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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Foreign thieves at work in Malaysia - Watch this!

My wife fell prey to a syndicate just like this couple of foreign thieves who are seen brazenly making off after grabbing a lady's handbag at Swensens Subang.

This is the same modus operandi that the thieves at Suria KLCC used to steal my wife's handbag containing valuables and many important identification cards and other documents plus my gift to my wife being an O2 Zinc PDA plus other precious items.

The Suria KLCC Security Department was useless and didn't even allow us to watch their CCTV recordings.

The Jalan Tun Razak Police Station was equally inept and the so called Investigating Officer of the theft case @ Inspector Haslina hasn't even bothered to call me even once to 'investigate' this case.

Is it any wonder why such foreign thieves are happily going about stealing from unsuspecting Malaysians?

All the hype about our nation being under good hands is but a whole load of hogwash and bullshit!

The security and police at most times are a total letdown and undependable.

That incident left me a changed man. I never trust any security personnel or police officer anymore to watch out for my safety and that of my loved ones.

So must you! Not trust anyone when you are out in public!

No one!~ I mean no one will bother to come help you or watch out for you!

If you are visiting the De Palma Hotel at Ampang Point, see for yourself the notice put up by the hotel where they have on tape, visuals of the same syndicate stealing from their guests.

Are you going to be the next victim?

Watch the foreign female thief brazenly grab the Malay lady's handbag from behind and walk away with it! Replay the video again and again to see how she does it? Just seconds!

Two females and a male. South Americans.

I just bought my wife a new handbag, new handphone and all the necessary gadgets that she needs to carry on with her life.

Don't be surprised if you come across Mahaguru58 with my wife's handbag slung securely on my shoulder when we are in public.

I honestly tell you that I won't hesitate to break any bloody thief's arm the next time they try to pull the same stunt on us again!

Hell! I'll pull the @#$%^&! thief's arm off!!! So help me God!

Is it any wonder why God Almighty orders the thief's hand to be cut off?

You would feel the same if it was you instead of the lady and us being robbed!


justicenequality said...

Normally people act "tidak apa" when it does not affect them. See "no evil, hear no evil".
Now that you are personally affected by what happen to your love one, you feel the pain.
In fact you are willing to the extent of incurring harm to the transgressors; taking the LAW into you OWN HANDS!
Is this right of a good Muslim like your goodself??
Why not hand it over to the Polis?

MAHAGURU58 said...

Dear brother,
What do you expect a 'good Muslim' to do when he or she is robbed?

Pray to God that the perpetrator will be struck by lightning?

Goodness gracious!

You seriously expect me to trust the police after I did go and report to them and they did what?....

Not a bloody thing!

You'd be singing a different tune sir if it was you who suffered the loss.

I may try my level best to be a 'good Muslim' sir but I am just human as yourself and everyone else.

Psst! I get pissed off too! :)

al-lavendari said...

cekap betul penyangak tu! saya dapat bayangkan macamana susah hati dan sakit hati mangsa tersebut. beg tangan isteri saya juga pernah dicuri semasa kami bercuti di London beberapa tahun lalu. semasa kami makan, beg tangannya di letak di bawah meja kerana meja makannya kecik sangat. bila habis makan, tengok dah lesap! nasib baik (kita selalu cakap nasib baik) pasport dan tiket kapal terbang kita tinggalkan kat hotel

MAHAGURU58 said...


Hanya yang dah kena curi tahu betapa sakitnya hati kita kehilangan harta benda kita yang kita beli dengan hasil titik peluh kita sendiri.

Ni hero kat atas ni ada pula persoalkan tentang 'Muslim baik' macam kita ni tak boleh pula nak marah kat pencuri tersebut?

Kot kena batang hidung sendiri baru dia reti terbakaq ke tidak hati tu?

Ikut hukum agama, hudud je jawabnya!

Hidup menyusahkan orang je!