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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Child Prostitution - Global scourge destroying lives due to society's apathy!

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Child Prostitution in Asia

Child Prostitution in Kampuchea
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Part 2 of 2

Child Abuse in Malaysia

The nationwide shock, anger and outrage over Nurin's brutal rape, sodomy and murder seems to have dissipated into the black holes of the mass media and cyberspace.

Whoever snuffed out the life of the poor unfortunate child are still at large due to the inefficiency we have within the law enforcement agencies of this country.

There are other cases of missing children in our nation whose files must be either gathering dust on the 'Investigating Officer's desks or probably getting misplaced out of their stonewalling of links and clues to 'solving' such cases.

The reality that we are not doing enough to save our children and young adults being abused out there smacks us across our souls until another dead body turns up in any city dumpster or undergrowth out there.

What are the Malaysian authorities doing about these cases?

In reality, this is a global problem resulting from society's apathy towards such wanton crimes against women and children everywhere.

No country is free from it whether the so called Muslim nations or in the lands of the Kuffar!

We need to stop this!

Uphold the Hudud!

Capital punishments for the pimps, traffickers, rapists and pedophiles!

No if's or buts about it!

1 comment:

pendekartua said...

Nak buat hudud? Selepas election 2008, dah tak ada parti yg berminat nak buat hudud.

PAS pun nak haramkan arak di Selangor pun susah ditentang oleh ahlinya sendiri.