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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Why MCA? Comedy Court really skewered this one!!!

Hahahahahaha! This comedy skit by the # 1 Malaysian Comedy Court comics really had me laughing out loud!!!

Hehehehehe...The Malaysian Chinese Association should have taken a cue from this skit couple of years back! :P

Even MIC's Samy Vellu and PPP's Kayveas got screwed by Comedy Court!

Here's their poking fun at them!

Mr.Correct! Correct! Correct! VK Lingam is also ribbed here:

Comedy Court need to be made MP's ! Parliament would be so much more livelier and we can all take a break from having to listen to just Karpal, Gobind and Kit Siang!


Ladies and gentlemen, here are the geniuses!

1 comment:

Mr feckry said...

cuba lihat..jangan kata bangsa melayu saja yang bertelagah.bangsa cina juga bertelagah sesam sendiri. Benci betul dengar bidalan kata orang melayu gaduh sesama sendiri, bangsa lain tepuk tangan.Hakikatnya bangsa lain juga bergaduh sesam sendiri.Hanya agama saja yang mereka bersatu.

Kesultanan Melayu melaka berkausa dari 1407 hingga 1511, malaysia dari 1957 hingga...wallahualam..