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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

BN's Last Term as the Federal Government of Malaysia?

From the way things are turning up by the day in the form of the Barisan Nasional slowly but surely losing ground in the running of this nation, I can sense that this just might be the last term in power for the BN in running the Federal Government of Malaysia.

Not to say that the Pakatan Rakyat coalition are just exemplary chaps in comparison but more than 5 decades of being in absolute power naturally has seen the BN losing favor with the grassroot voting majority.

Every single by election that has taken place since the last GE in March 8th, 2008 has seen the BN being trounced soundly by the DAP-PKR-PAS coalition.

The problem eating away at the Barisan Nasional is the prevailing lethargic mindset of the political dinosaurs still recalcitrantly clenching their grubby hands on the seats of power especially in the MIC, UMNO and MCA and all the other minor coalition partners making up the BN.

Corruption ridden racist parties still wanting to wing it out seem oblivious to the groundswell of political reform minded current voters who are much more willing to risk change by voting against the norm no matter how much 'development' and financial kickbacks are strewn before them by the behemoths in power.

The new generation of better informed and opinionated younger generation of Malaysians today look beyond the run of the mill race card that was used extensively in the past by the ruling coalition and now dare to breakthrough the unspoken taboo of taking non Malays to be their leaders and by each by election continue to chop down the mighty BN megalopolis to its roots.

The latest decision by the Barisan Nasional Supreme Council to field a candidate in the form of the former Menteri Besar of Negri Sembilan in the coming by election at Bagan Pinang speaks volumes about the BN's failure to get a clean as a whistle alternative candidate to the once suspended UMNO Vice President Tan Sri Isa Samad!

He who was found guilty of money politics by the courts is now the final nail that is about to be hammered into the BN coffin pending the 13th General Elections that will be held a few years from now.

Najib Tun Razak has not fared well in really capturing the hearts and minds of the people for he came into power through the back door of the political power transfer arrangement from the listless and quite unpopular 5th Malaysian Premier Abdullah Badawi @ Pak Lah to him who has been accused of being involved in many scandals that have yet to be cleared decisively and effectively by the current and most probably last Premier from the BN's 52 year long run of political power monopoly here in Bolehland.

Too many questions are still being left unanswered by the incumbent Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Incorporated and the problem is being worsened by the incessant politicking by the nation's so called 'retired' 4th Prime Minister who still can't keep himself away from continuously making his voice be heard every now and then whenever something crops up in the political theater that he is just so fond of!

Abdullah Badawi was hounded by Mahathir to the brink of political mental breakdown and resulted in his early departure from the hallowed halls of Malaysian political power supremacy.

Mahathir's ceaseless faultfinding and vicious jibes ate away at Abdullah Badawi's reign of power till the old chap just tried to doze it off whenever he could?

One's heart won't feel the pain when one is in lalaland.....that's what I conclude seeing Pak Lah's ways in his final days as the 5th Malaysian PM...ironically installed by his very own nemesis himself in the wily old Tun Dr.M!!!

Now, Najib's in the same old deep shit Pak Lah was in and he doesn't look any better in terms of endearing himself to the masses.

All this propaganda hogwash of 1Malaysia is a last ditch attempt at shoring up his fragile and feeble defenses against the crumbling fortress of UMNO led BN which is seeing its bricks and mortars falling prey to the political termites at work in bringing down the nation's only federal government which has been enjoying uninterrupted power since this nation's independence from the British Colonial Government in 1957.

Najib does not have the grassroots support that many premiers before him had. He lives in a self made cocoon of political dreamland that he conjured up thinking that by his doing away with many of the Malays rights and privileges, he might get another term of being in supreme and absolute power?

The sad reality is that the curtain is finally going to come down upon the BN for failing to capture the hearts and minds of the Malaysian masses and the PR are now getting ready to move in for the kill by decimating one by one the BN's knights in the Malaysian political power play.

Will this be 'au revoir' for the BN?

We will just have to wait and see what transpires?


Anonymous said...


I'm afraid that if the country falls into the hands of PR,she will fall into a deeper abyss as we know that who are the funder of PR,especially PKR.The country will fall into the hands of the neo-cons and will be part of the zionis-anglo-american political empire.In the process of us trying to find a new freedom,a new definition of unity,we will lose our sovereignty.
Our new generation is educated,but not necessarily smart in finding what is truth,what is lie.I can see that the neo-cons are getting closer and closer in having a grasp in our sovereignty.To them,Malaysia must be stopped from being the first islamic country to attain the advanced nation status.Because that will only give the Islamic world too much say.Only Allah can save the country now.

sri mersing

TiGaSuNgAi said...

Dulu BN juga yang buat sekolah untuk saudara menimba ilmu. tapi sekarang bila dah pandai, nak lawan BN pulak. Apa ne? Tak kenang budi lansung....

Emmanuel said...

I think Najib will pull every rabbit out of his hat, but its too little too late. His ministers are simply still to inept to compete with the younger, more capable lineup (at least at the top) of PR.PR needs to streamline itself, get their act together, decide their warcry, get their story straight and go into battle as one if they want to stand a chance against the behemoth of a machinery known as BN.

MAHAGURU58 said...


Your worries do have valid grounds and we ought to keep an eye on Anwar's hobnobbing with the American Zionist Neo-Con Warlords.

I agree with you that we ought not let our nation be a launchpad for the Zionist backed Neo Cons attempt to dominate this part of Asia in their global dominion policies and plans.

The nation is at risk of turning into another pawn of the imperialists masquerading as trade entrepreneurs.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam TigaSungai.

Saudara perlu belajar melihat keadaan politik semasa dari sudut pandang yang lebih meluas dan tidak jumud fikiran menganggap segala yang BN bersih dan lawan mereka kotor.

Islam mengajar kita bersyukur kepada Allah dan berterimakasih kepada sesama manusia Yang Berjasa.

BN adalah pakatan parti parti politik biasa.

Yang baik kita sanjung ; yang kaki songlap kita gantung!

BN tidak lah menyediakan segalanya bagi saya.

Saudara bercakap seolah tahu benar diri saya ini di biayai kerajaan BN dari kecil?

Minta maaf le bro...buat kaji selidek terlebih dahulu.

Jangan dok jerangkap samar.

Saya ni anak kampong yang belajar didalam keadaan teramat lah daif sekali.

Orang lain makan minum sedap sedap semasa sekolah, anak miskin ini minum air paip sekolah sampai kembong perut sampai ke hari ini.

Gi sekolah jalan kaki.

Time berbaris ada masa saya pitam sebab lapar tak makan.

Jangan sembarangan buat buat kesimpulan gitu gini sesedap mulut!

Saya menulis menyokong SELCAT menyiasat salah laku ADUN BN yang korup dan DO DO yang bersyubahat dengan penyelewengan peruntukan duit rakyat.

Yang saudara beriya benar nak menghentam saya kenapa?

Saudara ada makan duit peruntukan yang diselewengkan itu juga ke?

Kalau tak ada kena mengena dengan saudara, apakehalnya nak datang kenen kenen saya ni?

Dah tak ada masaalah kat Sarawak tu ke brader?

Kita dok berbicara tentang salah laku ADUN BN ; yang saudara dok huha nak smash kita apasal?

Saja nak jolok sarang tabuan?

Ada benda lain yang lebih berfaedah untuk saudara lakukan di sana.

Elok le jaga hal ehwal kat negeri sendiri bro.

Sebagai blogger terpulang kepada saya nak tulis ape ke benda pun asal tak fitnah orang atau rajin rajinkan diri nak datang tuduh orang itu ini macam saudara.

Bawa bawa berfikir bah!

Jangan dok rajin lak menambah dosa selepas berpuasa ni.

MAHAGURU58 said...


My supporting the SELCAT initiative doesn't mean that I am totally in support of the PR.

There are certain areas where the PR are disrespectful of us Muslims and have tread on sensitive grounds which all these while are taboo to us.

I am all for good governance and mutual welfare of all Malaysians but I will not endorse any party that is detrimental to my faith.

That includes just about everyone, whether it be the Malay Sultanates, the BN or the PR!

onn said...

Teruskan sdr...

Berkata benar walaupun pahit...!

Tak kira BN atau PR..!!!

Sekecil-kecil syahid adalah berkata benar kpd pemimpin..!!