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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Would you still smoke if you could see what it does to your insides?

Here's what goes into the process of making cigarettes?

But then again, the usual timeless response and attitude of those whom you try and advice them in quitting smoking is always as the lady below :

Still, it is really up to the individual.

They do have a choice as to whether to commit suicide bit by bit till they choke and croak their life out in a long, suffering period or just blow their brains out like what we see take place in the movies?

Problem is that whichever way they choose to go still leaves a stinking mess for others to be forced to clean up after them.

And that's not a nice thing to do.

The weird thing about all this anti smoking message whether according to the health consciousness of society or as what the faith of Islam forbids us in doing anything that harms oneself whether directly or in other measures, it still boggles my mind to see so called religious figures smoke!

Talk about being recalcitrant.

They are tops.

The Health Ministry needs to get tougher with those who smoke their life out and end up causing the government to foot their medical bills.

Those chronic smokers warded at the hospitals must be made to pay to get well. No free medicines for them.

If they can afford to smoke, well shouldn't they be made to pay for their treatment at the hospitals?

After all, hospital staff don't work for free, do they?