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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

National Health Fund ~ Is there such a thing yet?

I refer to the situation where many of our fellow citizens who are suffering from chronic and serious illnesses or conditions are forced to appeal to the masses in gathering funds to pay for their surgeries and other medical needs.

I wonder if there is any 'National Health Fund' that has been set up to help out or assist our fellow Malaysians yet?

If there is, then why is it that we do not hear about such a fund and no one in power seems bothered to champion such a worthy cause?

Those who are in power and authority would naturally have no problems in seeking medical treatment overseas or locally as they would be flushed with cash, etc. but what about the poor who not only are suffering from indifference here in our government clinics or hospitals but are forced to beg for assistance from the general public to collect funds to pay for their treatments and surgeries?

I reckon that it would be a great help if the government can come up with such a funding set up where contributors can get an income tax rebate for every ringgit that they contribute to such a fund?

Does anybody know if there is such a medical help fund set up yet?

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