.

Over there it will be just our deeds that might save our souls from the Hellfire providing we pass Allah's Standards.

Failing which it will be nothing but 'Roasting Time'.


Glad to be of service to you sir.

Hope all others feel the same. :)

Wassalamualaikum wr wb.