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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Indonesians plan to invade Malaysia tomorrow! ~ Yeah right!!!

May peace be upon you dear fellow Malaysians.

Better prepare yourselves for an invasion of our beloved nation by members of the Indonesian Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat or BENDERA as they prefer to call themselves scheduled to take place tomorrow @ 8th October 2009!

Yeah! These 'highly trained' invincible force of super humans will start by invading our East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak!

Never mind that their nation has just suffered another natural disaster that has seen quite a large number of Malaysian official and unofficial search and rescue missions volunteer their precious time, money and services to go help those Indonesian folks affected by the earthquake in Padang, Sumatera but still not appreciated by the wackos there whose battlecry is 'Ganyang Malaysia!' @ 'Crush Malaysia'!

Talk about the extreme audacity and utmost stupidity of some of the dumbest lame brained group of ingrates on the face of planet Earth!!!

Here we are sending our dedicated mercy missions on humanitarian grounds to help save the Indonesians who are suffering from the disaster caused by the recent earthquakes and we hear about these vermin wanting to crush and pulverize Malaysia!!!

Talk about misguided nincompoops with obviously no rational on their part wanting to go to war with us over what? As if we Malaysians are so hard up in stealing anything from them?

For crying out loud! Go get a life you wackos!

There are millions of legal and illegal migrant Indonesians making a living here in Malaysia and sending home desperately needed money to feed their families throughout Indonesia!

Many fellow bloggers like KataKama have written to express their disgust at this vicious plan by people who ought not be helped in the first place for their failure to appreciate and thank Malaysia for the uncountable humanitarian missions that we have carried out to relieve the endless suffering of the Indonesians who are constantly being 'tested' by Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala with natural disasters after disasters!!!

Blogger Zulhazri wrote a satirical blog post lambasting the idiots here.

Yet this is no 'laughing matter'!

As a Malaysian blogger who loves my country no matter what shortcomings we have, I take serious offense at this provocation by a neighbouring country's citizens and I question the Indonesian Government's failure to nip this provocation in the bud?

One can't afford to just simply brush aside such a vicious and criminal attempt by an organized group of obviously ill willed extremist Indonesians to harm and endanger civil and noble hearted Malaysians who have done so much to help out Indonesia by allowing the presence of millions of illegal Indonesian immigrants and not take serious measures to weed them out and deport them as what many other countries and nations of the world do to this day?

I am talking about the way so called leading nations of the democratic bastions of this Earth like the USA, UK, EU and Australia take severe measures against those who infiltrate their borders and disrupt the economic, social and cultural balances of those nations!

The United States of America does not tolerate illegals entering its borders like Malaysia does!

Read here to learn about its strict policies in enforcing the deportation of such aliens from its shores!

Deportation (Removal)

Deportation is the formal removal of an alien from the United States when the alien has been found removable for violating immigration laws. Removal is ordered by an immigration judge without any punishment being imposed or contemplated. Prior to April 1997 deportation and exclusion were separate removal procedures. The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 consolidated these procedures. After April 1, 1997, aliens in and admitted to the United States may be subject to removal based on deportability. Deportation and exclusion proceedings have been combined into a single proceeding called a "removal" proceeding. There are five broad categories or grounds for deportation. They include:

• Entering the country without proper authority
• Status violators who violate the terms of their admission or work without permission
• Persons with a broad range of criminal convictions
• Persons who are members of certain prohibited organizations
• Certain people who become public charges within five years of entering the U.S.

Deportation is a legal proceeding, and anyone who is subject to it has a legal right to challenge it prior to being removed from the United States. A legal challenge involves appearances before a government body. The laws involved are complex and change constantly. As a result, legal representation is essential for your success in avoiding deportation. Millar & Smith has many former clients who were once in deportation proceedings and are now U.S. citizens. We implement strategies which may take you out of deportation and into permanent lawful resident status - on the way to U.S. citizenship.

Read more here.

Yet here we are, facing such unwarranted threats from those crazy Indonesians who are just itching to invade us!

One of their national media even sees fit to publish and report such plans of this extremist criminal illegal group of Indonesian fanatics as seen in the report below by Jakarta Globe:

September 25, 2009

Reported by Ade Mardiyati of Jakarta Globe.

A young recruit from anti-Malaysia group Bendera taking part in combat training. (Antara Photo)

A young recruit from anti-Malaysia group Bendera taking part in combat training. (Antara Photo)

Indonesian Vigilantes Prepare For Battle in Malaysia

At this moment in Jakarta, a group of Indonesians are putting the final touches to their plan to invade Malaysia and wage war. Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat has announced Oct. 8 as the date of this D-day, when it says it will avenge all the wrongs committed against Indonesia by its neighbor .

Established during this year’s presidential election, the group, also known as the People’s Democratic Defense, has attracted public attention with its protests calling on Indonesians to “kill Malaysians.” Earlier this month, the group set up roadblocks in Menteng, Central Jakarta, in an attempt to detain Malaysian citizens.

However, the roadblocks failed to net any Malaysians, according to Mustar Bona Ventura, the group’s coordinator. “If we had caught them, we would have sent them home,” the 32-year-old economics student said.

He said the group’s anti-Malaysian stance was not motivated solely by claims that the neighboring country has been busy stealing Indonesia’s culture.

“It’s the whole thing, including the claims on our islands and the abusive treatment of Indonesian migrant workers,” he said. “The breaking point was when they insulted us through our national anthem, ‘Indonesia Raya.’ ”

Tensions between the neighboring countries have reached a fever pitch this year due to unresolved sovereignty claims in the Ambalat waters; accusations that Malaysia has claimed Indonesian cultural heritage as its own, including the Balinese pendet dance, various dishes and batik; a recent offensive parody of Indonesia’s national anthem; and the abuse of Indonesian migrant workers in Malaysia.

Mustar said Bendera had already recruited more than 1,200 members and expects to sign up at least 300 more. The group said it recruited 600 volunteers in Greater Jakarta alone last week.

“People from all sorts of backgrounds came and registered,” he said. “We have students, farmers, lawyers, fishermen, teachers and many more. Disabled people also signed up.”

The group reportedly has 40 recruits who are deaf, 10 with limb deformities and 10 who are confined to wheelchairs.

Bendera’s seeming enthusiasm for conflict and claims that the planned invasion is going forward is contrary to government warnings: Teuku Faizasyah, a spokesman for the Foreign Affairs Ministry, has said the group’s members won’t get anywhere near Malaysia.

“If there are any Indonesian nationals who are intending to go to Malaysia for a confrontation, they will be arrested. It will be impossible for them to enter the country,” he said.

However, Mustar said that self-defense training and black magic spells designed to protect the troops had already been provided, with 150 members taking part in two sessions held at Bendera’s headquarters. The offices are located on Jalan Diponegoro in Menteng, Central Jakarta, an address that was formerly used as the headquarters for the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P).

“This [training] is to support our people, and we have also armed them with weapons that volunteers donated, such as samurai swords, ninja sticks and sharpened bamboo sticks,” Mustar said. “We really meant it when we said we were going to deploy [troops] to Malaysia to fight them on [October 8].”

Asked how they intended to get their weapons through airport security, Mustar said, “It’s just a matter of technique. But of course we’re not telling you how.” He added that the cost of traveling to Malaysia was being covered by each individual.

He said the group had earlier sent letters to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta containing its list of demands.

“First, we asked the government to close the Malaysian Embassy here and send all the country’s citizens back home. Second, the government should close our embassy there and send home all the Indonesian migrant workers.

“And last of all, we demanded that the government declare war against Malaysia.”

Single mother Yuni said she felt it was her duty to help Indonesia protect its cultural heritage from Malaysia and to stand up for the rights of abused migrant workers. Just last month, she registered as a volunteer for Bendera and said she was ready to go to Malaysia to join the war, even if that meant leaving her three children behind in Pandeglang, West Java.

“Malaysia stole our islands and insulted our national anthem. As a citizen, I am called to participate [in the war],” she said.

She said that if the Indonesian government and military failed to take action, it was up to citizens to take over. “My will is strong for saving our beloved Indonesia,” the 40-year-old said. “I’m not afraid of anything.”

Another recruit, Endo Kosasih, echoed her sentiments, saying he was not afraid to die if he had to go to the battle zone.

“It will be the same if you die now or tomorrow,” the 26-year-old said. “I am brave.”

Like his fellow Bendera members, Endo took part in the self-defense training course. He also learned how to shoot a bow and arrow, and said his aim had become quite accurate.

Endo said he had the support of his family and was determined to join the troops going to Malaysia so he could defend the motherland.

“We don’t want our nation to be harassed, our culture to be stolen or [the lyrics of] our national anthem to be twisted,” Endo said.

Mustar said the group had already sent 10 people to Malaysia, to conduct reconnaissance and draw up battle plans. “You could say they are our spies,” he said.

And on Oct. 8, Mustar continued, 1,500 Bendera troops will leave for Malaysia by air, land and sea, although he refused to elaborate. The group also plans to deploy a second batch of troops at a later stage, he said, adding that Bendera would work with Indonesian migrant workers and students in Malaysia to help boost its numbers.

“And once we get there, we will fight furiously in an open war with the Malaysians. Just like the wars you’ve seen on TV,” he said. “For us, Malaysia has really crossed the line.

“And if our government has no courage, then [it is time] we start a war.”

Volunteer Sugeng Widodo plans to leave his wife, who is four months pregnant, should the group call upon him.

“I prioritize my country,” the father of two said. “My wife and children breathe the air of this country. That’s why [I prioritize it].”

Back home in Klaten, Central Java, 37-year-old Sugeng is a farmer but said he had been trained in Jakarta to use arrows and spears. He said Bendera members would also be trained in the use of guns.

He said he was determined to fight and would stay in Malaysia until the issue of Indonesian ownership in the Ambalat waters was resolved.

“We see how our migrant workers are treated and the government doesn’t do anything about it,” he said. “Every citizen has the right to be protected.

“I will fight until the last drop of my blood. That is what I will do to defend my country.”

Asked what the group would do if the planned invasion on Oct. 8 failed, Mustar said they would evaluate and then go back to the drawing board. The main priority, he said, would be to demand the Malaysian government publicly apologize to all Indonesians.

However, he said he was optimistic that nothing would stop the invasion, not even the Indonesian government, and that everything would go according to plan.

“Indonesia will win! Indonesia will win!” he said.

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12:03 PM October 7, 2009

... at least we know what type of people they are ..3rd class mentallity...and malaysian,please dont be disturbed by their stupidness...these people no more than a bunch a rotten that indonesian goverment want to dispose...


2:38 AM October 7, 2009

Ooh come on people... we have way too many other issues to worry about and things to do to rebuild the nation.

Creating a really stupid war like this is just hundreds steps backwards from where I thought we were.

People just take things too far.


1:22 AM October 7, 2009

omg, i cant believe this...

why why and why they are doing this???

can't we sit and talk properly instead of declare a war???

honestly, i have lots of cousins from Indonesia..and i really like Indonesia, they are treating us as Malaysian, politely and so are we.

i am hoping this nonsense action will stop and Malaysia with Indonesia can live happily like before.. ;)



11:19 PM October 6, 2009

used to like Indonesia, but lately can't stand the media reporting esp the tv stations that are sensationalizing issues.Not much coverage of Msian assistance with the Padang quake but so much said about the Pendet,Batik and other petty issues. I for one do not believe in contributing to the quake fund.let the 500k plus "GanyangMalaysia" Indo members in facebook help their own countrymen. SBY is not doing enough to stop the provocation. Freedom of Media without censorship is only angering your neighbor here. Wake up Indonesia

Jeanne Hachette

9:50 PM October 6, 2009

Looking at the comments and insults on this forum, we can only say one thing : stupidity has no border.

No country is perfect including mine but everybody must have the courage to sweep in front of its own door before talking about its neighbour. All the bule are laughing !


8:01 PM October 6, 2009

i'm indonesian...

and i think the people who volunteered are people who don't have any jobs or useful activities in their entire life and of course they COMPLETELY not representing the whole Indonesian. i bet there will be more volunteeres because of high employment rate. 1500+ should probably go helping those disasters victims. i don't know why these people haven't realized these nature warnings. The mother nature in Indonesia asks to stop doing stupid things because of desperate life.

do they actually think that there will be 1.8million reinforcements?that's funny, just like some comments before, there will be brotherhood war here.

for all mass media that involved in overheating this crisis, may you all have a single wise solution for it. These thing makes me sick.


7:29 PM October 6, 2009



7:27 PM October 6, 2009

oooo.....c'mon....war on us malaysians?indons are insane people...they juz couldn't resist the reality...if they want war...WE GIVE EM WAR!


5:08 PM October 6, 2009

well...for all indonesia people in malaysia..if you dont like us(malaysian) please go back to your country..i have one question to all these kind of people..have you ever learn history before??or you are actually blind in history???? oh dear....


5:02 PM October 6, 2009

this is so insane... when USA declare war on Iraq, i still remember indonesian gathering in front USA embassy asking USA to stop the war and act humanity.. now, their ownselves would like to start a war...

aku malaysia

4:56 PM October 6, 2009

siol la....

they want WAR...we give them WAR!!

just bring it!!!!


11:51 AM October 6, 2009


Get Real!...They are just a bunch of no brain pillocks.


7:48 AM October 6, 2009

2 more days before the Indon invasion on Oct 8.

According to Benteng officials, 10 spies had entered Malaysia, and will amass 1.8 million Indons residing in Malaysia to assist with the invasion.

Be prepare Malaysians. Defend ourselves.

If you see any suspicious looking Indons, intent on creating havoc and threaten our people, please report them to the authorities. This forum is full of their sympathizers.

These Indon extremists had presented a CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER to Malaysia.


11:15 PM October 5, 2009

I‘m a Malaysian that is born, raised and educated in Indonesia. I just came back to Malaysia 7 years ago...

All this while, I strongly believe that Indonesians are same as any other ppl in any country.. I have never look down on them whatmore abused them!

It's true there are A LITTLE no brained Malaysians that mistreated their workers, but MALAYSIAN government have taken serious action on these ppl!

Again I say is ONLY A FEW... not all!

Open your eyes ppl!Not all Malaysians are bad ppl.. just like not all Indonesians are low class minded! You Indonesians do not want to be labeled as bad and so do WE!

Look around you! We Malaysians are offering our help to earthquake victims even though u threaten us! We are helping you guys with our technology to help u guys prevents earthquakes n tsunami.. and here u wanna kill us??

i didn't wish to generalize all Indonesians because I do believe most of Indonesians doesn't think that way! Who I am blaming now is those ppl who think themselves are doing the right thing but in fact they are just creating war, sadness and more disaster over the world!

I deeply apologize for Malaysians who offended u guys! But I do also demand an apology for those who insult Malaysians too! I'm not a muslim.. but I do sure that the Muslims believe that everyone are brothers and sisters.. so are you trying to kill ur own kind? Or u have not taste enuff of man kinds extinction?! is bad enuff with ppl dieing all over the worlds and u wanna make it worse?!

think ppl! we also have feelings.. I know a lot of Indonesian workers here that is working happily here.. why dun u ask them urself?!


9:06 PM October 5, 2009

just came back from makan ayam penyet(or penyek?).for those who said indonesian being abused in malaysia, did you ever come here?

indonesians are treated well here. maybe there are some cases that is true but the percentage is small compared to the crime case by indonesia people.

my deepest apolgy for your loses during bombing by nordin mat top. but for me to go to war for some lame reason(tarian pendet, lagu rakyat?WTH...). let the ambalat issue and other island(maybe?) claiming after this be settle in the court.

but one fact is true. indonesia media really sucks. always putar belit fakta. hahahah.......


7:01 PM October 5, 2009

Hi, I just want to say that first of all, I am just...shocked and amused at the same time while reading this.

There are many things running through my mind right now, mostly emotional stuff but to say them would be unwise. So let me paint you a real life picture:

I'm currently studying in Australia, and I've just finished organizing a sporting event called the ASEAN UNI GAMES with Malaysian, Bruneian, and Singaporean students.

We all worked together in the spirit of unity. We supported each other, we've become good friends because of the event.

Even after the sporting event is done, the Malaysians invited us to come and celebrate Hari Raya :)

Come on people, grow up. Generalization has caused this world so much pain.

Not all Malaysians are bad. Just like Indonesians, Americans, French, Australians...whatever nationalities... there are, unfortunately, stupid, gullible, closed-minded, chaos seeking people in every country.


5:31 PM October 5, 2009

hanizarh..where ever education you got from,your comment show how you been brought up,it's a pity,with all do respect mam,a decent human being will not pray for others to be suffer.*to all..yes there are alot of sinners in indonesia but does not make every malaysian a saint,i am not argue with malaysian or indonesian,we all gave our point of view regarding some idiots in indonesia so called vigilantes not to trade insult between readers,that's all.


3:06 PM October 5, 2009

I was flabbergasted to say the least when I read the comments of Hanizarh and stupidindonesian.Im Malaysian but even in my most extreme moments of anger ,would never ever wished for such calamity to befall on anorther human being,what more of the same stock and religion.By exhibiting such behavior, both of you have proved to be no better than those lunatics and idiots out there!!


2:19 PM October 5, 2009

i'm indonesian.

n i shame with it.


9:40 AM October 5, 2009

edet, I was educated not in Indonesia, and neither in Malaysia. But i do make comparison, and I do beleive that malaysian's system is better. Not because the system itself is better, but because they deal with better level of the most important element in any system - human.

I do agree that you need to clean Jakarta. It is too filthy for human inhabitants.

By the way, my husband is not an Indonesian and neither a Malaysian.

and Edet, none of my family members live in Jakarta. It is not fit to be habitable by us. I dont know about the lesser mortals.


The Malays have a saying' Bagaikan melepas anjing tersepit!' Those who are true blue Malaysians will know its meaning and relevance to this case.

Folks who feel less sophisticated if they are to speak Malay or practice any of its cultures wouldn't know shit as to what I am implying here?

Anyway, I just wish to end with this ;

There are Malaysians who would be willing to die in protecting this motherland of ours and you can rest guaranteed that you'd see me among the frontlines in defending Malaysia if it really comes to that!

'Agi idup agi ngelaban!'

Berpantang maut sebelum ajal brader!!!


muslim warrior said...

salam tuan.....

...x larat nk tulih bebanyak...war..?... "Janganlah kamu lemah melawan kaum itu. Sekiranya kamu mendapat kesakitan, mereka juga mendapat kesakitan sebagaimana kamu mendapat kesakitan,sedangkan kamu mengharapkan daripada Allah barang yang tiada mereka harapkan".. surah An-Nisak : ayat 104...jangan di jolok sarang tebuan,jika takut bermain ombak jangan berumah di tepi pantai....

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam tuan pendekar!

Itu tak sadar diri namanya!

Bilamana sesebuah negara itu ditimpa musibah demi musibah, artinya ada yang tak kena dengan cara kehidupan manusia disana.

Sesungguhnya negara kita tidak pernah lagi menganiaya negara jiran tetapi sebaliknya negara negara jiran banyak yang mengambil kesempatan terhadap sifat dan sikap para pemerintah negara ini yang banyak memberi muka terhadap pencerobohan mereka keatas sempadan negara ini.

Jenis manusia yang tidak tahu bersyukur dibantu Malaysia sekian lama ini tetapi kini mahu mengganyang kita?

Takat buluh runcing tu lebih baik depa gi sula diri sendiri!

Macam watak Ahmad Nesfu kata dalam Seniman Bujang Lapok ' Kecik kecik taknak mampos ; dah besar menyusahkan orang!!!'

muslim warrior said...

ya tuan..

hehehe...bila bermain dengan kata-kata ini...klaka lak bunyi..hahaha..Kecik kecik taknak mampos ; dah besar menyusahkan orang!!!'....depa patut rasa syukur pd illahi,atas nikmat yang ada...da bagi betis nak peha pula...macam2 dunia ini ya tuan..hahaha