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Friday, October 09, 2009

Bagan Pinang ~ Blood, sweat and tears! Is it worth it?

What do you see in the videos above?

Opposing groups of Malay Muslims shedding blood, sweat and tears over a temporary political position over which many are prepared to wage wars and even a call for 'Jihad Fisabilillah' by the PAS Youth Chief!

Dr Novandri questions the precise slashes on the supposed victim's t-shirt but no wounds on the body?

Really intriguing to see the lengths that some folks will go to in order to swing the voters to their side?

Frankly speaking, I am sort of sick and tired of all these political circus taking place over there in Bagan Pinang!

Honestly, I think that the BN especially UMNO screwed up big time by fielding a candidate whom they themselves sacked because of money politics and corruption!

I'd be quite surprised if Isa Samad does win for obvious reasons.

As I said before, this might just be the very last term in office for the BN.

From the way, the BN ran out of potential candidates to field in Bagan Pinang ought to ring the alarm bells back in their headquarters.

Problem is that when you have political dinosaurs hogging the seats in all the coalition party presidencies, there is a tendency of not hearing those very alarms due to old age and lack of hearing.

You might want to buy a bullhorn to wake the old geezers up from their self imposed slumber?


CebuImage said...

I thouhg malaysia is living in peaceful and harmonious life without prejudice to other religion and politics.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Generally, most of us Malaysians live in relative peace and harmony.

It is only the corrupted politicians and their lame brained followers who run riot on our nation's streets making an ass of themselves! :D

For a few measly ringgits or a promised one way ticket to Paradise, these el locos risk limb and life to shoulder another grinning and 'V' flashing politician opportunist in the event of his victory!

I have yet to see any female politicians being shouldered upon victory but the way things are taking place in this world, I wouldn't be surprised that much if that takes place as well?

Malaysians are usually a docile lot in general but I can't figure out too much about the politically incensed louts out there!

To say they are smart, most of them are pretty stupid! To call them stupid, most will argue with us that they know politics best!

Point is, who's getting fat and filthy rich?

The political supporters or the politicians?

That answers itself very clearly!

Doesn't it?

Malaysians are generally a peaceful docile lot.