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Monday, September 14, 2009

May Allah's Curse be upon the demolishers of Kg Buah Pala!

I feel nothing but extreme sadness and despair looking at how the villagers of Kg Buah Pala at Bukit Glugor, Penang are being victimized by the authorities and their cohorts in the form of the developers who are demolishing the 200 over years old only remaining Indian traditional settlement there! Click here to watch the traumatic video!

To see a mother pour kerosene on herself and threaten to immolate herself to death rather than remain alive and witness her beloved home be razed to the ground by the heartless demons is sure to cause any decent human being to grieve together with the family!!!

I am just seething with anger and grief at the same time feeling the heart wrenching agony of those villagers!

All I can say is that 'May Allah's Curse be upon the ones behind this demolition of the Kg Buah Pala!

Where are the so called People's Champions?

Where are all those legal eagles who promised to protect the village even if they have to lay down their own lives to save it?

Where are the government of the people by the people and all the bullshit spewers who rallied the people of Kg Buah Pala to vote for them during the GE?

Where are any of the NGO's and Task Force who claimed not to allow the now ongoing demolition?

I see nothing but treachery taking place there.

Betrayals beyond compare!

Cursed be all of them!!!