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Monday, September 28, 2009

Malaysia can be a great nation ... if only....

It's citizens learn to appreciate what we have instead of constantly screwing it up!

How do they do that, you ask?

Why...haven't you seen?
  1. Many Malaysians polluting the country's environment....
  • They litter as they damn well please...
  1. our highways and roadways by throwing thrash as they wish, out of their car windows, school buses, lorries, tankers, passing motorbikes, bicycles, etc..
  2. they throw garbage out from their flats, apartments and houses as they please...
  3. they chuck their rubbish into our rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, seas, etc...
  4. they flick their cigarette butts out of their automobiles and from motorcycles and bicycles
  5. they do not give a damn about others when they drive on the roads
  6. they overtake from the emergency lanes when on the highways
  7. they weave in and out of traffic like some bloody stunt driver in a Hollywood action movie
  8. they die on our highways when they smash themselves up killing not only their stupid self's but also other innocent motorists and their families when they crash and burn, jamming up the highways and causing tens of thousands of damage to our road systems
  9. they drive so bloody fast and road hog as they please, driving right up to the vehicle in front of them and flash their headlights as if they own the bloody roads and everyone else are just in their zooming their god-damned way to hell!
  10. I can keep going on and on but you folks know exactly what I'm so pissed about?
Our politicians think that they are God's gift to this nation and act as if they are so bloody indispensable!

Political leaders keep opening their big fat mouths even when they have proclaimed themselves retired and try to run the country through the obviously cockeyed mass media who keep sniffing up their retired butts for comments on this and that issue!

These recalcitrant political hasbeens do not know when to call it quits and keep loud mouthing as if they are infallible angels and must be listened to 24/7!

The Malay Sultans and Raja do not give a damn about the sorry state of affairs of the Muslims and betray their subjects by not bothering to help them out when Islam and the Muslims are whacked left right and blue by our enemies from within the fold and out of it.

As I said before, Malaysia can be a great nation ...if only...